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           Robyn Hill
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Parts of Speech Superhero Monsters!
This is the first series of books.

  Learning the Eight Parts of Speech with Smiling Sun and the Monster Superheroes!

  Introducing: Nouno, Verbo, Adjer, Adver, Canjoin, Jector, Preppy, Pro-Monster, and of course, Smiling Sun.

  Book One.

  Nouno and Verbo, the noun and verb monster superheroes

  1.The smiling sun was a little sad one day because there was confusion in Monster-town. Sun was looking for two superheros. He had special magic capes to hand out to two monsters who could help him. The problem was that the monsters in Monster-town weren't making any sense! They were all getting "things" confused with "actions"!

  2.As smiling sun looked down into the town, he saw two very silly, hairy, monsters saying very funny things indeed! Nouno monster said " I will dog and pencil tomorrow" Smiling sun frowned and told him, "That doesn't make sense, you can't dog or pencil, those are things not actions!" Verbo monster said, "I will go to the store today and buy a running and jumping. Smiling Sun frowned even more and said, "You can't go to the store to buy a running and jumping, those are actions, not things!

  3.Smiling sun needed to help the monsters and all monsters in Monster-town. "Listen fellas, "things" are called "nouns" and "actions" are called "verbs", can you remember that?" One silly monster said, "Can I candy bar now?" Smiling sun slowly shook his head, "No, Nouno, because a candy bar is a thing and a thing is a noun." Smiling Sun decided to give each monster a giant wooden stamp, one said "verb" and one said "noun". " I suggest you practice stamping around Monster-town for a while before you have any more silly conversations."

  4.The two monsters saw a beautiful bird walking by, so Nouno gently stamped "noun" on the bird since it was a thing. Verbo, stamped "verb" where it walked since walking is an action.

  5.The monsters saw a purple ball with zig-zags go bouncing by, so they stamped "noun" on the ball since it is a thing, and "verb" where it bounced since that is an action.

  6.The monsters saw a silver bucket falling from a wall, so they stamped "noun" on the bucket and "verb where it fell since falling is an action.

  7."Well", Smiling sun said " I am so happy that you have made Monster-town an easier place to understand, I have decided you will be my new super heros! Nouno, you will receive a magic cape with the letter "N" for noun so you can identify all "things" as nouns, and Verbo, you will receive a cape with a "V" to name all "actions" as verbs!

  8. Vocal interactive page.

  Smiling sun is very happy with Verbo and Nouno but needs your help accomplishing one more mission before he let’s them out to make the world a less confusing place. Can you tell what the words are below?





  What is a noun?

  What is a verb?

  How can you remember nouns and verbs from the story?

  The capes Nouno had an N, and Verbo had a V,


  Adjer, the Adjective Superhero Monster!

  1. Smiling Sun glanced down on monster town that day knowing he had an important mission to accomplish. He needed to find one special monster who could change the town from boring to amazing!

  2. Around that same time Adjer monster awoke and decided to take a walk through the local candy land forest. He put on his orange socks, his green cap, and his red polka-dot shoes, and walked out into the smiling sunshine.

  3. The smiling sun winked at him. Adjer started to walk through the forest. He saw chocolate rivers, bubblegum flowers, licorice roads and taffy trees. But he frowned a bit and he was not happy.

  4. "Why are you so sad Adjer?" The sun asked, "You should be happy! After all, you're in a candy forest!"

  Adjer looked around, "This candy forest is so dull, it should be more exciting since it is both candy and a forest!" Adjer replied.

  5. "What can we do Adjer?" asked the smiling sun. Adjer looked around the quiet forest and after a moment his eyes lit up, " I would ADD to the chocolate river and instead of it being just a chocolate river, I would make it into a "brown, creamy, delicious, chocolate river!"

  6."I would also ADD to the bubblegum flowers, and instead of just bubblegum flowers, I would make them "stretchy, pink, sweet, bubble gum flowers!"

  7. I would ADD to the licorice roads, and instead of just being licorice roads, I would make them "red, juicy, tangy, licorice roads!"

  8. Smiling Sun said "Adjer, those are adjectives you are using to describe the things in the forest! I am so proud of you that I am giving you a magic cape with ADJ. on it and now you can go all over the world and add words to make everything more beautiful and exciting!" Smiling Sun continued talking, "You are now "Adjective Monster, the superhero, and remember this special hint, adjective has the word Add in it, so you can remember it's job!"

