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  (A collection of poems on Life penned during 2013)


  Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar (India)

  Author and Publisher – E Book

  rmshanmug@gmail.com; rmshanmug@yahoo.com

  Cell: +91 94440 05632, +91 9445204204

  About the Poet :

  Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar was born in 1942, in Tamilnadu, India. He retired from the Rubber Board , Government of India, as Dy. Rubber Production Commissioner, in 2002 . Currently he is Secretsry, Chennai Poets Circle. He has been writing his thoughts in verses since 1995 and online from 2003 onwards.. He has penned more eight thousand and five hundred till date, on various fields with far reaching thoughts.. He has got vide online audience. The poet is an atheist; his poems would reflect his disbeliefs in God, Soul, Rebirth and Heaven. He has taste for Psychology, Philosophy and literature. He is influenced to a great deal by the works of William Shakespeare and Thomas Hardy.


  I have immense pleasure to share with you a collection of poems, small and long, about life penned during 2013 by the way of this book. This book consists of 192 poems about life, contradictions, conflicts with relation to societies in a style suited to common people of all adults across the globe. Some of them much thought provoking and some for introspection. Almost all poems are in blank verse type and metric. I dedicate this book to my parents.


  August, 2015

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  2.Eye Contact

  3.The Need and the Greed

  4.To Destroy My Cupid

  5.Trust is the Core of Love

  6.The First Love

  7.Cleopatra’s Glory

  8.Have Pride and Vanity

  9.Time is body

  10.Darwin & Lincoln – An ovation

  11.Blushes are Jewels

  12. Is man a winner or a loser

  13.The Concept of the Soul

  14.Credits & Discredits

  15. How Badly Good !

  16.The clown And the Fool

  17.Death And Birth

  18.The Effect Of the Entropy

  19.Tears Now And Then

  20.Credits And Discredits


  Have An Alternative. 10

  No Time Left For Correction 11

  Tears Now And Then 11

  Must You Claim Your Right? 12

  Impulsive Actions Purred. 12

  Go Through The Imaginary. 12

  Perfection, A Case Study 13

  Be A Wagging Dog. 13

  Then The Pardon Is The Punishment. 13

  No More Than A Mirror 13

  Value The Uniform. 14

  The Betrayal 14

  Empathy Is Pillars 14

  The Growth Of Ego 15

  Images Have No Age. 15

  Corrosive Tears 15

  Understanding The Scripts 16

  Trees Aren’t Ashamed Of Their Roots. 16

  The Standing Remembrance 16

  Take Different Routes. 17

  Harvesting Dissatisfaction 17

  To Feel At Peak Is To Feel Good. 17

  Friendships And Relationships 18

  Spouses Are Partners. 18

  To Carve A Name 18

  Apathy Of Good Men 18

  Adopt One To Serve 18

  Good Citizens 19

  Crazy For Titles 19

  Today’s Best 19

  Man’s Demands 19

  Nature At The Hand Of Man 19

  Good Manners 20

  Love Gives Meaning To Life. 20

  To love, Shed Self-love. 20

  A Man's Aspiration 20

  Be With Him 20

  Wait. You’ll Come Up. 21

  Seeing People 21

  Freedom Of Expression 21

  Credits For The Age 21

  Basic Traits Are They. 21

  To Aspire Rather Than Expect 22

  So Soon Had He Died. 22

  Don’t Fight For Replacement. 22

  The Unfair Remembrance 22

  A minimum Gratefulness 22

  To Stop Self-pity 23

  Faith Is Lost As Wholesale 23

  Sheep For Shepherd 23

  The Moving Mass 23

  Share The Glory. 23

  Make Comfort Zones. 24

  No One Is True To You. 24

  Attachments Are Removed. 24

  Practise Promptness. 24

  The Old Beg Their Children. 24

  Credits To The Body 25

  Don’t Count On Offspring 25

  Curses Inevitable 25

  A Solitary Living 26

  Hair-dye 26

  The Society Must Condemn. 26

  Dishonesty At A Check 27

  One’s Name Dies With One. 27

  The One To Love Most 27

  Siblings And Offspring 28

  Relation Is A Prejudice. 28

  To Sustain Friendship 28

  Let Me Go With Good Hopes. 28

  Inefficiencies Are Pets. 28

  Parents Are Spared. 29

  Sensitivity 29

  Indian Systems Of Politics 29

  Rules Are For Harmony. 29

  Mothers To Children 30

  Cancerous Effects 30

  Let us play. 30

  The crowd turning fanatic 31

  Professional Killers 31

  The Good And The Bad Die. 31

  Refuse The Excess. 31

  Accommodate. 32

  In A Death… 32

