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Unearthly Realms

  Unearthly Realms


  Ron L. Carter

  Copyright 2013 by Ron L. Carter

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  The people and places appearing in this book as well as the story are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

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  Table of Contents

  Chapter 1 – Tyler’s Encounters with Ghosts

  Chapter 2 – Tyler Goes Into another Dimension

  Chapter 3 – Meeting Markus and Holly

  Chapter 4 – Trying to Contact Maggie

  Chapter 5 – Cho’s Kitchen

  Chapter 6 – Meeting Zitrik

  Chapter 7 – Finding out How to Contact Loved Ones

  Chapter 8 - Tyler Meets Tarmic

  Chapter 9 – Tyler Makes Contact with His Mom

  Chapter 10 – Mr. Potts, the Nonbeliever

  Chapter 11 – Ty Meets the Psychic Medium

  Chapter 12 – Meeting Eigcok

  Chapter 13 – Holly Makes Contact with Rebecca

  Chapter 14 – Zitrik and the Underwater Base

  Chapter 15 – Mission to North Korea

  Chapter 16 – Crenshaw Ranch and Celeen

  Chapter 17 – Patrol Over Iran

  Chapter 18 – Korbin and the Underground City

  Chapter 19 – Holly Returns

  Chapter 20 – Trudy and the Demon

  Chapter 21 – Markus makes Contact with his Mom and Moves on

  Chapter 22 – Tyler goes to Colorado to see Justin

  Chapter 23 – Tyler Contacts Maggie

  Author’s notes

  Special Thanks

  Other books by Ron L. Carter

  * * *

  Chapter 1 – Tyler’s Encounters with Ghosts

  As a child Tyler McBride heard stories about ghosts and was both fascinated and terrified of them. He’d seen all the old movies about ghostly apparitions, unseen entities, lights going on and off, footsteps, odd smells, orbs, unexplained noises, misplaced furniture, doors opening and closing on their own, shadows, mists, the feeling of being watched, touched, and cold spots. He’d also seen a lot of the old movies where people were confronted by ghost figures and the ghosts would talk to them. Every time he saw the ghost figures in the movies it would frighten him.

  None of what he had seen or heard on television had prepared Tyler for his first encounter with a ghost. He was ten years old and spending the night with his favorite cousin, Craig. Tyler and Craig were almost the same age, liked a lot of the same things, so they spent a lot of time together.

  Craig’s house was one of those creepy places that Tyler didn’t like spending the night. Especially, after he had a couple of encounters of his own with ghosts in the house. It was an older farm house in the country and to get to it you had to drive down a narrow dirt road in the middle of a walnut orchard. During the summer months, while the leaves were still on the trees, it could get pretty spooky, hidden away in the middle of the orchard. The house was faded dark brown and the foundation was raised off the ground about four feet. Tyler always laughed about it leaning a little to one side as you looked at it straight on from coming up the road. It had four steps leading up to the large open front porch area where they kept a couple of rocking chairs and an old swing chair that hung from chains in the ceiling. The old, run-down, dilapidated, two car garage was detached and also leaned to one side. It was about ten feet away from the main part of the house. The windows in the house were the old single-pane pull-up windows with latches that locked from the inside. The front and back doors each had beat up screen doors that squeaked when opened. They had holes in them from the dogs and cats trying to get inside. The floors were wooden, and when anyone walked around inside, you could hear almost every foot-step.

  One Saturday night while Tyler was spending the night, he and Craig decided to stay up late and watch a scary movie. Craig’s parents didn’t have much interest in it so they had already gone to bed. Tyler and Craig each had grabbed a blanket at the beginning of the movie and wrapped it around them, as they curled up on the couch. They loved those old scary movies, even though it scared them to death. When the movie was finally over it was close to midnight so they decided to “hit the sack.” There were two twin size beds in Craig’s big open bedroom. They closed the door behind them as Tyler jumped in the spare bed and Craig jumped into his. They lay in bed, talked and laughed for about thirty minutes. This gave them time to catch up with each other on what they had been doing since they had last seen each other. Plus, it helped them to forget about the scary movie they had just watched.

