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     The effect of the entropy (Logical Poems)

       Rm Shanmugam Chettiar
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The effect of the entropy (Logical Poems)

The effect of the entropy
( Thoughts in verses on life beyond made during 2013)

Rm Shanmugam Chettiar
Author & Publisher –E book;
+91 9444005632; +91 9445204204
About the Poet :

Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar was born in 1942, in Tamilnadu, India. He retired from the Rubber Board , Government of India, as Dy. Rubber Production Commissioner, in 2002 . Currently he is Secretsry, Chennai Poets Circle.
He has been writing his thoughts in verses since 1995 and online from 2003 onwards.. He has penned more eight thousand and five hundred till date, on various fields with far reaching thoughts. He has got vide online audience.
The poet is an atheist; his poems would reflect his disbeliefs in God, Soul, Rebirth and Heaven. He has taste for Psychology, Philosophy and literature. He is influenced to a great deal by the works of William Shakespeare and Thomas Hardy.

I have immense pleasure to share with you a collection of poems, small and long, about logical things penned during 2013 by the way of this book. This book consists of 160 poems about God, Soul and Life beyond looking from logical aspects in a style suited to common people of all adults across the globe. Some of them much thought provoking and some for introspection. Almost all poems are in blank verse type and metric. I dedicate this book to my parents.
August, 2015

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Pretentious Acts 11
Time Spares None. 11
Encumbrance 11
The Effect Of The Entropy 12
The Soul Clothes The Body. 13
Anomaly In Responses 13
Prejudices By Birth 13
Morals Are Scripted. 14
To Give, And To Get, Birth 14
Seek An Exact Mirror. 14
Only Man Is Agitated. 15
God’s Role Is Limited. 15
Efforts To Effortlessness 16
Love And Beauty 16
Death Is Dreaded. 16
The Soul Is Single 17
Vanity Of The Breed 18
Ripple Effects 18
Karma Is A Hypothesis. 19
Ego Is Fed. 19
Darkness Is God. 20
God Has No Mind. 20
Love For The Mother 20
Mind Projects Them. 21
Robes Are The Rod. 22
Actions On Idea And Ideals 22
Man Is Chauvinistic. 23
Not To Feel Low 23
Mistakes And Wrongs 23
A Loving one Is A Hating One. 24
Value With A Reasoning 25
To Cry For Justice 25
To Harvest What Is Not Sown 26
Wood And Cotton 27
Why Separation? 27
Shadows Are Unseen. 28
God Men Are Selfish. 28
The Use Of Knowledge 28
Experiencing Bliss 29
Crimes To Escape 29
Flavour, Not The Flower, Is Liked. 29
Subsequent Visits 30
Admirers Need Not Be Worthy. 30
Pride Had A Role To Play. 30
How Is Mine To Others? 31
Stop Becoming An Orphan. 31
Knowing Is Life 32
God Is In Good Book. 33
Guilty Of Inferences 33
Come Out Of The Myth. 33
Love And Hope 33
God Is There, Go Ahead. 34
The Seed Of A Banyan Tree 34
Precaution Is No Use. 34
Humans Cause Miseries. 34
Lives Post Death 35
Causes Govern. 35
Feed The Desire. 36
Hope Has Limitations. 36
Death Is A Horror. 36
No World’s Harmony 36
The Role Of Instincts 37
Brain’s Master 37
Reliefs And Burdens 38
My Death Is My Loss. 38
Man And Other Mammals 39
The False Necessity 39
Money Goes And Comes. 40
Intentions and results 40
Are You Loyal To God? 41
The Leftover Get Over. 42
Seniority is not counted. 43
Distances Hide. 43
Fate And God 43
Temples Are Empty. 43
Friend Turned Foes 44
Fearfulness Moves Up And Down. 44
Evaluate Friendship. 45
Exercise The Ego. 45
The Upper Class Purity 45
No Messiah Can 46
Perception Is Fluid. 46
Veneration And Reverence 46
Belief Is Taken As Truth. 47
Ego Is The Cause. 47
Are We At Peace? 47
Kill ‘ I’. 48
Life Has No Timetable. 48
Do The Masters Deserve? 48
Delay Wipes Not The Scar. 49
The True Atheist 49
Independence 49
The Mouth Leads To The Anus. 50
No Present Or Centre 50
Credits To Water 50
Wastes 50
The Future Is Coloured. 51
Anxieties 51
Life Floats In Illusion. 51
The World Of Jain 52
Anger And Dream 52
Nights Bring Days. 52
Common Nouns 53
The Protector And The Predator 53
Life Is Amoral. 53
Non-rebirth Is Bliss 54
The Unsung Heroes 54
Do It That Would Die. 54
Mother Can’t Be Bad. 54
The Forgiveness 55
Truth Might Suffer. 55
Conditions For Morals 55
Drop The Self-importance 56
Power Of Research 56
Why Only Me? 57
Might Is The First Aid. 57
The Sweetest 57
The Right And Kindness 58
Imperfect Actions 58
Water Is There To Wash. 58
Non Rebirth Is Not God’s Wish. 59
Peace Gives Way 60
About The Post-life Name 60
Ignorance Is Man’s Shadow 60
No Rebirth; No Karma; 61
Go Childless. 62
Pessimism And Optimism 63
Once Bitten, Twice Alert 63
No More A Hell 63
Virtues Hold No Water. 64
No Talks Between Branches 64
Sweet To Be Sweet 64
Death Is Not Felt. 64
Post-life Stands. 65
Beyond Two Generations 65
Efforts For Momentary Things 65
Escapism 66
In The End 66
%%%%%%%%%The Essence Of Senses 66
More For Hatred 66
Hopes And Fears 67
To Beget No Child Gains Merit. 67
Death Is Not The Harvest Of Life 68
Poetry Defined 69
Egos Modify Qualities 69
Fully Wiped By Death 70
Let Us Empathize 70
Only Man Is Blameworthy. 70
A wasteful Exercise 71
Comparisons 71
Where Is The Rebirth? 72
The Conditioned Mind 72
Illusory Appearance 72
The Voice of Reason (for shanmugam) 74
Reviews of Fellow Poets 75
Bio Data of the Author 75

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