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The Lord Deceives
In Defense of the Gospel

  The Lord Deceives

  By Robin Christopher Soto



  Chapter 1 Ezekiels Dilemma

  Chapter 2 Ezekiels Two-Edged Sword

  Chapter 3 Prophetic Peace

  Chapter 4 Arabs are Jews

  Chapter 5 Armageddon's Ten Horns

  Chapter 6 Praise Worthy


  This book is dedicated to my daughter Leticia Lynn Soto and son Persaus Soto.

  Chapter 1 Christians –Ezekiels dilemma

  Todays church finds itself in the same confusion the prophet did. According to Ezekiel 14.9, anyone can say: the Lord deceives prophets. Therefore, the entire bible could be a lie. The confused question easily. Especially during this day and age. For example, according to the Holy Bible and Quran, we should be at peace, yet, everyone is… well… at war in some way or another.

  Theres are reasons why being deceived belongs in scripture. It protects ignorant people. It also moves everyone towards a specific direction. In time, everyone will leave confusion and become one in the hand of the Lord. That means everyone from Adam and Eve will have an opportunity to overcome being decieved according to Rev 18.24.

  Many church leader’s don’t know this verse exists. The ones who do, wrestle their own souls apart from God. Fortunately, this teaching will help us identify Satan. Todays prophetic teaching centers around the end of the world. We are not at Armageddon. Also, the world will never end. No religion is an exception to this ideology. For example, Islam is trying to produce Armageddon in Syria. Therefore it falls on Christians hands to guide the world properly. Christianity and Islam are decieved by their own misunderstandings of the words application. During our sixth beast, we are no longer deceived, the Word is for peace not war.

  Both have turned the world upside down. Both are blind and both need true prophets who can see truth and not bend to a lie. Needless to say, when two major religions are free from confusion, then the world get's set free as well. The world is lost because of us. The dilemma isn’t going to be fixed by mending doctrinal divisions. Rather, it’s a matter of being redirected by prophecy.

  We are on the cusp of a religious revolution. 1 Cor 8.1 reveals charity only reigns through knowledge. No one can give without first having. The little bit of prophecy the bible provides us with during this lifetime can change the world for good. Using it, can direct anyone towards understanding truth is love. It is exactly how Ezekiel overcame the Lord's test. He took the little bit the word gave him and ran with it. By it, he protected himself and moved nations.

  To date, doctrines of men have failed each nation on the planet. Religions and denominations have only made us confused. The only thing capable of pulling everyone out of confusion is prophecy. All religions have this time foretold of this awakening. We should be at peace, not at war. That one equalizer can unite religions and people for God.

  A random, unlearned person can win any doctrinal argument by simply using prophecy. Fortunately, it can bridge gaps between warring religions. Yes, anyone can go into arguments unlearned and still move a conversation with inspiration from the Holy Ghost. Not any one Christian has to be frightful or unbelieving anymore. Prophecy, stops defiled religion.

  At this moment in time, God commands believers and unbelievers to unite the world and prepare the way for Christ’s millennial reign. Our dilemma is beneficial because everyone is blind. This spiritual awakening is purposed to set nations free. First, we need to remove the blinders God has on us. Second, we must figure out what God wants us to do.

  Puzzling confusions are fun. Micah says the world will serve their god and we will walk in the name of the LORD our God forever and ever. That one verse unifies all religious worldwide, regardless of belief. Each religion is mandated to coexist. However, we’ve been going against prophecy by doctrine. We need to take this opportunistic precipous and run with it. Not only can we use the strength of each denomination, but we can also use other faiths to understand the full stature of Christ. Granted, only those who obey inherit the kingdom. Differences are many, but having others bring their glory into our house is going to happen, regardless of their affiliation to our beliefs. One thing is certain, we will reach his full stature regardless of divisions thanks to prophecy.

  I will present difficult questions which no doctrine of men can answer. I do this in hopes of pulling others into realizing doctrines of men have gotten us nowhere. Here are interesting questions some doctrines and denominations cannot answer. However, these are examples of what should unite the church and not divide it. If properly used. We can pinpoint where people are, help change their mindset, and reach the world for God. We can also understand how to keep them in place, so they can bring others into faith. All we need are teachers, preachers and evangalists. People are open to the word and want true direction but will prophecy win over doctrine?

  Moses died alone. How do we know he spoke to an angel?

  John says Jesus “was” the Word. Since Jesus is God, who is the Word in Rev 19.13!

  Does heaven begin at the first or second resurrection.

  If John keeps bowing to worship angels searching for God in heaven, who is God in Revelation?

  If man is appointed to die once, will people experience the lake of fire as the second death?

  Will people pilgrimage to the Holy City for life? Or will they eat leaves from trees?

  The seventh angel gave John a scroll. God also gives the Lamb one. What does that mean?

  Is the angel-man in Revelations 21.17 John or one of the angels in Revelations?

  The bible says, you and your household will be saved. Does that include everyone from Adam and Eve?

  When is hell and death tossed into the lake of fire?

  Who binds Satan for a thousand years, an angel or Jesus?

  Interesting food for thought, aren’t they?

  Do you see how doctrines can divide the church yet? Anyone can make up a yahoo answer.

  Reaching a prophet is a tough job. If the prophet is fooled, imagine how lost the people are. As a result, God uses both good and bad for salvation. For a second, consider the benefits of a deceiving situation. First, a deceived person can learn and teach others. Second, the Lord proves he never gives up on people. Third, others can see whether or not a person is following the truth. Fourth, if what was said comes to pass, then people should probably listen.

  Ultimately, God uses a deceiving situation to pull everyone out of the fire. Doctrines shouldn’t divide us anymore because we have prophecy. Some will follow and some will not. Based on some of the questions above, thousands of denominations have flourished. The bible says, even they will bring glory into the kingdom.

  Rather than relinquish the glory of the people, the prophet reverts to a default, obedience to a commandments. He is an example for us today. We may not agree on doctrines but we can agree on prophecy. Especially if it is demanded by other holy books. Even by a decreased advantage we can become as wise as Ezekiel. We can turn a bad situation into a good one. Even the prophet knew the Lord was testing him because even a cow dies of itself. Ask yourself, how are we beign decieved in our day and age, doctrine.

  Therefore, if something or someone is lost, how can it be found? Knowing the Lord does not intentionally lie or misrepresent truth, Ezekiel used two negatives for a positive. Therefore, a commandment through prophecy or doctrine can cleanse false doctrines and unite people.

  Let’s define deceptions misnomer. Only the liar is deceived, not the truth bearer. Doctrines produce discord amongst brethren. The Word gives an answer for every misunderstanding. So, in our current situation, unity can only be found through similarities and not differences. With simi
larities, we can work with what we have. They can stretch across every religion claiming to worship the one true god. Our purpose is to appease God and his creation. Regardless, of the confusion, we like Ezekiel can move the world in the name of God. Not only did God prophesy of this time, he also provided a road map to follow.

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