  They were both almost asleep when suddenly they heard a noise at the door. When they looked over they saw the door knob turning. They hadn’t heard any footsteps leading up to the door and thought maybe it was one of Craig’s parents checking on them. They first thought they were making too much noise to hear someone as they approached the door. Craig believed that if it would’ve been his mom or dad they would just open the door and come right in. Tyler looked over at Craig and whispered, “Did you see that?” Craig said yes and immediately sat up in his bed with his eyes wide open and called out, “Mom, dad, is that you?” Not getting any response, they became more frightened as they watched the door slowly open. Standing at the entry to the doorway was a tall dark figure of an old wrinkled man. He was much taller and older than Craig’s father. Tyler noticed the guy was only about six inches shorter than the doorway as he glared down at them. It was dark and they couldn’t make out his facial features, but could tell he was old and scary looking. Craig spoke up loudly and said, “Who are you? What do you want?” The old man didn’t say a word. He just stared down at them and smiled. He looked as if he wanted to say something, but couldn’t. Neither of them recognized the old man and so it scared them out of their wits. They were frozen with fear as they waited to see what the old man was going to do next. They weren’t sure what he wanted with them and they kept looking at him for about thirty seconds until they both lay back down in their beds and pulled the covers over their heads, as if to hide themselves from him. Foolishly, they thought that pulling the cover over their heads would protect them from the old man. Nothing was happening so Tyler waited about a minute or so, which felt like an eternity to him, and then looked over at Craig and told him to take a look and see if the old man was still there. Craig said, “No way man, you look.” Reluctantly, Tyler slowly pulled the cover down below his chin and peaked out to see if he was still standing there. Much to his horror, the old man was still blocking the doorway and still just looking down at them. Tyler whispered to Craig, “He’s still there. What should we do?” That’s when Craig pulled the cover down to take a peak for himself and just at that moment the old man’s body began to fade away right before their eyes. They watched in horror until he disappeared as Tyler said, “Did you see that?” Craig replied, “Yes, I did, come on.” He jumped out of bed and headed for his mom and dad’s bedroom screaming in fear. Tyler was right behind him yelling. They were in Craig’s mom and dad’s bedroom jumping up and down and telling to them that they had seen an old man standing in their doorway. By that time Craig’s mom and dad were sitting up in bed wondering what was going on.

  As he heard bits and pieces of their story, Craig’s father sprang to his feet and grabbed a baseball bat to protect himself from the intruder. He slowly went through the entire house room by room, looking for what he thought was someone that had broken into the house. After he checked to make sure all the windows and doors were still locked and not broken, he came back to the bedroom to tell the boys he didn’t find anything. Once the boys had calmed down enough to talk about
what they had seen, he had them tell their entire story just as it had happened. Not wanting to add more validity to the boy’s already, somewhat unbelievable story, Craig’s father said, “It sounds like to me you boys probably just frightened yourselves watching that old scary movie.” Tyler and Craig tried their best to convince them that what they had seen was real and not just something they made up. Even though Craig’s parents didn’t believe the boys, they let them sleep on the floor, in their bedroom, the rest of that night.

  Neither of them got much sleep as Tyler just lay there shaking and afraid the old man was going to come back. The next morning they talked about what they had seen with each other, but knew there was no point in trying to talk to Craig’s parents about it. They didn’t believe their story and there was nothing they could say or do that would convince them they had seen a real ghost apparition standing in their doorway and that they’d watched as he just faded away.

  It was about a year later and the memory of the ghost experience had faded in Tyler’s memory to the point where he decided he wasn’t afraid to spend the night with Craig once again. That’s when he had his second and scariest encounter with the old man ghost. Since it was a week-end, they decided to stay up late and play video games in Craig’s bedroom until the early morning hours. It was around 2:00 a.m. when they finally decided they had enough of the games and needed some sleep. They jumped into their beds and were soon fast asleep.

  Tyler was sleeping on his right side facing the wall and in a deep sleep. He’d only been asleep about an hour when he heard a soft voice whispering in his ear. At first he tried to ignore the voice, but it kept saying over and over again, “Tyler wake up. Tyler wake up.” After several times of hearing the voice, he reluctantly opened his eyes and looked around for the person that had so rudely woken him. He immediately realized that all his cover was off the bed and on the floor. His first reaction was that Craig was playing some kind of prank on him, but as he looked over at Craig’s bed, he saw that he was still asleep. At that moment Tyler felt something tugging on his legs and when he looked down at the end of the bed there was that same scary old man they had seen once before and he was just glaring back at Tyler. He had Tyler by both ankles and he was smiling at him as he was slowly pulling him out of the bed. Tyler began to kick his feet up and down to get loose and he was yelling and screaming for the old man to let him go. Craig woke up when he heard Tyler yelling and saw the old man trying to pull Tyler out of the bed. He yelled at the old man to stop and to let Tyler go. He looked over at Craig and after a few seconds the old man let go of Tyler’s feet and Tyler instantly sat up and jerked his body up against the back of the bed, shaking with fear. He pulled his legs up against his chest and wrapped his arms around his legs. He was frozen in fear as he just looked at the old man to see what he was going to do. As he and Craig stared at the old man, he smiled at them as if to say I got you and just like his first encounter with them, slowly disappeared right in front of their eyes. Tyler said to Craig, “Did you see that he tried to pull me out of bed?” Craig replied, “Yea, but no one will ever believe that story. Come and get in my bed, just in case he comes back.” Tyler didn’t know what good that would do, but gladly jumped in the bed with him and under the covers. He lay awake terrified until sometime in the early morning hours when he couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer and finally fell asleep.