  Punters Are Pathetic. 32

  Sympathy Waves 32

  I Am His Tormentor. 33

  Other Species Would Outlive Man. 33

  Follies Are Interesting 33

  Contempt And Acceptance 33

  Men Are My Friends. 34

  Regrets Accumulate. 34

  Two Phases 34

  Not To Be Held In Contempt 34

  The Deluded Ownership 35

  For Children To Emulate 35

  Efforts And Merits 35

  To Clear The Debts 36

  Who Is To Be Blamed? 36

  Feel The Moment ‘Now’. 36

  Draw hopes. 37

  Get Positive Energy. 37

  Be Less Judgmental. 37

  Biography Is A Story. 38

  Forgiveness Is An Effort. 38

  Regularize it. 38

  Be Sincere To Smiling. 39

  Who Is Harmful? 39

  Means And Ends 39

  The Livelihood Matters. 39

  Judgment’s influence 40

  The Growth Driven Set Up 40

  Unity Of Siblings 40

  Unity Of Siblings 41

  Revisits Enthrall. 41

  The time bound relevance 41

  Rely On You. 41

  No Time To Serve 41

  Freedom to India 42

  One’s Loftiness 42

  Causes Of Divorces 42

  The Smooth Transition 42

  The Secret About The Secret 43

  The Tragic Humans 43

  Stand Great. 43

  The Mother Superior 43

  Observe, Instead Of Musing. 44

  Be Not Below A Beggar. 44

  Heads And Tails 44

  Mourn The Deaths Of The Low. 44

  Why Is India Slipping? 45

  Loyalty Is The Base. 45

  Pay Two To Get One. 45

  Bear With Children. 45

  A Sadist Mother 45

  Possessive Of Mother 46

  Be A Man. 46

  Be Fair Yet. 46

  To Get Peace 46

  Don’t Mock The Past. 46

  God Send Love 47

  Human Errors 47

Of The old Continue. 47

  I Do To Up Me. 48

  No Way Is Ever Good. 48

  Big Leaders Are Desperate. 48

  Don’t Count Before Hatching. 48

  Exercises Wasteful 48

  Social Animals 49

  Is Not Man Fortunate? 49

  Ownerships Give A Hold. 49

  To Learn And To Be Not Taught 50

  Progresses Are Limited. 50

  Females Double Chased 50

  Scrupulousness Has No Place. 51

  God Manifest In Them. 51

  Honesty Cannot Manage Wealth. 51

  Traces On The Earth 51

  Value Of The Mother Tongue 52

  Bridge The Gap. 52

  Intentions Of The Causes 52

  One Is Hardly Good. 52

  Fear The God. 52

  To Rise Is For A Fall. 53

  The Doctor Is The God. 53

  How Does Human Race Last? 53

  Bharat Ratna 53

  The Future Counts 53

  The Public Properties 54

  Values Declines. 54

  To Trim The Body 55

  Extracurricular Activities 55

  Think Of The Progeny. 55

  His Father’s Grit 55

  For Fewer Humiliations 56

  Must We Be Smart? 56

  The Voice of Reason (for shanmugam) 56

  Reviews of Fellow Poets 57

  Bio Data of the Author 58

  Have An Alternative.

  A dove perched on a tree to rest.

  It displayed some easy confidence.

  It is not that the branch was solid

  Or that it has got two adept claws.

  It is that the bird has a pair of wings

  With which to fly in case it slips down.

  An alternative gives confidence.

  Feb., 2013

  No Time Left For Correction

  Parents will know their children

  When they are at their death bed.

  Siblings would know each other

  When they share the parents’ things.

  Husbands would know about spouses

  When they go down penniless.

  Wives would know about husbands

  When they go past their menopause.

  Such knowledge is of no use

  As it is too late to put it in use.

  Jan., .2013

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  Heart Split Apart Or Open.

  A heart is broken apart or

  Broken open as you decide.

  If you take a hurt to your heart,

  Then the heart is broken apart,

  And the revenge would amend it.

  If you reason for the hurt got,

  Then the heart is broken open,

  Where enters realizations.

  Jan., 2013

  Tears Now And Then

  Wife lay sick in bed and he was grief struck.

  He shed tears that bathed his soul cooler

  Than the tears that bathed him warmer

  When she made him, with a child, a father.

  JAN., 2013

  Must You Claim Your Right?

  When you fight for, or claim, your right

  You cause the counterpart a loss

  And turn blind to the mercy call.

  Think twice if the victim is far worse.

  Mar., .2013

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  Impulsive Actions Purred.

  I don’t seek God for any favour.

  I don’t seek God for any relief.

  That day when I was taken in

  For the surgery I sought mum’s spirit.

  Mar., 2013

  Go Through The Imaginary.

  Read or watch a tragic story;

  Read or watch a romantic scene.

