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Church Boys
Church Boys

  Written by Ronnie








  Chapter 1: Everybody Knows Everybody

  Columbia, South Carolina....March 2005

  "Cmon Aaron, time to get up!" Said Pat, my mom 

  When I was growing up, my life revolved around one thing....CHURCH! I mean like it was more than Sunday it was like almost everyday ugh. My mom was apart of the women's group, the soul winners, the Sunday school committee and a prayer warrior. And my dad was like the head deacon, speaker for Thursday night service, and also drives the church van. We were kinda like church hierarchy, we sat in the front row of the pew, many of the pastors knew us and we always hosted parties for our church friends, and in a black church that's very important! My mom was so into the lord like all she did was pray, read her bible before she went to work every day and don't make pork...ever!

  "Now do you know the hymn you suppose to sing today in Sunday school we practiced?" Said Pat 

  "Yeah I know mom,"

  "Alright now, cause you didn't show up to the other two rehearsals!" 

  "Well me and Felicia went to the movies and it was Star Wars!" 

  "Look I know your gettin older but don't be so involved with the world that you ain't got no time for Jesus!" Said Pat 

  "Yea mom I understand..."

  "Y'all ready to go? Asked Gerald, my dad 

  Dad he was kinda more tough to please, I know he loves me but sometimes I think he loves the church than us....he was trying to be a pastor himself and he knew almost everybody. Me and him don't get along a lot, which is why I don’t tell him my secret.....

  We got in the car and the first thing I hear is the new Yolanda Adams or Kirk Franklin being played over an over on the radio, I wanna hear that new Mariah Carey, that was my shit! But my mom didn't like secular music played on Sunday so the whole day was all about gospel music.......whatever. So we get to the church and the parking lot is full, I mean the sanctuary is packed and the service is about to begin, since my dad is well known he got his own parking space. Then we go inside and we speak to everybody.....EVERYBODY! All the church mothers, deacons, some members of the choir, they all spoke to us, asking about the latest gossip, who had a baby, who died, who husband did what all that stuff, so while pastor was preaching the word, I was sitting in the teen ministry, and it was sorta like high school....

  "Hey Aaron, you see that girl over there," said Brandon  

  "The one in the pink skirt, that's miss Patti daughter,"

  "Yeah but she cute tho, I think imma ask her out, when you gonna get a girl man? Brandon asked 

  That was my thing, I liked boys from an early age and I knew I But in the black church being anything other than straight wasn't a good thing at all, even though I knew at least 5 hoes in the back pew....but that was none of my business. There were so many cute guys in the teen ministry, Dashawn, Trent, Jai, And how could I forget the pastors son Jaylen goddamn he was sexy, tall and light skin (I like dark skin but he was an exception) and he had such a sexy set of teeth lol, pearly whites.......But I knew if any word I my homo feelings got out it would be shame on my family and they would definitely let me know it, so I kept my feeling like most boys in the black community do....on the DL, so when all these church mothers, aunties, gramps or whoever be askin if I got a girl I just nod or dodge the question, cause everybody in South Carolina was super duper homophobic! 

  After service was over.....

  In most churches after the pastor is done yapping for 5 years he asks…. “Are any new people in the church today?” That was my favorite part of the service cause that means church is over! My dad was with the other deacons in the front welcoming the newcomers, and my mom was hoping it was woman so she can coerce her into joining that old lady gang (women's group). I was expecting some middle aged woman or some ex drug addict or ex-con, that's usually who it was. But today was was a family, and they had a mom, dad, a daughter.....and a fine ass son!!

  "Everybody this this the Roberts family, y'all mind introducing ya selfs to our church family!" Said the preacher 

  "Hi my name is Hank, and this is my wife Henrietta we been married for 16 years going strong....."

  (Church audience claps) 

  "Ha thanks, um this my baby girl Neima, even though she's 13 I still call her my baby, and this my boy right here, y'all this my eldest and only son Bryson he's 18 going on 19......

  All I could do was stare at this sexy nigga! I mean he had the cutest smile and he had like all this hair, and his lips.....but I knew I was in the sanctuary and that I couldn't make it noticeable so I just watched....but he was so cute!! We finally get out the sanctuary and like most church folk my parents just kept talking and talking, but while I was sitting around, the list came back and I saw Bryson sitting down like literately a few seats away from me! So I decided to say hi I mean no harm in that.

  "Hey, my name is Aaron," 

  "Oh hey I'm Bryson,"

  "You sitting here by yourself?"

  "Well I don't really know anybody here, like you're the only person that like even bothered to talk to me," 

  "So what you like to do?" I asked trying to play it straight while looking at his fine ass

  "Well I like video games like GTA San Andreas, I like bow wow, Ciara, and whatever is hot,"

  "I like Mariah Carey like I'm literally obsessed with her.....I'm so ashamed"

  "I love her too and don't be you like what you like.....can I ask you a personal question?"

