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Elgen guard general hand.., p.1
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       Elgen Guard General Handbook, p.1

           Richard Paul Evans
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Elgen Guard General Handbook




  The Elgen Oath

  The Elgen Salute

  Elgen Guard Standing Orders

  Historical Background


  Chain of Command

  Elgen Elite Forces


  Required Training

  Physical Requirements



  Levels of Confidentiality

  Disciplinary Action

  Handling of Internal Grievances



  Elgen Fleet

  Elgen Facilities

  Medals and Awards

  Language and Terminology

  About Richard Paul Evans

  Memorandum for the Elgen Guard

  1. This handbook is designed to summarize the current laws, policies, and general dispositions from the Elgen High Command pertaining to general guard duty, requirements, and training.

  2. This handbook is in no way to be used to contradict or disavow the ranking officers’ ADC (active duty commands). All ADC are to be followed at the time of issuance. Where commands are considered in conflict with the GHI (General Handbook of Instructions) grievances may be filed at a later date as set forth in Section 4.


  David W. Welch

  EGG, Chief of Guard


  Dear Elgen Guard,

  I congratulate you. You have been initiated into the elite group of the Elgen Force. Throughout history, there have been groups of power that have changed the world: the Knights Templars, the samurai, the Nazi Brown Shirts, and the fierce horsemen of the Russian Cossack. You now belong to the greatest of these elite groups. You have taken your place in history.

  When you entered this employment you were informed that this was not merely a job, but a cause far greater than any you ever had or ever will have—a cause of greater importance than even your own life. Before joining, you were a mere man. Today, you are Elgen.

  As an Elgen Guard you are the sworn upholder and enforcer of the Elgen law. The world will fall onto its knees before you or be crushed under your boot. It is a brave new world. Those of you who are with me will prosper far beyond your wildest imaginations. Those who fail will be crushed beneath the brute power of our growing force.

  As an enforcer of the law, you must first be completely familiar with the law. It must become first nature to you. Second, you must be compliant with the law, the purest example of the Elgen elite, both physically and mentally. Your mind is sure and sharp, your way true and straight, your body strong, formidable, and unyielding. You are unlike the weak who inhabit this earth. You are above them. You are the talons of the eagle, ready to capture or to tear asunder. Your path is the way of glory. The uniform you wear is a symbol of your commitment and honor. You must never disrespect it, nor allow it to be disrespected.

  A new day has dawned, not just for the world but for you. Rise up to this morning of a new dispensation, the Novus Ordo Glorificus Elgen, and personal glory will follow. Elgen, I salute you.

  General Admiral C. J. Hatch




  The oath-taker will raise his left arm while repeating the following oath:

  I swear on my life, breath, and fortune to prosper the Elgen cause, to advance its mission until every man and woman on Earth have sworn allegiance to the Novus Ordo Glorificus Elgen, our new glorious order. I offer up my life and death to this endeavor and will follow all rules contained in this book and those that will come, with fidelity, honor, and exactness. I swear this oath on my life.

  This Elgen oath is to be held with utmost sanctity. Any guard demonstrating an attitude to the contrary will be disciplined.


  The Elgen salute is a symbol of our purpose, unity, and strength. Elgen Guards will salute all officers of higher rank than themselves.

  The salute is performed by touching the three middle fingers of the left hand to the temple, the thumb and little finger touching together at the tips.


  1. Memorize this handbook. Strict adherence to its guidelines will ensure your success and progress within the Elgen Force. Any disobedience to its precepts will result in immediate disciplinary action.

  2. From this moment forward, your previous chain of command no longer exists. As an Elgen Guard you will answer only to the Supreme Commander, the Elite Global Guard, your Zone Captain, and your Squad Captain.

  3. Officers of the Elite Global Guard (guardsmen are to refer to them as Elite Guard) represent the Supreme Commander in his absence. To disobey their orders is tantamount to disobeying the Supreme Commander.

  4. Any sign of insubordination, intentional or otherwise, will be dealt with swiftly and severely. Precise obedience and loyalty is the guardsman’s only true protection.

  5. Guardsmen will report any disloyalty or infraction among fellow guardsmen to their Squad Captain. Guards found “protecting” or “sheltering” another guard will be considered an accessory and receive the identical punishment as the transgressor.

  6. The contents of this manual are confidential (C5). Leaking of information will be punished according to Elgen guidelines.

  7. Guardsmen are to rid themselves of all previous loyalties, attachments, and commitments, whether personal or professional.

