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       Dawn of the Knight: The Lance Rock Chronicles Volume 1., p.33

           Robert L. Beck


  One hour later I was in the driver's seat of Shannon's car. We were on our way over to the Cheponis' to pick up Reina. I glanced over at Shannon who was sitting in the passenger's seat. Her head was leaning against the window, her arms were folded in front of her, and her eyes stared straight ahead. The expression on her face was a mixture of both pout and annoyance. We arrived, and Mrs. Cheponis answered the door while smiling at me.

  "She's been anxiously waiting for you Lance. Reina, your date is here!" Reina came downstairs wearing a tight, royal blue top, extremely tight, dark blue jeans, and black pumps. As soon as I saw her I thought of Shannon and one of the great mystery questions of the universe. How do girls fit into pants so tight?

  She happily greeted me and we walked over to the car. However, as soon as she saw Shannon sitting in the front seat, her countenance changed. In an irritated tone of voice she asked, "What is she doing here?"

  "She's going to the dance with us. Her boyfriend is away attending an out of state funeral; therefore, I'm driving her. I do live with them, remember?"

  "Make her sit in the back seat!"

  You’ve got to be kidding me, I thought while rolling my eyes and slightly shaking my head. I gently tapped on the passenger side window. Shannon glanced up at me and slowly rolled it down.

  "Could you sit in the back? Reina would like to sit up front with me."

  "Excuse me?" Shannon asked nonchalantly.

  "Would you please sit in the back?"

  "Lance, this is my car."

  "I know it's your car, but this is my date. I'm asking you to do this as a favor."

  As Shannon reluctantly complied, Reina sarcastically commented in Japanese, "Where did she find enough grease to help her slide into those pants."

  Look who's talking! I thought. Upon arriving at the school, we received gawking stares from both guys and girls as the three of us made our way over to the gym. The dance was in full session with music blaring, students dancing, mingling around, and having what appeared to be a good time.

  "Lance-san, would you like me to get us something to drink?" Reina asked.

  "Sure, thanks"

  She walked over to the refreshments table as I surveyed the room. I observed several teachers patrolling the perimeter. I also noticed a group of kids in the center of the floor. They were dancing in a sensuously provocative manner. "What kind of dancing is that?" I asked aloud.

  "It's called 'grinding'," replied Jill Cruse while approaching me from behind.

  "Is it legal?"

  "As long as you can get away with it. Want to try it with me, Canada?"

  "No thanks. I think I'll pass."

  I scanned the area looking around for Shannon. I spotted her dancing with some friends and she was indeed, superb. I also observed numerous boys ogling her from the sidelines including Greg Schulman.

  "She sure draws a crowd of guys around her when she's dancing, doesn't she?" I asked, impressed.

  "Every time," Jill replied. "They're all wishing they were her partner! You're not the only boy who's been bitten by the Muller bug."

  I slowly nodded my head in agreement. Reina came back and handed me a glass of soda. I thanked her for it. Eventually, a slow dance or ‘couples’ song was announced and so I said to her, “Let’s gives it a try." We walked out to the middle of the floor and I held her like Shannon had showed me. Instead of resting her head on my shoulder like Shannon had done however, she gazed intently into my eyes the whole dance.

  "You are very handsome, Samurai-san."

  I blushed.

  The song ended and she asked, "Can I thank you for bringing me to the dance?"

  "Sure. I guess."

  She reached up, gently held my face in her hands, and then kissed me so passionately that it immediately set my head spinning. In an instant my hormones were in total control! Not since Friday night with AJ had I felt this way. Then she did it again! After the third kiss I asked, "What was that?"

  "That technique is a gift from the French. Did you like it?"

  "Are you kidding?" I asked through heavy breaths. "That was… unbelievable!"

  We continued to kiss and abandoning any self-control, my hands began to freely roam over the contours of her body as did hers over mine. While focusing on our passion, I became oblivious to my surroundings until I felt a sharp pain in my left arm. I turned in annoyance to see Shannon standing beside me. While clutching my arm, she yanked me away from Reina and exclaimed, "My turn!"

  I quickly followed her through the gym door to outside. Once there, I immediately grabbed her and pulled her against my body with my left arm around her shoulders and my right hand firmly grasping her behind.

  "I want it French style!" I commanded.

  But she pushed me off hard while admonishing, "I didn't bring you here to make out with you! What happened to your so-called conviction? You've got nerve lecturing Keith about touching me inappropriately! Were you going to let her completely seduce you in the middle of the dance floor in front of everybody?"

  I was aggravated and my hormones were furious! "You're just jealous because that wasn't you out there that I was kissing and had my hands all over!" I angrily exclaimed.

  Her eyes got wide in shock and then she raised her hand to slap my face but I intercepted it and held her arm fast.

  "Let me go!" she now cried while struggling to free herself from my grasp. I finally came to my senses and I said, "I'm sorry."

  She continued to struggle and tears began to fill her eyes.

  "Shannon! I'm sorry. Really, I am. Please!" I pleaded while releasing her.

  "Take me home, Lance,” she sobbed. “I just want to go home."

  "Alright, alright, no problem," I replied as I pulled a tissue out of my pocket and handed it to her.

  She wiped her eyes as we walked back into the gym and I looked around for Reina. I saw her leaning against a wall with her arms crossed.

  "Shannon wants to go home. Is that okay with you?" I asked as we approached her. But she ignored my question and stood glaring at Shannon with an intense look of venomous hatred in her eyes. It was a hatred that went beyond typical jealousy. I became alarmed. She got up in Shannon's face and said, "You have ruined my date and my night. You have dishonored me in front of him and everyone else here. I will not forget what you have done."

  I could see Reina's muscles tensing beneath her clothes. Finally, she turned and walked away. Shannon looked at me with concern and I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders. I followed after Reina calling out to her, but she ignored me and went into the girl's restroom. After patiently waiting outside and calling to her for at least five minutes, I decided she was deliberately ignoring me, so I left her there. Shannon and I drove home in silence. As I pulled into the garage she remarked, "Lance, there are some girls who are only interested in getting one thing from a guy. Are you sure you want to go out with that kind?"

  "Hey, Shannon?"

  "Hey, what?"

  "Thanks… for rescuing me tonight."

  She sighed heavily while glancing over at me and softly replied, "You're welcome."

  "Do you, ah… do you want to watch television… or go for a walk or something?" I asked. She looked at her watch and replied, "It's getting late and we have school tomorrow. Good night, Lance." I nodded my head.

  My hormones however, were still in overdrive and five minutes later I went upstairs to her bedroom and knocked on the door. "What can I do for you?" she asked while standing in her doorway wearing a light blue, pajama shorts outfit.

  "I was wondering… you know… if I could, ah, according to your family tradition, get a nice, long, good-night hug from you."

  She stared at me for a brief moment and then replied, "I have a better idea. Why don't you turn around and go into the bathroom behind you."


  "Take off all your clothes."

  My heart and breathing rate both immediately accelerated. "My clothes? Alright!" I eagerly replied.

  "Next, get in the tub."

  The tub! I thought. Oh man, my imagination fired up!

  "Turn on only the cold water and then the shower. Stand under the shower for at least five minutes. Then dry off, put on your pajamas, and go to bed. Good night, Lance." And she shut the door.

  I stood there staring at her closed door in frustration and disbelief. Finally, as I turned to leave, I saw AJ standing in her doorway with her arms open wide and a huge grin on her face.

  "Go take a cold shower, AJ!" I remarked derisively as I went downstairs to bed.

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