  When you get absorbed in the act,

  They’d give you catharsis effects.

  You identify yourself with events

  And experience emotions

  Of pity, pathos, love and romance.

  Ego will transcend; libido will transcend.

  You’ll have lived through the emotions.

  It’s a pleasurable relief.

  It’s a kind of sublimation

  For fulfillment of deficits.

  Catharsis will leave you harmless.

  The will to live will involve pain

  Through desires, which you can limit

  By taking shelter in any arts.

  Apr., 2013

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  Perfection, A Case Study

  To strive for perfection is a waste of time.

  To do the best you can, is the best of time.

  Perfection has no sets of definition.

  Doing your best can perfect your action.

  Perfection depends on outside judgment.

  Doing your best responds to your merriment.

  Perfection might frustrate you, and fail you.

  Doing the best you can, would satiate you.

  Perfection is an ongoing process,

  Like a mirage, always moving ahead.

  Imperfection can adorn perfection.

  A mole on a moon face adds attraction.

  Be yourself, doing the best that you can,

  And bring passion to what you are doing.

  Apr., 2013

  Be A Wagging Dog.

  However low be my birth place

  And however poor my parents were,

  I shall not shy boasting of them,

  To whom I am a wagging dog.

  Apr., 2013

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  Then The Pardon Is The Punishment.

  I shall pardon him if he asks for it.

  It means I want his humiliation

  As an exchange to the pardon proposed.

  Such pardon is as good as punishment.

  Apr., 2013

  No More Than A Mirror

  Relatives are a good set of people

  You keep with deletion and addition

  To act as a mirror for you to see

  How high you’re in relation to them.

  Apr., 2013

  Value The Uniform.

  The uniform lends looks and confidence.

  Police uniforms make people grovel.

  Robes of judges make people revere.

  One must behave to the uniform worn.

  It is applicable to all who wear them,

  Be he a watchman or a school student.

  The uniform must compel respects;

  Otherwise, it would become a costume.

  Apr., 2013

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  The Betrayal

  The pathetic betrayal

  Is break promises

  Given by one to one’s parents

  Or the one who trusted,

  At the time of their demises.

  If you encourage it,

  You’ll face the same for you.

  May, 2013

  Empathy Is Pillars

  If someone has been hostile to us

  We brood on it and repay it to him.

  If someone has made us victims

  We take it to make others victims.

  If someone has been beneficent,

  We get no adequate drive to repay it.

  If someone has helped us in distress

  We don’t go forward to help others.

  Sword for sword but not bread for bread;

  Such trend grows at the cost of empathy.

  Unless parents become role models

  And put a check, the pillars will crack.

  May, 2013

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  The Growth Of Ego

  A player, a skipper and a coach;

  A lover, a father and a grand pa;

  A learner, an earner, and a donor;

  The growth of ego, be each one given.

  May, 2013

  Images Have No Age.

  My lady-love last seen long ago

  Is still young and lovely in h
er image

  That I carry with me over years.

  My long lost friend I am indebted to,

  Is still young and friendly in his image

  That I retain with me over long time.

  Heroines of old cinemas enthrall.

  My last seen bullies remain so in me.

  I too would be to them as I’d been then.

  They might have grown beyond recognition.

  Changes would have come in their attitudes.

  Yet, I’ve anxiety to renew their images.

  May, 2013

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  Corrosive Tears

  The pain that hope couldn’t lessen,

  The pain that drugs couldn’t bring down

  And the pain that gods didn’t pull down

  Dissolved in the tears shed by the dying one.

  June, 2013

  Understanding The Scripts

  He wrote her a poem that he left and left.

  She got it, read it and understood it,

  About which there was no feedback for him.

  Did she take it as he wanted her to?

  Neither of them could be aware of that.

  She was not bothered and he was helpless.

  It is the fate of all literature.

  Let us play them according to our whims.

  June, 2013

  Trees Aren’t Ashamed Of Their Roots.

  However low or bad in others’ eyes

  Are your parents, be them not so in your eyes.

  They count on you and you must stand by them.

  No tree is ashamed of its roots, tart though.

  June, 2013

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  The Standing Remembrance

  Parents and, perhaps, their parents

  Frequent in my thoughts post their deaths.

  Only their photos hang on my walls.

  It’s their tombs I visit since then.

  Uncles and aunts are forgotten,

  Once dead, for such remembrances.

  Children and, perhaps, their children

  Would keep me in thought post my death.

  Only they would hang my photo.

  It’s they who will visit my tomb.

  Brothers and sisters are nowhere

  With such remembrance post my death.

  Have these in mind when you apportion

  Your things to your progeny in the end.

  June, 2013

  Take Different Routes.

  Don’t write frequently.

  Don’t visit frequently.

  You will become cheap.

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