  8. Guardsmen are required to maintain peak physical and mental condition. Weakness of body or mind will not be tolerated. Periodic testing will be utilized to determine continued eligibility.


  The history of Elgen Inc. begins with the history of electricity itself. As long as humans have existed, they have been fascinated by electricity and ascribed it with mystical properties. The ancient Greeks believed that lightning was the weapon of Zeus, the king of the gods. Any place struck by lightning was considered sacred, and became the site of temples and worship. Similarly, the Scandinavian mythological figure Thor threw lightning bolts at his enemies. In Hindu mythology, Indra is the god of lightning and a symbol of strength.

  While the mystical power and majesty of electricity have been observed since the beginning of humankind, it is only in relatively recent times that humans have sought to understand and control this great power. Scientists like Franklin, Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, Ampere, Volta, Ohm, Faraday, Joule, and others, dedicated their lives to understanding the science of electricity, but it is only in recent centuries that electricity has been harnessed by humankind and used for its benefit. It is no coincidence that the successful manipulation of electricity occurred at the same time as some of society’s greatest technological advancements.

  Today, in our so-called civilized world, it is difficult to imagine life without electricity, yet 25 percent of the world’s population still lives without its benefit. It is Elgen Inc.’s goal to remedy that crisis within our lifetime. Once we have succeeded, the relief of human suffering will be without measure, as will the effect on the advancement of civilization. Children who were previously shackled to the daily chores of gathering wood and fuel for basic survival will now be able to attend schools. Women will be free of the menial chores that keep them from advancing their own educations. Economies will improve as manufacturing and farming becomes more productive and efficient with the benefit of electrical power. In short, Elgen Inc.’s electricity will change the world.

  After many years of research, Elgen Inc.’s scientists created our unique elect
ricity-generating process. In 2009 we successfully opened our first Starxource power plant. While the science behind our electricity production is top secret, our process may be best compared to fusion—but without the environmental backlash, threat of meltdown, or the contaminants of nuclear waste.

  Since the opening of that first plant, many others have followed in both developed and developing countries. The benefits to these countries have far surpassed our, and their, greatest hopes. In the future we will assist larger and more populated countries until the entire world is advanced and prospering beneath the Elgen network of electric power. Then the wars between the nations will cease. They will be bound to one another through their common energy source and will no longer rise up against one another, for no one nation can assault another without the power of electricity. The promise of Elgen Inc. is much more than a cleaner, ecologically brighter world, it is also one without pain, fear, and the destruction of war.

  One does not change the world without opposition, which is why Elgen Inc. has trained and employed its own army, dedicated to the advancement of Elgen Inc. and its goal of providing energy solutions today for a brighter tomorrow. As an Elgen guard, you are now a part of ensuring that brighter tomorrow for billions around the world.





  The Elgen Guard is ruled through the following hierarchy:


  I. ELGEN SUPREME COMMANDER, General Admiral C. J. Hatch


  A remnant of the former Elgen organization, the Elgen board now acts as a non-voting advisory counsel to the Elgen Supreme Commander. Membership on the board is determined solely by the Elgen Supreme Commander.


  The Elgen Supreme Commander’s force of twelve guards. The authority of the EGG is challenged only by the Supreme Commander, and their orders are to be followed as though from the Supreme Commander himself.

  Uniform: Black with purple and scarlet chest emblems. Red and black armbands on right arm.


  Zone Captains are the leaders of a global zone of Squad Captains. Zone Captains report to the EGG.

  Uniform: Same as EGG with addition of scarlet armbands.


  Elgen Squads are the fundamental unit of the Elgen security corps. Squad Captains are in authority over and responsible for all members of their squad, comprised of six to twelve Elgen Guardsmen. Squad Captains report to their regional Zone Captain. Uniform: Purple Elgen Uniform


  The Elgen Guardsman is the fundamental figure of the Elgen security corps and is responsible for the inner workings of all Elgen operations. Tasks and responsibilities vary widely and training is provided by Squad Captains. Guardsmen report to their Squad Captain.

  Uniform: Standard Elgen Uniform with armband bearing the guard’s zone and squad identification number.


  One or two Elgen Secret Police members exist within each squad. As the eyes and ears of the Elgen organization, their primary responsibility is to act as informants on the other guards while keeping their identities confidential. ESPs communicate directly with Zone Captains, ESP Captains, and, where warranted, the Elite Guard. Uniform: The ESP uniform is indistinguishable from regular Elgen Guardsmen.