  I kinda knew where this was headed, but before I could answer him, my parents FINALLY stopped talking and it was time to go....

  "I'll see you around," 

  "Yeah, see ya...."

  When we were in the car, all I could think about was Bryson and what he wanted to ask me! When I hear straight guys ask me that I automatically know he gonna ask if I'm gay! I mean as sexy as he was could he be gay too...

  Chapter 2: We Meet Again

  Monday, April 2005

  I was a senior at this preppy Christian school and I hated it so fuckin much! Everybody there was either a snob or a nerd or acted like they knew it all! But at least I made a couple friends, Erica was like my day one yesss! She didn't care if I was gay or not, and she wasn't a messy bitch either, and we always have fun! I was kinda jealous of her because her parents were so open and liberal and my folks were so.....ugh, but prom was coming up and I didn't have the slightest clue who I wanted to ask out......but I had to spill some tea.

  "So gurl who you takin to prom?"

  "I don't know I want to take Ashley I mean she cute, but you see all this bawdy chile I can snatch any bitch up in here...."

  "WATCH YOUR MOUTH MISS DIXON!" Shouted one teachers who interrupted Erica, because the school has a no swearing policy...but Erica had a wild mouth tho 

  "Ugh I hate this school, I'm so glad we graduating!" Erica

  "I know.....ooooh he kinda cute!" 

  I was looking at Ernest, HE WAS SO DAMN SEXY!! 

  He was captain of the basketball team and he always wore this tank top which showed off his sexy ass body! But like most of the basketball team he was totally straight and I knew I couldn't approach him, but seeing him reminded me of Bryson...

  "Chile Ernest is sooo cute!" Said Erica 

  "I know, he makes me think nasty thoughts (laughter) but gurl I gotta tell you bout Bryson tho!"

  "Ooooh who Bryson?" 

  "Well I was at church yesterday and this new family came in, they had this fine ass son and his name Bryson he like dark skin and he got a lil beard goin on!" 

  "You need to snatch him up!" Erica said 

  "Yesss, hopefully but I don't know he looks straight, I don't wanna scare him away,"

  "Look just get to know him more and you know how boys are they take longer to reveal their feelings,"

  I gave what Erica said to thought and let things transcend naturally. When I got home after school I did my homework but after I was done, I got out this gay magazine from my closet I hid from my parents and I would look at all the hot gay boys, and I would think about having a boyfriend of my own! I been so confused about my sexuality forever, but since I turned 15 I was completely 100% gay!! I never told my parents about my sexuality because I knew how they were, I mean for loving Christians they talked so much shit about gays, and I just didn't want the homophobic tension. 

  But while I was on the couch thinking about Bryson, I heard my mom come in the door, and she was happy as fuck!

  "You're awfully happy," 

  "Well It's just that I ran into miss Roberts today and we have so much in common, so she invited us to dinner Saturday at her house, and I really think you an Bryson would make good friends!!" 

  And at that moment I felt that this was gon be a perfect to get close to that fine ass nigga!!

  Saturday afternoon.....

  It was the day or the cookout and I was kinda nervous about seeing Bryson again, but I hoped for the best. When we got to the Roberts house it was nice and big and then on the couch was Bryson cute ass!! 

  "Hey Bryson!" I said all innocent 

  "Aaron what's up," Bryson said in his sexy voice

  "Is that a Nintendo?" 

  "Yeah, you know I got more games in my room if you wanna see!" Said Bryson, as I saw a golden opportunity to get with this nigga!

  "Sure....hey mom I'm gonna look at games in Bryson's room!"

  "Go head baby, me and Henrietta got soooo much to talk about!"

  "And while the women talk me and Gerald gon be on the grill!" Said Hank 

  So I went to this Bryson's room, and he CLOSED THE DOOR!! I was in the room with boy! 

  "Wow you got so many games!"

  "Yeah I'm a gamer type, it's like my hobby, what you like to do?" 

  "Well I like art, I sketch stuff, sometimes I paint, it's lame but yeah that's what I like," 

  "Nah that's dope, you got talent,"

  "I need to ask you something, you know when we first met last week and you wanted to ask me a personal question...."

  "Oh that, yeah I was gonna ask but I didn't want to offend you....but do you like boys?" Bryson asked 

  "Yeah I'm gay, and I hope you don't get offended but I have this big crush on you!" 

