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Poetry by roger laird, p.1
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       Poetry by Roger Laird, p.1

           Roger Laird
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Poetry by Roger Laird


  Roger Laird

  Copyright 2011 Roger Laird

  All rights reserved

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  Table of Contents

  And Then Came Man


  Beauty of a Meadow

  Boundless Ends

  Clouded Memories



  Empty Souls

  Familiar Face


  Hand In Hand

  I Love Thee



  The Bee

  The Perfection of a Rose

  Things I Wouldn’t Give for a Kiss

  To My Wife




  Legacy: A Father’s Tale

  About the Author

  Other Works from Roger Laird

  And Then Came Man

  In the beginning

  Man was one with nature

  Part of its beauty

  But not anymore

  Deep in the forest

  There is a small break in the trees

  Beyond the trees lay a secluded meadow

  A trickling stream runs down from a mountain

  Tall grass and fragrant flowers grow

  A doe and her young fawn drink from the spring

  A small breeze blows

  Just enough to make the grass sway

  The breeze dies down

  Then comes a rustle in the grass

  Drown out by the trickling of the stream

  And then came man

  Emerging from his hiding place down stream

  Raising his rifle from his side

  A shot rings out and fear sets in

  A direct hit

  The doe’s body lay motionless

  The hunter goes to claim his prize

  Deciding it was ruined by a bad shot, he leaves

  The fawn returns

  It lay by its mother’s side

  The stream stained red

  And the fawn just laid there

  Doomed without the care she provides


  I have a theory of how we came to be

  Two young souls flying together

  Searching for our way home

  Then came the modern world, which interfered

  We became separated

  I returned to Father

  He comforted me, told me

  I was to watch over you

  I put away my fears

  Kissed Father good bye

  I promised to return with you

  He took away my wings

  And wished me well

  I went to the gates

  Stood on the edge

  I took a deep breath

  And dove from the place I called my home

  All for you

  Perhaps I fell too quickly

  And when I hit the water

  This water of worldly things

  I plunged into the depths

  When I stopped, I turned and swam

  Searching among other souls

  Took me many years to find you

  And days and hours beyond that

  But we were changed by the water we lived in

  This water of worldly things

  And now it seems that it is you

  Who is to watch over me

  We rise toward the surface

  And soon we will be back in Father’s arms

  Beauty of a Meadow

  This place I don’t recognize

  Although it is so familiar

  Like something from a dream

  In this meadow, perhaps it is here

  The tall grass sways in the wind

  Like waves of the ocean

  The flowers so sweet

  Like the aroma of perfume

  The wind picks up

  Flower pedals swirl around

  A single white feather catches my eyes

  Maybe a sign that my angel is here

  I glance around frantically now

  Searching for the place where you fell

  My angel from heaven, could it be

  I see you now as you stand

  It is not what I had thought at all

  You can’t be my angel

  For you are far too beautiful to be an angel

  What is it that I have done

  To deserve such a graceful being

  We embrace each other now

  Our eyes meet

  My lips find yours

  It is truly a gift from God

  That each found the other

  This feeling I have for you

  Let us call it love

  Boundless Ends

  In a forest of many years stood two trees alike

  Of some yesterday were towering

  Two dragons, gone bad, in the sky

  Seeking vengeance for things thought stolen

  Turned course for there

  Guided by some unknown rage

  A hate welled up that no one knew

  The first dragon came of early mourn

  Engulfing the branches with its fire

  Leaving a gaping hole where it struck

  And the animals housed by this tree

  Frantic and worried

  Made their way down the branches

  The creatures of the forest came

  To watch the horrid sight

  Now the habitants of the second tree

  Had heard of the tragedy of the first

  And began to scamper down the trunk

  As they did, they heard a call in the midst of it all

  To return to business now

  Moments later the second fury came

  A dragon in the sky

  Hitting the second tree with an even greater force

  The sight seen by the whole forest

  Bringing an awe to the creatures

  Showing them how vulnerable they were

  And then more tragedy

  The second tree fell

  Taking creatures into its trap

  As it came crashing down

  It took other trees with it

  And then the first tree fell

  A sight that was sad to see

  And as darkness poured in

  The realization that the forest had changed

  Hit hardest in the woods surrounding

  When the fireflies usually gathered to sit upon the trees

  Lighting up the skies

  And now the greatest lanterns of all

  Were gone forever

  Clouded Memories

  These things sit in the back of my head

  They torture me so profusely

  Coming out once or twice a year

  Around Christmas time

  Usually a happy time

  But not for me

  These things linger over me

  They come, and are painful

  And here they sit again

  Maybe with a familiar face

  Or some comment made

  And you were there to comfort me

  Or so I thought

  And then created a new memory

  More painful than the rest

  And even though you are still here

  It seems to hurt just the same

  And in time I know it will pass

  But this memory will join others

  To remain forever painful

