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Of love and vengeance, p.1
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       Of Love and Vengeance, p.1

           Roger Laird
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Of Love and Vengeance

  Of Love and Vengeance

  Roger Laird

  Copyright 2011 Roger Laird

  All rights reserved

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  Table of Contents

  Act I

  Act I Scene I

  Act I Scene II

  Act I Scene III

  Act I Scene IV

  Act II

  Act II Scene I

  Act II Scene II

  Act II Scene III

  Act II Scene IV

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  Of Love and Vengeance

  Act I

  Narrator: From a city of old, built decades ago, comes this story of valour, love, and pure rage for the deeds of fellow men. The times were harder then, but many managed to find a happy life in this town called Hayden. Our story begins with a young man, Draco, and his childhood friend, Kelvin, in the local marketplace.

  Act I Scene I

  Enter: Kevin and Draco

  Kelvin: How fairs Julia? Have you seen her recently, or has it been as long for you as it has I?

  Draco: No. I had the pleasure of dining with her family for supper just last night.

  Kelvin: (Mocking) What joy did you find in dining with her family? (Excitement) Is it not so then? Tell me. It must be that you are. And I suppose that you told them?

  Draco: We are. And no, we did not yet tell them. That is not the custom.

  Kelvin: Then please tell me, how does it feel?

  Draco: How does what feel?

  Kelvin: Don’t play coy, or perhaps you do not know of what I ask. I mean to say, you do love her don’t you? (Joking) I am certain you must to find joy at supper with her parents and young brother.

  Draco: (Defensive) Her parents are delightful people and they live in wealth.

  Kelvin: (Accusing) So that is why you are with her. (Joking) Go forth from me.

  Draco: (Mocking) No, No, good man. I implore you to believe me, it is not for money. I simply meant that it is rare that one is able to enjoy fine wine and fresh bread with supper in these times.

  Kelvin: Well how late did you stay? The bell tolled at Midnight and you still had not returned. I slept and you were not in your bed in the morning. Dinner could not have been so late. Did you stay out all night?

  Draco: Supper was late. But you are right, it was not as late as that. We sat in talking and playing games into the early morning hours.

  Kelvin: And her parents too? They stayed?

  Draco: No, but her brother did. He plays a good game of chess.

  Kelvin: (Accusing) You mean he beat you? Tell me how.

  Draco: (Relaxed) Simple, I had wine with supper. He did not.

  Kelvin: I see.

  Draco: I must meet with her parents again tonight.

  Kelvin: And Julia?

  Draco: No.

  Kelvin: For what means do you wish to meet with her parents and her not be there?

  Draco: To ask their permission to marry their daughter.

  Kelvin: You have proposed?

  Draco: No, but I intend to if I am favored by her parents.

  Kelvin: You certainly weren’t kidding about custom. Must you be proper in all things you do?

  Draco: Just regarding this matter. I meet them at six.

  Kelvin: You really do love her then.

  Draco: Did you really have to ask?

  Kelvin: Meet me at the pub afterwards then. We must celebrate your engagement. Do not rush. I shall wait all night.

  Draco: We can’t know if there is need for celebration yet. I still must ask her parents. And heaven forbid, Julia may still deny my proposal.

  Kelvin: I wish you luck then. Though I doubt you’ll need it.

  Exit: Kelvin

  Draco: (Yelling after) Luck has no role in matters such as these; dear friend, if it did, I would not wish to rely on such a fickle force. I will see you tonight in celebration.

  Exit: Draco

  Act I Scene II

  Enter: Malthus, Draco, and Waiter

  Waiter: Please be seated and I will return shortly.

  Exit: Waiter

  Malthus: Robyn should be here soon, she had an errand to run. Should we begin without her?

  Draco: Perhaps a drink before dinner. What I wish to discuss with you requires her presence as well. (Signal with hand)

  Enter: Waiter

  Draco: We would like two glasses of scotch please.

  Enter: Robyn

  Draco: Make that three glasses of wine instead.

  Robyn: Three glasses of the scotch will be fine sir.

  Waiter: The scotch then, very well.

  Exit: Waiter

  Enter: Waiter with three glasses set them on the table

  Exit: Waiter

  Malthus: Well Robyn and I can probably guess at why you have asked us here tonight, but it is not our place to guess at these matters. May we get to business now?

