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Creation and salvation p.., p.3
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       Creation and Salvation Poems, p.3

           Ron wayne
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  A dog is forever faithful,

  and always playful.

  Get yourself a pet,

  he`ll be an important vignette.


  The flower has power,

  its strength comes from showers.

  So many colors,

  that pleases many brothers.

  They`re sent for many occasions,

  the uses are amazing.

  You see them at weddings,

  as their beauty keeps spreading.

  A gift to a loved one,

  an emotion that is spun.

  A field of flowers is peace,

  they will your joy increase.

  Get a flower today,

  give someone a lifting ray.

  Put joy in their heart,

  and love you will impart.


  Forgiveness is a noble venture,

  it enslaves you in a worrisome adventure.

  But there is a cure,

  a way to release it and be pure.

  Forgiveness will free your heart,

  and give you a fresh start.

  You will not forget,

  but will remove the regret.

  Think why Jesus died,

  he took your sins to him if you abide.

  Jesus will forgive your sins.

  that’s when your new life begins.

  Forgive anyone that causes you distress,

  love them and you will be blessed.

  Don`t hold on to any unforgiven thing,

  forgive it and happiness it will bring.


  Angels were present during creation,

  they were before Earths foundation.

  Angels can`t die,

  they were with God on high.

  Angels don`t marry,

  and they never tarry.

  Angels are wise and intelligent,

  and have great diligence.

  Angels sing with joy when we repent,

  and they are very immense.

  Some angels did rebel,

  and from heaven they fell.

  They are flames with fire,

  for God they do inspire.

  They rejoice about salvation,

  and get joyful elation.

  God and Sin

  God knew sin would conspire,

  and to every man it would catch on fire.

  His plan was to conceive,

  a people he would retrieve.

  God would look at the heart,

  those who seek him would be a start.

  He did provide a way,

  to bring in some that stray.

  All are born into sin,

  and all suffered chagrin.

  He came in the flesh,

  so he could their belief enmesh.

  The gift is free,

  Salvation is given with glee.

  Their sins he would take,

  on himself and remove heartache.

  Now those that believe,

  no longer grieve.

  They will surely die,

  then have eternal life on high.

  So cast our belief in him,

  and fill your life to the brim.


  Thoughts about God

  This chapter I will express my thoughts about God. To think about God isn`t an easy undertaking and requires a considerable amount of deep reasoning as I try to think why and how God is and what has done.

  The concept that God has no beginning or ending is beyond a humans understanding and this process requires a great deal of faith and hope.

  One third of the Bible is prophecy. To date hundreds of prophecies have been fulfilled just as the Bible said and these prophecies confirm that the Bible is the true written word of God through divine inspiration.

  The intelligence of God is beyond human comprehension and his moral character is well beyond our capabilities to achieve. Love, forgiveness, grace, mercy, understanding, and patience are attributes of our creator that we can only strive for but will never attain his perfection.

  Even after we join him in heaven we can never be fully as he is. God exists in three forms that are fully equal. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit all are the same one God. His Son is the way that God can directly communicate with his creation and the Holy Spirit is the there to assist and guide mankind.

  My final thought is why did God create mankind? First you have to realize that mankind would eventually be in fellowship with his creator for an eternity! But not all of his creation would join him.

  Many Angels rebelled and they lived in God’s presence and so mankind has rebelled rejecting the creator. I believe the main cause for the fall of the Angels is pride, the same for mankind and the sin of pride will result in all of the other sins that befall humans.

  God in his infinite wisdom realized this and this is why he set in motion the plan of salvation for us. Born into sin mankind through free will can choose or reject God and this is the foundation for all of us here on earth. Love, faith, and hope are Gods greatest gift to us with love being the greatest.









  Pride can be your downfall,

  it can make you an outlaw.

  Pride can lift you high,

  can lead you awry.

  Pride will remove humility,

  and disrupt tranquility.

  You will be full of yourself,

  and lose the meaning of oneself.

  The answer is to be humble,

  then you won`t stumble.

  Pride verses humble is the problem,

  choose the wrong one and become a goblin.

  Forget pride and choose humble,

  then you won`t fall or stumble.

  Saved but Sinning Again (Thoughts)

  All who are saved are forgiven their sins past, present, and future and Jesus took all of these sins for our salvation. He knew the heavy burden of our sins and the evil that worked against us

  Paul addressed this burden in Romans chapter 7 verses 14 -20: We know that the law is spiritual; but I am unspiritual, sold as a slave to sin. 15 I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. 16 And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. 17 As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me.18 For I know that good itself does not dwell in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. 19 For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing. 20 Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it.

  We each accept salvation and we try to control the sinning that we have been forgiven for but many times we give into our sin and feel helpless afterward. God knows this and through his mercy and grace he continues to forgive us and the important thing about this is our remorse and our motive as we walk each day. Through prayer and the continual reading of God’s word we must rely on the Holy Spirit to continue to resist sin and grow in our salvation.



  Praying is our hope,

  it is our safety rope.

  We try not to sin,

  but sometimes we don`t win.

  Our salvation is secure,

  but we aren`t pure.

  God knows our heart,

  and he keeps giving us a fresh start.

  We must pray each day,

  the Holy spirit will help us not to stray.

  Paul wrote about this plight,

  and we must continue the fight.

  The love of God is great,

  he can keep us straight.

  Walk with god and read his word,

  and pray diligently and be heard.


  Envy i
s no use,

  you covet it but you`ll lose.

  Be content you don`t need more,

  just live and ignore.