  It was around 11:00 a.m. when Craig woke him up by shaking him and saying, “Wake up sleepy head. It’s almost noon.” At first, it startled Tyler because he thought the old man had returned for him. He was still so frightened from the experience that he quickly jumped straight out of bed and put on his clothes. He was actually eager that it was daylight and the thought of going home was very much on his mind.

  After they had time to talk about what happened, Craig told him that he had seen the same old man several times over the past year, since their first experience with him. He told Tyler he never tried to pull him out of the bed before. He said that the old man always just stood at the end of his bed and stared down at him. He said that it always freaked him out, but that was it, he never tried to hurt him. He told Tyler he had tried to tell his mom and dad about the old man every time it happened, but they never believed him or they would just try to pacify him in some way by saying it was just his imagination. Tyler said, “Maybe he didn’t like me spending the night in your room and sleeping in your extra bed. Maybe that’s where he sleeps?” The thought of that freaked them both out as Craig replied, “Maybe so. That makes since, but who was the person whispering in your ear that woke you up? It couldn’t have been the old man because he was at the foot of your bed pulling on your legs.” Tyler thought for a moment and then replied with a funny look on his face, “Maybe that was a friendly ghost trying to warn me about the old man.” They both just laughed and Craig replied, “Yea, you’re right, that’s probably who it was.” Neither of them said anything else to each other about the fact that maybe there were two ghosts in Craig’s bedroom instead of just one.

  Once they went into the kitchen Craig’s mom had prepared them lunch and had it setting out on the table. She sat down at the table with them. She sat with her elbows on the table and her hands holding a cup of coffee out in front of her. Once they knew they had her full attention Craig started telling her what had happened to Tyler during the night. He said to her, “Mom, we saw the old man again last night and he tried to pull Tyler out of bed by his ankles. He told her he believed it was the same old man he had told her about several times before. She looked like she was annoyed with the entire story as she rolled her eyes back and directed a question to Tyler. She said, “Is that true Tyler? Did that really happen to you?” He very apprehensively shook his head up and down and replied, “Yes mam, he had me by both ankles and he was slowly pulling me out of the bed until I started kicking and yelling and he finally let me go.” She cocked her head to one side, looked at Tyler and said, “Sounds like you boys didn’t get enough sleep last night or you both just have a huge imagination.” Tyler knew she didn’t believe a word they were saying so he claimed up and didn’t say anything else about the old man, even after she asked him a few more questions about the experience. He just changed the subject as he thanked her for lunch and asked Craig what he had planned for them for the day.

  Later that evening, as Tyler was leaving to go home, he pulled Craig to the side and told him that he wouldn’t ever spend the night with him again as long as the old man ghost was there. He told him that he didn’t want to have another experience like that ever again in his life. Craig was disappointed to hear him say that, but he understood exactly why. He told Tyler, “I don’t blame you after what happened to you last night, I wouldn’t stay here either.” He told Tyler that if he could, he would probably rather sleep somewhere else, instead of in that room. He told Tyler that he didn’t really have a choice in the matter because his parents wouldn’t let him sleep anywhere else. The worst part for Tyler and Craig was that Craig’s parents, the ones that are supposed to love and protect you, didn’t believe a word they had said about the old man. After that experience Tyler spent time with Craig during the day, but he never spent the night with him again.

  Over the next several years Tyler had a few more encounters with ghosts, but believed they weren’t out to harm him so most of the time he just kept the ghostly encounters to himself. Occasionally, he would tell his mom about them and she seemed to believe what he told her as she listened intently to his stories. At least he felt like she had more of an open mind regarding ghosts than Craig’s mom and never belittled him for talking about his ghostly encounters with her.

  * * *

  Chapter 2 – Tyler Goes Into another Dimension

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