  A group of twelve elite ESP members responsible for the organization and success of the ESP force.

  Uniform: Elgen uniform with a scarlet beret and a scarlet sash, hung from the left shoulder. (New captains will hang sashes from right shoulder during first six months of tenure.)


  There are twenty-four assistants who help the ESP Captains collect and consolidate information from the ESP force as well as assisting the ESP Captains in special projects and duties as the position may require.

  Uniform: Dressed in black with yellow and black striped armbands.


  Admiral of the Fleet


  Rear Admiral

  Ship Captain


  Lieutenant Commander

  Naval Guardsmen


  Currently the offices of General Admiral and Admiral of the Fleet are held by the Elgen Supreme Commander. Please refer to the Naval General Handbook of Instructions for descriptions of duties and uniforms.


  In addition to specific ranks, guards may be associated with special elite forces. Membership in these forces may have geographical consideration and is by invitation only.

  I. Electric Youth

  Elgen Inc.’s Youth Force is comprised of a small group of gifted adolescents. Guards will be aware of their presence but are not to approach or speak to them unless it is a specific part of their assigned duties. Guards are to obey these youth’s orders as they would the EGG. The Elgen Youth Force members are to be guarded and protected at the expense of guards’ lives.

  i. Quentin

  ii. Torstyn

  iii. Bryan

  iv. Kylee

  v. Tara

  vi. Tesla

  vii. Tanner

  viii. Nichelle

  ix. Zeus

  x. McKenna

  xi. Abigail

  xii. Ian

  II. Chasqui

  Translated from the ancient Quechuan dialect, the word “chasqui” means “messenger of light.” The Chasqui are a special Elgen military order in Peru. Their roles are specifically connected to the Peruvian Starxource plant in Puerto Maldonado.

  III. Domguard

  Also known as the “Order of the Amber Tunic.” The Domguard are a very powerful and secretive global force.

  IV. Lung Li

  The Lung Li (literally meaning “dragon power”) is a special Asian Elgen military order. Their activities are limited to countries in the eastern hemisphere, including China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.




  All Elgen Forces must complete a minimum of ninety days initial training (IT) at the Kaohsiung, Taiwan, or Fiumicino, Italy, training facilities.

  Initial training will include physical endurance and strength testing and building (see Physical Requirements), psychological testing, and aptitude testing. Guards will be assigned their first field of duty (FOD) based on the observed accumulated test scores and performances during initial training.


  All Elgen Guardsmen are required to maintain peak physical condition. The following physical fitness tests will be administered quarterly by Squad Captains without warning and at random times, including the middle of the night or during regular shifts. Failure to pass the physical test will result in dishonorable discharge.

  Physical Test

  Required Time/Repetition

  Guard Actual Time


  Squad Captain’s Signature

  3-Mile Run

  Complete in less than 24 minutes


  25 consecutive repetitions


  100 consecutive repetitions


  50 consecutive repetitions

  25-Foot Rope Climb

  Complete in less than 60 seconds

  Standard Obstacle Course

  Complete in less than 13 minutes


  All Elgen Guardsmen will be issued the following basic weaponry:

  • Bulletproof vest

  • Utility belt with concussion and smoke grenades

  • Standard M4 Carbine Rifle

  • Standard 1911 Colt sidearm

  • Tactical Special Ops Knife (fixed blade) with leg holster

  Elgen Guardsmen assigned
to special details (especially those involving electric children) may be issued some or all of the following:

  • RESAT gun and darts

  • RESAT detention systems

  • Mindwave Helmet




  Confidentiality is key to Elgen Inc.’s mission. After a trial period, most guards will be granted some information in return for their continued loyalty and service. Any information given to guards is to be kept strictly confidential. Guards are to discuss internal affairs with no one, excepting the commanding officer who has issued the information. C10 information may only be discussed in the presence of the Supreme Commander, and only at his initiation. All information is assigned a confidentiality level and requisite penalty. This level will be disclosed before the information is divulged. Any sharing of information among low-ranking guards or with outsiders will be met with swift punishment as outlined in the following table:

  Level of Confidentiality

  Disciplinary Action for Unauthorized Divulgence


  Verbal reprimand. One year probation. Pay reduction.


  Verbal reprimand. Two weeks confinement. Pay reduction.


  Verbal reprimand. Ten day detention period in Reeducation. Pay reduction.


  Three-week detention period in Reeducation. Pay reduction.


  Six-month detention period in Reeducation. Pay reduction.

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