  Envy works up your thoughts,

  it can tie you in knots.

  You can with what you have subsist,

  when you envy life will be missed.

  Be thankful of how you’re blessed,

  wanting more is a futile quest.

  Many envy what others have,

  they fume and worry and try to grab.

  Material things don`t lift up your life,

  these things can cause you strife.

  Envy is best to avoid,

  it`s better to ignore and not be annoyed.

  Be content with what you possess,

  don’t envy and don`t stress.

  End Times

  Are we in the end times,

  many think so in their minds.

  Many prophecies have been fulfilled,

  God’s word the end times did he build.

  Psalm 83 is yet to happen,

  Israel’s neighbors will be caught napping.

  They will be destroyed,

  then there will be a void.

  Isaiah 17 talks about Damascus,

  the city will be reduced to ashes.

  Ezekiel 38 mentions an alliance,

  they will invade Israel in defiance.

  They will seek spoils,

  most likely Israel’s oil.

  The alliance will be slaughtered,

  God will move and their offensive altered.

  These things will come to pass,

  and the world as we know it will not last.

  The Antichrist will appear,

  the Tribulation will be near.

  Then a miracle will happen in this mess,

  the Rapture will occur I confess.

  God’s church will be taken,

  the believers will not be shaken.

  A peace treaty with Israel will occur,

  seven years will be the spur.

  The Temple will be rebuilt,

  there will be peace and security to the hilt.

  These things will he usher in,

  the Tribulation to punish sin.

  But fear not those that believe,

  your salvation is secure do not grieve.

  Knocking at the Door

  Who is knocking at the door,

  is he rich or is he poor.

  I sense that it is important,

  he has a miracle endorsement.

  I’ve heard the knock in the past,

  I should answer at last.

  I feel it is my last chance,

  or I`ll miss this important dance.

  My answer will be very clear,

  the wrong answer will be severe.

  The answer will determine my fate,

  to tarry will be too late.

  My loved ones tell me to open the door,

  then if I accept my spirit will soar.

  Answer and then say yes,

  then I will have passed the test.

  Jesus is knocking at the door,

  if I don’t answer he will knock no more.

  Throughout my life I did ignore,

  the call for salvation before.

  This is my last chance,

  to not miss this dance.

  He died for me and any others,

  for his love for all the brothers.

  He promises eternal bliss,

  forever which I don`t want to miss.

  I will open the door and say yes,

  now I know I finally made progress.



  Has knowledge increased,

  and has it brought about peace.

  The Bible said it would grow,

  but peace it never will bestow.

  Man has pride in his wisdom,

  but knowledge increases the schism.

  The knowledge of evil and good,

  will never be fully understood.

  The sin in Mankind is perverse,

  and turn this knowledge into a curse.

  But god in his love will be revealed,

  and through his Son we will be healed,

  We first must accept the gift,

  and let Jesus give us an eternal lift.

  The last days are winding down,

  accept Jesus and get your crown.

  Don’t wait until it’s too late,

  act now and take the bait.

  So sin entered the world,

  and mankind’s life unfurled.

  But God left us an escape,

  if salvation we will take.


  The Snake

  Watch out for the snake,

  it can your life take.

  The snake appeared in the garden,

  and offered Eve a pardon.

  The snake said she will not die,

  eat the fruit and be sly.

  Then she convinced Adam to eat,

  and death he can cheat.

  You know the result,

  the offer was an insult.

  So sin entered the world,

  and mankind’s life unfurled.

  But accept salvation,

  and receive joyful elation.

  The Nemesis (Genesis 3:15)

  God said to Satan in Genesis with dread,

  through a woman I will bruise your head.

  This foretold of the Messiah,

  even though he would be a pariah.

  Gods plan was set,

  and Satan knew it was a viable threat.

  Mary became with child,

  and she was beguiled.

  Satan’s future was now told,

  and he was no longer bold.

  His deception would be thwarted,

  and his control aborted.

  The Blessing (Genesis 12: 3)

  Through Jesus all who accept will be blessed,

  those who reject will not enter Gods rest.

  This applies to all mankind,

  seek the Lord and do not be blind.

  Eternal life is the goal,

  don’t reject Christ and end up in a dark hole.

  God does love all,

  don`t reject or forestall.

  His mercy and grace,

  will allow you a place.

  The time is ticking away,

  don`t put it off don`t delay.

  The Lamb (Genesis 22: 8)

  God would provide a lamb,

  it would be a grand slam.

  A sacrifice that would be complete,

  and would forgive your sins forever what a feat.

  He came in the flesh to be the lamb,

  it is grand do you understand.

  Escape the curse and get eternal life,

  end your misery and ongoing strife.

  Accept his love and sacrifice,

  don`t reject and don`t think twice.

  A Virgin (Isaiah 7:14)

  A virgin would be with child,

  no human touched her that is wild.

  Mankind can`t accept this,

  can`t happen does it the truth miss.

  She could be scorned and lose her place,

  her family would suffer disgrace.

  But an Angel told her it would be,

  do not worry and do not flee.

  God ordained this and it will bring,

  a newborn savior who will be King.

  Joseph was chosen to wed the bride,

  the savior would come from his lineage with pride.

  They married and Jesus was born,

  and the Angels in heaven shouted glory that morn.

  Now the stage was set and defined,

  No longer to hell would repentant sinners be confined.

  Bethehlem ( Micah 5:2)

  From this little town,

  a King will be born to wear a crown.

  Born to Mary and Joseph

  and his ancestor is Moses.

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