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       Night Crawlers, p.22

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The next day in the Ridgecrest Independent Daily News the headlines read: “NIGHT CRAWLER’S REIGN OF TERROR SQUELCHED IN RED MOUNTAIN: THREE MURDERED: TEENAGE SUSPECT AND HIS DOG KILLED. The Trona sheriff’s department put an end to the Night Crawler’s stealing activities in Red Mountain. Night Crawlers is the name the locals were calling the family, they believed had been responsible for stealing from them for years. The dead teenage boy and his huge dog were believed to be responsible for the murder of three local residents who were found murdered in their homes on Friday. According to the sheriff’s department, they had been mauled by the boy’s killer dog and each of them had, what appeared to be, blows to the head from a hammer or other blunt object. When the sheriff’s deputies tried to apprehend the boy and his dog they were killed after they attacked the officer. According to Red Mountain locals, the three local men who were killed were part of a “Neighborhood Watch” program. They believe they were responsible for killing one of the boy’s family members suspected of being a peeping tom. The three murdered Red Mountain victims appear to be the result of revenge by the young suspect for the killing of his brother. The sheriff’s department stated, that during their investigation, they also found the buried remains of three males and one female at the property. The investigation is ongoing to find out the identities of the bodies but they believe the bodies are the suspect’s mother and father and his two brothers. The sheriff’s department also believe that all five people that lived at the residence are now accounted for.”

  Once Chelsea showed Jed the paper, he was surprised to hear about the three male bodies that were uncovered at the property. He only knew of two and wondered who the third one might be. Regardless, he believed it would give him time to plan his escape while they did an autopsy of the bodies. He knew he couldn’t stick around Red Mountain very long, the sheriff’s department and other law enforcement agencies might find out the third male body wasn’t him. He believed they would soon start putting his connection to Chelsea together and be questioning her and her family. Jed also believed he would have to go to prison for a long time because of his stealing and other things he had been involved in over the years. There was the tweaker they had killed and tossed his body in the mine shaft and also Carlos’s body he had helped bury. He had taken money from the Welfare department, pretending his mom was still alive. There were the years of stealing things from people in the Red Mountain area. There were just too many reasons he couldn’t stick around. He knew he if he went to prison he would lose, not only his freedom, but he would never see Chelsea again. He also knew he couldn’t leave Red Mountain without her by his side. He told her, “I would rather let the law enforcement kill me than leave here without you.”

  They both knew that if he stuck around it was just a matter of time before the police would have him behind bars. That’s when he asked Chelsea if she would be willing to go with him if he fled the area. He had some money put aside and it would be enough to start fresh somewhere else. He told Chelsea he could get a job as a mechanic somewhere, since he knew a lot about car engines. He told her he would do whatever he had to do to take care of her, if she came along. He knew he was asking a lot for her to leave her home, but he didn’t have any choice. Chelsea knew her dad was never going to change and her brothers were now old enough to take care of themselves. Chelsea talked with her dad and brothers and told them she loved Jed and was leaving with him. Her dad instantly became angry with her and started yelling at her. Her brothers were also not very happy about her leaving. She wasn’t sure if they were upset because they were going to miss her or because they were losing the slave she had become to them. As she was leaving, she told them she would call and keep in touch with them when they got to where they were going. She hugged her brothers and tried to hug her dad as she and Jed packed her things and left.

  Jed knew his mom and dad’s family lived in Tennessee and figured they could go there as a last resort. Once they were in the pick-up and all packed up, they were ready to leave. Jed reached over and took Chelsea’s hands in his and said, “You’re the only family I have left now Chelsea and I love you very much. Thank you for coming with me.” Chelsea pulled one of her hands away from Jed and put the palm of it on her stomach. She rubbed it in a circular motion as she smiled at him and said, “You mean WE’RE the only family you have left.”

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  Special Thanks

  I would like to give a special thanks to my daughter, Danielle Nicole Derby Carter, for helping me with all the computer details.

  I would like to say thank you to my wife, Tami, for all her help, ideas, and words encouragement.

  I would like to also thank Emma Maw of Red Mountain, California for the information which inspired the story.

  I would like to thank Aaron R. Douglas for creating the cover of the book.

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  Wikipedia – The free Encyclopedia

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