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     Ninja Obstacle Tournament Role PLaying Game

       Rik Hunik / Actions & Adventure
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Ninja Obstacle Tournament Role PLaying Game
3300 words
Copyright 2017 by R.A. Hunik

Special thanks to my wife Jo for her invaluable insights and hours of game testing.

Chapter 1: Introduction

The Ninjas
These ninjas are not mercenary assassins. They are athletes who compete in obstacle courses with extreme obstacles that resemble challenges traditional ninjas would face in the execution of their duties. The courses travel from city to city and the shows are broadcast on TV.

The Show
Each game consists of three rounds, one round per episode.

Sixteen ninjas participate in the first round. They go one at a time through a course of five obstacles. Any ninja who fails at an obstacle falls and splashes into the pool of water below it. The eight ninjas with the fastest times (the fewest turns) to complete the course advance to the semi-final round. If fewer than eight ninjas complete the course, only the ninjas who finish can advance to the semi-final round.

First round obstacles: 16 ninjas go through 5 obstacles.
Rolling log run: ninjas must traverse a set of free-wheeling logs.
Rope swing: ninjas must jump, grab a rope and swing to a second rope, then another, and another...
Rock climb; no real rocks here. It's all artificial holds, as in indoor rock climbing competitions. There are no foot holds for the ninjas and some of the hand holds are so far apart that air time is required.
Ring hook: a series of rings hanging from chains. Ninjas must jump, grab the first ring, and swing far enough to hook it on a projection, which enables them to grab the second hook and repeat the process to the end.
Net climb; ninjas swing as far as they can on the last ring and jump to a hanging cargo net, which they must climb to the top to complete the first round.

The second round is the semi-final round. The ninjas face a course of five different obstacles. The four ninjas with the fastest times advance to the third round. If fewer than four ninjas complete the course, only those who finish can advance to the final round.

Second round obstacles: 8 ninjas go through 5 different obstacles.
Pull weight; ninjas must drag a heavy weight while walking on a narrow beam.
Spider walls; two parallel, acrylic walls. Ninjas must jump and brace themselves with hands and feet on opposite sides while they make their way to the end.
Peg Board; a long board with a series of holes in it, and two pegs that fit in those holes. With a peg in each hand the ninjas insert a peg in a hole, hang from it, reach as far as they can, insert a peg in a hole, hang from it and repeat to the end.
Stepping stones; a series of small, widely-spaced, not-entirely-stable platforms. Ninjas must jump from one to the next to get across.
Inverted Beam: an I-beam with narrow ledges on the bottom to provide hand- and footholds for the ninjas to hang from as they make their way across. To make it more interesting, it has elevation changes and horizontal gaps.

The third round is the finals. Four ninjas participate, going one at a time through all ten obstacles. The ninja who finishes with the fastest time wins the big prize. If none of the ninjas finish there is no winner. (That never happened at all during play testing.)
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