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Selected poems, p.2
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       Selected Poems, p.2

           Ron wayne
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  From Isaac seed will a savior come,

  let it be written let it be done.

  The Burning Bush (Exodus 3:3)

  The Angel of the Lord appeared to Moses,

  and told Moses he was chosen.

  He appeared in a bush with fire,

  and told Moses your people you will inspire.

  You will lead my people from their bondage,

  this will fulfill their wantage.

  Go to Egypt and tell them of me,

  Tell them that I am their God and I will set them free.

  I will show them my power and they will let you leave,

  they will let you go but they will grieve.

  Into the desert being led by Moses,

  then all will know you are the chosen.

  But then the Egyptians decided to revoke,

  your release they quickly broke.

  Then my people they will pursue,

  But God will show his mighty arm,

  He will crush their army with considerable harm.

  Aarons Rod (Exodus 7:10-12)

  Aaron helped Moses with Moses decree,

  the Pharaoh he would surely see.

  Aaron cast down his rod,

  then the sorcery he would fraud.

  Their snakes came from their rods,

  they threatened Moses with their false Gods.

  But Aaron’s rod became a snake,

  and devoured their snakes like eating cake.

  This was the start of the plagues,

  this wasn`t simple or vague.

  Soon the power of God would be seen,

  the ten plagues would be obscene.

  The Pharaoh will release Gods chosen,

  and the Egyptian would see their bondage erosion.

  Ten Plagues (Exodus 7)

  God sent ten plagues to Egypt,

  they were planned and strategic.

  The frogs came,

  they were plenty and not tame.

  The lice were very many,

  they were everywhere and plenty.

  The flies did cause pain,

  and life they did drain.

  The murrain did spread,

  and to animals this bought dread.

  Boils came to fester,

  they were a horrible gesture.

  Thunder and hail were added,

  this caused the people to be maddened.

  The locusts covered the land,

  they were even in the sand.

  Darkness crept in,

  even daylight was din.

  The last was the worst,

  the first born were cursed.

  Thoughts on Salvation

  Salvation is an important topic if you believe in an afterlife and the existence of a creator! If don`t believe in these things then this article will be meaningless to you. If you haven’t considered this I pray that would search your heart now and ponder this possibility.

  There is only one viable source to find out about salvation and it is the written word of God, the Bible. One third of the Bible is prophecy and every time prophecies are fulfilled it tells us that the Bible is the truth and it is the only book that can do this. All of prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled or will be fulfilled as it is written.

  Therefore I believe this book is our guideline for life here and eternal life after. If anyone doesn`t believe in the Bible then their arguments are a waste of time.

  There are many scriptures in the Bible that are often interpreted in different ways by those that believe it is the written word of God through writers which are driven by the Holy Spirit. This is expected since interpretations can be varied.

  But there are absolutes in the Bible and the main one is salvation. I will close my short piece here by simply stating one verse from God Holy writ.

  Romans 10: 9 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

  To Be Saved

  To be saved is the only way,

  then eternal life will be paved.

  We each have a choice,

  choose Jesus and rejoice.

  Don`t wait and miss the boat,

  if you do you won`t float.

  The result will be eternal,

  don`t accept and it will be infernal.

  I pray that you will accept,

  then you will be very adept.



  This collection of poems reflect my beliefs

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