This long pursuit, p.33
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       This Long Pursuit, p.33

           Richard Holmes

  Woman Reading William Blake (collection), 310

  women: and science, 16, 23, 38, 114–16; biographies of, 57; excluded from membership of scientific societies, 114; education, 194

  Wood, Anthony à, 48

  Woolf, Virginia: and biography, 66–7; on Margaret Cavendish, 132; affair with Vita Sackville-West, 151; essay on Mary Wollstonecraft, 192; Flush, 60; Orlando, 56, 59, 67

  Wordsworth, Dorothy: relations with Coleridge, 8, 13; Coleridge describes, 291

  Wordsworth, Mary (née Hutchinson), 13

  Wordsworth, William: relations with Coleridge, 8–9, 11, 13; and Humphry Davy, 21; and science, 23, 26; criticises biography, 52; quarrel with Coleridge, 103; reads Blake in manuscript, 310; Anne Gilchrist plans life of, 338; ‘Daffodils’, 299; Lyrical Ballads (with Coleridge), 290; The Prelude, 26

  Wren, Sir Christopher, 114

  Wroe, Ann: Pilate, 60

  Wulf, Andrea: The Invention of Nature, 31

  Wylie, Georgiana (George Keats’s wife), 228–30

  Yale Center for British Art, New Haven: Lawrence exhibition, 264–5

  Yeats, William Butler, 309

  Young, Edward: Night Thoughts, 311

  Zélide see Tuyll, Isabelle de

  Also by Richard Holmes

  One for Sorrow (poems)

  Shelley: The Pursuit

  Shelley on Love (editor)

  Gautier: My Fantoms (translator)

  Nerval: The Chimeras (with Peter Jay)

  Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin: A Short Residence in Sweden and Memoirs (editor)

  De Feministe en de Filosoof

  Dr Johnson & Mr Savage

  Coleridge: Early Visions

  Coleridge: Darker Reflections

  Coleridge: Selected Poems (editor)

  Footsteps: Adventures of a Romantic Biographer

  Sidetracks: Explorations of a Romantic Biographer

  Insights: The Romantic Poets and Their Circle

  Classic Biographies (series editor)

  The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science

  Falling Upwards: How We Took to the Air

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  Richard Holmes, This Long Pursuit



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