  9. Adjer put on the cape and looked around the forest, it became so much more beautiful now that he had the power to add description to it! He decided he needed to make one final change that day. He changed the taffy trees into "delicious, bendable, tart and tangy, taffy trees!"

  10. Vocal interactive page.

  Just before Adjer sets out to describe the rest of the world, Smiling sun has one more mission for him to complete. Adjer needs your help describing the words below. If you can successfully describe them with adjectives, Adjer will be able to help make the world a more beautiful exciting place! Can you do it?

  1. Add three adjectives to a pickle.

  2. Add three adjectives to a horse.

  3. Add three adjectives to a lady bug.

  What do adjectives do?

  Are there ways you can remember what an adjective is from remembering this story?

  Adjer's name

  The word add in adjective.

  The ADJ on the cape

  How Adjer added adjectives to the candy land.


  Adver, the Adverb Superhero Monster.

  1.Smiling Sun stretched and yawned one early morning in Monster-town. Sun was frustrated. Everybody did everything exactly the same in this town. They walked the same, talked the same and even danced the same! Smiling Sun decided it was time for a change. He decided it was time to pull out a magic cape and find a superhero monster that could help make the town a better place.

  2.Just about that same time, Adver, the monster, woke up, scratched his head, and decided to go out to water his colorful flowers.

  3.Adver walked out under smiling sun and bent down to water his flowers. Just as he was bending, he noticed his neighbor bending down at the same time and watering his flowers too! He looked up and saw that the birds were all flying the same! He looked at the brown soil, and saw that the silly bugs were all crawling exactly the same!

  4."What's the matter Adver, you should be happy because you are out in your flower garden!" Smiling Sun said. "I am sorry, I am grumpy, it's just that everything moves the same and it is boring!" Adver replied.

  "What would you change Adver?" Smiling Sun asked.

  5.Adver looked around, "I know when things move, or have action, it is called a verb, well I would ADD to those verbs to make them, I would have a neighbor move "slowly", and I would move "quickly!"

  6.I would have some birds flying "gracefully" and some birds flying "clumsily!"

  7.I would have some bugs crawling "carefully" and some bugs
crawling "strangely!"

  8.Smiling Sun giggled and was very happy with Adver. "Adver, you have made your garden a very exciting place by adding to the verbs with adverbs! I am giving you a superhero adverb cape with AV on it so you can go around the world making all actions special by adding to the verbs. Remember this special hint, the word Adverb is made up of the words add and verb to remind you that its job is to add to the verb!!

  9. Vocal interactive page.

  Adver was happy with his cape and new mission, but before he leaves, Smiling sun needs your help to complete one final mission. Can you help him below by adding adverbs to the verbs?




  Can you name three ways this story will help you remember adverbs?

  Adver's name

  Adver's cape with ADV

  the word adverb is made of add and verb

  How adver added words to the actions in the story.


  Canjoin, the Conjunction Superhero Monster

  1. Smiling Sun shook his head slowly that day as he looked down in monster town. The monsters knew their nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, but they sounded very strange because they were talking like silly robots!

  2. "I like dogs. I like cats." One monster said. "I like dogs." "I don't like cats." another monster said. Smiling Sun shook his head, he knew what the monsters needed, they needed a conjunction superhero and they needed one fast. If they had conjunctions, they could talk using big wonderful sentences, instead of small choppy ones.

  3. Smiling Sun looked down and saw Canjoin Monster, walking down the street. "Canjoin, if I give you a magic cape and some magic words, called conjunctions, will you help monster town stop talking like silly robots?"

  4. "What do you mean?" asked Canjoin. "I mean", smiling sun said,"if you give the town words like "and, but, or, nor," they can join sentences together! Listen to me Canjoin, instead of saying 'I like pickles. I like lollypops.' I can say..."I like pickles and I like lollypops", or instead of saying "I like bubblegum. I don't like stinky socks", with conjunctions I can say "I like bubblegum, but I don't like stinky socks." Smiling Sun explained, "if you give the town these conjunctions, they will stop sounding like silly robots!"

  5. Canjoin tried a few out, "My mom loves peanut-butter, or jellybeans on her toast"! "Yes!" Smiling Sun beamed down, "That is using your conjunctions Canjoin, I am now making you our conjunction super hero! Remember this special hint, conjunction sounds like canjoinction! That will help you remember its job!

  6. With that, Smiling Sun handed Canjoin a magic cape with "Cj"on it. so that he could help others successfully join their sentences together!