  "Oh really, how about a lil date tomorrow after church?" Bryson asked 

  "Okay, I can just tell my parents I'm hanging with friends,"

  "They're homophobic huh?" Bryson asked

  "Yeah, they want me involved in the church like the teen ministry and choir but I got tired of all that, like they don't know I like art....and they don't know I'm gay, but I really really like you tho," 

  "I like you too, and I can keep a secret, you just seem like a cool person," said Bryson 

  I COULDN'T FUCKIN BELIEVE IT, I WAS GOIN OUT WITH FINE ASS BRYSON!!! When we came out his room I had such a huge smile on my face, and even during dinner we all sat around this table and I even sat with Bryson! While my mom was saying prayer, Bryson looked at me and winked, which made me all kinds of excited!!! The dinner was over and it was time to go home to get ready for tomorrow, 

  "Alright hunny I'll see you Sunday morning!" Said my mom 

  "Yes we will all be there!" Said Henrietta 

  "Bye Aaron, imma see you tomorrow if you know what I mean," said Bryson giving me a smirk as he gave me his number 

  "Can't wait," I said with a huge smile on my face 

  "Bryson seems like a nice young man," said my mom 

  "Yeah he is, he gon be a church tomorrow!"  

  As we were on our way home, all I could think about was Bryson's face kissing mine, and holding his hand, I was so smitten! I COULDN'T WAIT TILL TOMORROW

  Chapter 3: More Than Friends…

  That Sunday Morning.....

  It was time for church, and the choir was singing the same long ass hour long songs, and the preacher.....the nigga was Nyquil on feet! I mean he was just so boring! But all I could think about was Bryson and our get together later on today, he said he was coming to get me after church like 5 or something, and I couldn't wait!! I showed Bryson around to the teen ministry, and while all the other teens were talkin to each other we sat in a secluded part of the building, and we got to know each other on a deeper level.....

  "So do you like being in this church?" Bryson asked 

  "It's a love hate relationship, I love God, but I hate some of these one sided church folk, like I know some of their kids and what they be doing!" 

  "Wow, do you feel bad for being gay, like everybody around you telling you it's wrong and stuff, you goin to hell, like does it make you feel bad about it?" Bryson asked 

  "Sometimes, I remember one time In fourth grade, I was with a Friend and he was like my buddy, I was walking down the street holding his hand one day, and my mom caught me and told me to stop hanging out with him.....she said he was "too close" to me and that it would influence me and bring upon this unholy homosexual spirit...that's when it started cause I kinda had a little crush on him," 

  "Dang, that's messed up, I remember my first boy crush, it was during a sleepover and we was playing in a closet I don't know what we were doing, but he kissed me....on the lips, then we felt so....wrong, he told me he never wanted to see me again, and I really felt ashamed after that, but it's the way I feel I can't help it!!" Said Bryson 

  "Well where exactly are you taking me out to? Inquiring minds wanna know...” 

  "It's a surprise you'll see, but only two more hours in this boring place and we really gon have some fun," said Bryson 

  I was looking at the clock, I was waiting for the service to be over and we could all go home...and so I can be with man! Finally another hour passed and church was over, but in the reception hall our parents were in there yapping and eating chicken, Bryson thought this would be the perfect time...

  "Hey mom, can me and Aaron hang out for a while, please?" Bryson asked 

  "Oh sure, y'all just be back before dark ya here!" Said Henrietta 

  "Where y'all going?" Asked my mom 

  "We just going to Richland Mall we won't be gone for long," said Bryson 

  "Oh ok well you have boys have fun now!" Said my mom 

  The mall was only like a couple blocks away from the church, but Bryson was standing in front of the church waiting for the bus,

  "Where you goin the mall I this way," 

  "We ain't goin to the mall!" 

  "Where the fuck going then?" 

  "Like I said it's a surprise just c’mon!" 

  Then the bus came, the reception hall was behind the main church building so nobody saw us. I trusted that Bryson knew where he was going, I was so nervous, I was practically sweating, but then suddenly....THIS NIGGA HELD MY HAND!!

  "Hey don't be so nervous, trust you'll love it!" 

  Then the bus went to downtown, and there was a park which had all these tents, we got off across the street and as we walked over there I saw all these artists and painters, it was amazing! 

  "Omg an art festival, thank you!!!" I shouted as I hugged him 

  "You welcome, I knew you like it!" Said Bryson, then for a few seconds we looked into each other's eyes and I felt this passion like never before! But just when I thought we was about to kiss......this bitch kinda interr
upts our moment!

  "Hi would you guys like me to draw you guys's only $20!"

  "Sure," I said all happy 

  Then me and Bryson sat together, and he wrapped his arm around me, and I just leaned a lil closer to him, I didn't know what was happening but I liked it a lot, he smelled so fuckin good!!! And the fact he had his arm around me, just made it like Romantic!!

  When the lady was done she showed it to us, and it was fuckin amazing, we really looked like a couple! After we walked thru the art festival for a while we got some snow cones and then this nigga held my hand while we were walking! I was on cloud 9 at this point and he made me forget about everything! I didn't know how this started but.....I really don't want it to end! It was getting kinda late, and Bryson took me home, we were standing out in front of the house, (his house was literally like 3 blocks away) and before I went inside....

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