The ward of castoria, p.25
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       The Ward of Castoria, p.25

           Robin Silverglate


  By the time Beck came back to the park, Dane had already disposed of the xenther’s body.

  “That wasn’t very fair of you. I missed all the fun,” said Beck with a smile. “I came as soon as I saw your arrow.”

  “Sorry, but I sent it after I killed it,” Dane explained. “It caught me by surprise. I barely had time to get Bryn to a safe spot, let alone, send you a message.”

  “That’s unlike you to be caught off your guard,” said Beck. “Usually, you notice an animal approaching before I do.”

  Dane chose not to respond to Beck’s comment. Instead he said, “Did you get rid of her memory of the xenther?” Dane had silently asked Beck to erase her memory of the xenther just before they had left the park. He knew it would be better for her if she did not remember the creature’s attack.

  “Yes, but just before I did it, she asked me to thank you for saving her life.”

  Dane was pleased that Bryn had thanked him. It meant she probably did not completely hate him. “Yes, well, I was just doing my job,” he said as he moved to leave the park.

  Dane had also been very careful with his instructions to Beck. He had told him to only erase the memories of the xenther. Dane had almost told Beck to erase the entire memory of what had happened at the park, but he had checked himself before it was too late. Even though he had made a complete fool out of himself to Bryn, he did not want her forgetting his confession. He still loved her. Nothing, not even her harsh words, had changed that fact. Even though he was miserable, he was somehow glad she knew how he felt.

  “We should come back tomorrow in order to tie up the loose ends,” Beck suggested. “Are you ready to go home now?”

  Dane nodded and said, “Yes. There’s someone I need to see right away.”

  Beck ventured a guess. “Yara?”

  “No. Erudess.”

  Beck seemed concerned and asked, “Are you injured?”

  “Nothing like that,” said Dane. “I just have to ask her some questions.”

  Beck did not press any further and followed Dane out of the Reflection.

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