  7. Vocal interactive page.

  Before Canjoin leaves on his mission to help others, would you see if you can add conjunctions to the sentences below?

  The dog jumped. The cat just sat there.

  I enjoy pizza. I enjoy hamburgers.

  I love icecream. I don't love candy.

  What is a conjunction?

  How can you remember conjunctions from this story?

  Canjoin's name

  Canjoin's cape with CJ.

  conjuction sounds like Canjoin.


  Jector the interjection superhero monster.

  1.Smiling Sun looked across Monster Town one day and noticed it was very quiet. He watched as one monster drop a huge stone on his furry monster paw. It looked like it hurt, but the monster didn't make a sound!

  2. He watched another Monster lose his green, striped, ball in the street and a hippopotamus ran over it! Yet, the monster didn't say a word!

  3. He saw another Monster, whose name was Jector, watching sparkling fireworks, yet the monster just stood quietly without saying a word!

  4.Smiling Sun knew just what this town needed and that was an interjection super hero! He went back to Jector who saw the fireworks and said "This town needs interjections, and if you help me, I will make you the Interjection superhero!

  5. Jector said he would be glad to, but he wasn't sure what an "Interjection" was. Smiling sun said "An interjection is a tiny word that tells how you feel!"

  6. Smiling Sun asked Jector if he felt anything while watching fireworks earlier that day and then gave him a few magic interjections to choose from. "Ouch, Stop, Cool, Wow, Shucks" are a few interjections to help you say something you feel!" Smiling sun taught him.

  7. Jector pictured the fireworks, thought for a moment, and said "Wow"! "Congratulations Jector," said Smiling Sun, "You just used an interjection! You will be our interjection superhero, here is your magic cape with "Int" on it, now go find the others and give them a magic interjection too!" Before Jector left Smiling Sun said, "Remember this special hint, interjection has the word "inject" in it, like injecting a feeling into a sentence, that will help you remember its job!

  8.Jector went back to the monster and his green, striped ball. He gave the poor monster the interjection "Stop!" That way, he could stop a hippo from running over his ball next time!

  9.Jector also went back to the monster whose huge, furry, monster paw was hurt by a stone and gave him the interjection "Ouch"! Next time,the monster would not have to sit quietly if he hurt himself!

  10.Vocal interactive page.

  Before Jector leaves to help others express themselves, he must complete one more mission with your help! Please name an interjection for the situations below!

  Seeing a rainbow_________________________________________

  Getting a mosquito bite__________________________________

  Dropping your ice-cream___________________________________

  Getting a cool gift______________________________________

  What is an interjection?

  How did this story help you remember interjections?

  Int. on the cape

  Inject is in the word interjection.

  The events that happened in the story.


  Preppy, the Preposition Superhero Monster

  1. As Preppy Monster awoke that morning, he wasn't feeling as peppy as usual. He was looking for a special treasure that day, through candy land forest, but had no instructions as to how to find it!

  2. Suddenly, Smiling Sun noticed Preppy looking down in the dumps and knew he needed to do something. "Preppy, what you need, are prepositions! These are the words that can help you understand the "position" of where things are or where they need to be!"

  3. Preppy didn't understand what Smiling Sun was talking about. "I just need to find a treasure" he said sadly. Smiling Sun looked down at him and said "And I need a preposition superhero, so if you help me, I will help you!"

  4. A few minutes later, Smiling Sun had created a map of prepositions so Preppy could see how to find the treasure. 1. Go around Taffy Tree, 2. Go under candy bar bridge, 3. Go through Chocolate River. 4. Go over Gumdrop Hill, 5. Go between Jelly Bean Mountains, 6. Finally, travel across Cotton Candy Meadow.

  5. "Wow, Smiling Sun, I can find my way to the treasure now thanks to all the prepositions!" Preppy said with joy.

  6. After Preppy followed the map, he discovered the treasure. It was a new superhero cape! Smiling Sun told him, "Your magic cape will say, Prep. on it so you can show others wonderful prepositions like over, across, between, below, beneath, and many more! Remember this special hint, preposition has the word "Position" in it to help you remember its job!

  7. Vocal interactive page.

  Before Preppy helps the world with prepositions, he needs your help wit
h one more mission. Find a preposition that can go with the following nouns!

  bird, tree_________________________________________

  egg, bird___________________________________________

  ball, box___________________________________________

  alligator, bridge___________________________________

  What is a preposition?

  How does this story help you remember a preposition?

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