  Robyn: There is no need to be so frank with the boy. I am sorry Draco. My husband is a business-man in all aspects of life. He does not know how to balance in situations that require more finesse.

  Draco: It is fine. I can be much the same. I don’t see any point in delay, especially if you have already thought about why I might ask you here tonight. Sir Malthus, Madame Robyn I wish to ask your daughter for her hand in marriage. Before I do so, I seek to ask for your approval.

  Robyn: (Excitement) Oh wonderful, you see Malthus, I knew this is what he wanted. And you said it was too early.

  Malthus: (Serious) And how is it that you intend to provide for my daughter’s welfare during these hard times. I am certain that it would be better to wait until things are more stable in the economy.

  Draco: I see the validity of your concern. My father passed away two years past. When he did, his mercantile was left to me. In the desperate state of business, I have focused my products mainly in foods. By doing this, I have avoided failure. If our economy reaches the point where I am unable to sell food, then our city will indeed be in a dire state.

  Malthus: That it would indeed. I am satisfied with your answer. Have you asked Julia about this yet?

  Draco: No, that would be against custom.

  Malthus: Then she still might say no.

  Robyn: Malthus, hold your tongue.

  Malthus: The boy needs to know what he risks Robyn. I would like him to save face if he is unsure.

  Draco: It is fine. I already know she may deny me, but first I need your answer.

  Robyn: Yes, a thousand times yes.

  Malthus: It seems pointless for me to deny it now. If I went against my wife’s wishes, I would surely pay for it later. My answer is yes. I respect you for honoring the old customs when they have all but fallen away in recent years.

  Robyn: I think Julia suspected where we were going. She asked me to tell you to stop by before going home if I saw you. Now shall we order dinner? I’m famished.

  Malthus: Robyn let the boy go. It was courtesy to ask us to dinner, but he obviously has other things he needs to do tonight. We will eat alone Draco, Thank you.

  Robyn: You are quite right. Good evening Draco.

  Draco: Good evening and Thank you both.

  Exit: Draco, Fade Scene

  Act I Scene III

  Enter: Julia and Draco

  Julia: I am so glad my mother got the message to you.

  Draco: In truth, your parents were intent on meeting with me when they left here tonight.

  Julia: Is that so? It seems odd that my mother did not mention that to me.

  Draco: Then you really had no idea they intended to meet me?

  Julia: Truly, none.

  Draco: Julia, I had good reason to meet with your parents tonight.

  Julia: What reason, is my father proposing business with you? Or perhaps you with him?

  Draco: Julia… Julia will you join your hand with mine in marriage?

  Julia: Draco, you have permission from my parents?

  Draco: I do.

  Julia: Yes Draco, yes.

  They embrace and Draco steals a kiss

  Julia: Please Draco, you must not kiss me so.

  Draco: Why not. You will soon be my wife.

  Julia: It is sinful to kiss me before we are wed.

  Draco: If kissing your lips were a sin payable by death, I would wish to taste death a thousand times over.

  Julia: That may be so, but I would wish to live and enjoy the taste of you many times more.

  Draco: I love thee.

  Julia: I love thee. It is late and you must not stay here over long.

  Draco: Kelvin is expecting me at the pub. I am sure he has taken it upon himself to start celebrating without me. He will need my help home tonight.

  Julia: Do not stay out too late. Now that we are engaged to be wed, we must plan the details of the wedding. I want us to discuss a date with my parents in the morning.

  Draco: Sweet dreams Julia.

  Julia: Fare thee well Draco.

  Exit: Draco, Fade Scene

  Act I Scene IV

  Enter: Draco and Barkeep

  Draco: (Distraught) I cannot believe what you say is true.

  Barkeep: I am not asking you to simply take me at my word. I know this must be upsetting for you. You can verify it with the law enforcement officers on duty. It was quite a brawl. The officers were unable to determine who actually stabbed him, but they arrested all of them. It seems unlikely that any of them will be charged with the murder though. It was clear that Kelvin had been drunk and the other men started the conflict. I suppose his family could invoke a blood feud.

  Draco: He is like me, the only surviving child of two deceased parents. He has no family to invoke a feud.

  Barkeep: Then I suppose his murder will go uncontested, and Valence and his gang will gain more influence through intimidation.

  Draco: No! I will not let that happen. I
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