  To await the chance to peek out again

  To show its ugly painful ways

  Just to torture me

  Forever more


  Dreams are a
complex existence

  Are they the key to a new tomorrow

  Or just the inner desire manifesting

  From the dreamer’s hidden self

  Many dreams have I had lately

  Yet I do not sleep

  How is it that these dreams come to be

  Do I slip in and out of awareness from time to time

  If so, am I a danger to others

  Am I going crazy

  Dreams have always held great significance in my life

  Yet I find myself pondering the meaning of simple daydreams

  Are they trying to send me in a certain direction

  Or leading me haphazardly through life

  My emotions are so wild

  They lose expression in words

  That is a scary thought for me

  If I cannot sooth my mind

  I will surely lose it


  Dreams are that place between wake and sleep

  Where all things seem so real

  That the line between almost disappears completely

  You must know the world I speak of

  The place where reality mixes with fantasy

  So that all things are possible

  Sometimes we wake from our dream world

  Not knowing where we are or how we got there

  Not knowing the day, month, or even year

  All is lost in that world

  And all is gained there

  The helplessness of where our minds take us

  So even time can be sucked to nothing

  A place where animal, or spirit, or mythical beings can be

  Or we can be them if we like

  Or perhaps someone from another world

  The place where you can’t be harmed or bothered

  Where prophecies come

  Or we can look into the span of time

  And see what has been, is now, and even what will be

  The place that is so beautiful

  You always want to go there

  And once you are there

  You never want to leave

  Empty Souls

  Empty souls is all I see, everywhere I look

  Granted there are some fulfilled

  But then I look around

  I see your hearts where you hide them

  I see things sticking from you

  As you bleed, it runs through the streets

  And I remember the blood I shed

  Every time you hide your sins

  My hands and feet are stained red again

  Tears run down my cheek

  As you nail me up, back on the cross

  So here I wait as I’ve said that I will

  And if you can’t see me

  I am standing behind you

  With tears in my eyes

  Familiar Face

  A face so familiar

  Yet I know not who you are

  So much of your life I have seen

  Yet I know not where I’ve been

  Almost falling into your life

  As if from the sky above

  So unexpected to us both

  That I am confused by how it happened

  I sometimes wonder when the dream will end

  Yet I know that I have not slept well

  And then last night, those words coming from your mouth

  So innocent

  But as if you knew the significance

  My knees went weak

  My eyes watered

  For an instant I nearly lost it

  If you only knew the full meaning

  What the commitment would require

  Would you have said those words

  I know I will do my best

  To love you in return


  Always such a great man

  Never let us down

  Sometimes a kind smile

  Others a solemn frown

  Carried an ever present strength

  To give us direction and security

  Achieved much with a firm hug

  A stern man that loved with purity

  A bold man with an iron will

  Such a caring soul

  Never letting pain show through

  As life took its toll

  Speaking words to light our paths

  At times our lives foundation shook

  With such a confident “Good Job”

  Or a simple sigh and long hard look

  We were all blessed to know such a man

  To follow down a path he helped us pave

  And in our hearts he holds great legacy

  That will reach his spirit far beyond his grave

  Granddad was such an awesome man. Even though we had not known him a very long time, he took no hesitation to treat us like family. He was a bold brave man that could stand strong behind his family with great pride. I remember the first time I met him. He did not try to shake my hand, but instead he reached out and hugged me like I was family. I remember taking trips up to Shaver Lake, spending Christmas together. Even before my mother and Jerry were even married, he seemed to welcome us as family. I know that even now as I stand here, I would not be the young man I am today if he had never touched my life with his wisdom. He never put me down, and encouraged me in the things I did. I will forever miss having him around, but I am forever grateful for the times we had together. I love you Granddad. Goodbye.

  Hand In Hand

  Two young people, faced with the most important crossroad in their lives

  Where three paths merged into one

  Stood before the road ahead and took a step, hand in hand

  They knew there was no turning back

  No matter what hardships were presented

  No matter what fears arose

  As they walked down this path

  Each shared the other’s pain

  And gave their support where needed most

  Many paths would come to merge there after

  Both offering and seeking refuge from the harsh world

  Finding their strength in each other

  They welcomed each new path with all they had to offer, hand in hand

  Never could they have known, when they took that first step

  That they had began a great legacy

  That would stretch beyond explanation by words

  Beyond the bonds of true friendship

  A legacy that’s truth could only be seen

  Within the hearts of those whom they had met on the path that they walked

  Those whom they had welcomed into their home

  And those whom they had worked so hard to form into a family

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