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     Horror in Vault Hill

       Reginaldo Borges, Sr / Fantasy
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Horror in Vault Hill
Table of Contents
Chapter 1-The madness. 3
Chapter 2-Reunion of friends. 3
Chapter 3-The night of full moon! 3
Chapter 4-The werewolf. 5
Chapter 5-The last chance. 6
Chapter 6-The day dawn. 6
Chapter 7-No salvation. 7
Chapter 8-The final Witness. 7
Chapter 9-Mr Adolfo´s secret. 7
Chapter 10-Revealed secrets. 8
Chapter 11-The appearances deceive 8
Chapter 12-The truth always appear. 10
Chapter 13-One year later. 10
Chapter 14-The new Sherrif. 10
Chapter 15-Silver Bullet 10
Chapter 16-Bloody Night 11
Chapter 17-The hunt. 13
Chapter 18-Strange disease. 13
Chapter 19:Sheriff´s diary. 14
Chapter 20-The last chance. 14
Chapter 21-Lunar eclipse. 16
Chapter 22-Revolted. 17
Chapter 23-The ritual. 17
Chapter 24-The past dingy of city. 19
Chapter 25-The Discourse of sheriff 19
Chapter 26-Purification. 20
Chapter 27-Condenation. 21
Chapter 28-Peace time. 22

Introduction:At city of Vault Hill that stay the north of pennsylvania,a group of friends had the habit of if reunite in around the campfire for converse and if warm up from cold that did at that time.This is a tradition of village.Vault Hill is a calm city and with few inhabitant.Almost all if knew and shared friendship, but also had strange case of people killed of mysterious form,attacked per a unknown creature!
Chapter 1-The madness.
The locality sheriff not got uncover the mystery from behind of violent deaths,and the more curious is that it happen only in epoch of full moon!The people that if adventure by the dark streets near of cemetery appear on next day dead of violent form,your hearts were ripped of your bodies,and the persons that per by miracles escaped, affirm that went a werewolf(a creature black and big,your ears were long and your howled were scary.So emerged rumors about apparitions of werewolf at city.Some people said that has saw a werewolf...
Chapter 2-Reunion of friends.
During the conversation around the bonfire, the friends Pedro,Mary,Milton,Miranda,and Jonny,were speaking about the people that said has saw a werewolf during the night of the full moon near of cemetery.But Julius that is the more courageous of group always doubted this history,he say that your parents said that this all is invention of some people,and per this also not believed in werewolf!Jonny have 12 years old,and he lives in city had litte time,the boy is of a tremendous courage,and always loves a challenge!Miranda warned him,that he not should doubt this,because some people were find dead of violent form,your bodies were shattered,and your hearts were plucked up.Many people leaved of city per cause this horrible death.But Jonny is stubborn in affirm that this things not exist,and for proved this,he called your cousin Gabriel for stay near of cemetery where the people said that was where the werewolf appear,and so prove that was just a invention of people of City.
Chapter 3-The night of full moon!
Two weeks if have passed,and in night of full moon,the people stay around of bonfire only until the Ten o'clock at night.The friends are together near of bonfire.The clock was marking nine o´clock at night,E was making very cold at those epoch.The friends were reunite of side of bonfire,and then,
Jonny say to your friends that now was the moment of show for all that this is just a legend,and your cousin is waiting per he near of chapel old of church.The friends of Jonny stayed scaryed,and no believed that he would make a madness as this.The friends Mary,Miranda,Pedro,Milton tried stop he of make this madness.But nothing of that the friends said did Jonny give up.
On Cemetery.
The friends could not stop Jonny,they saw he walk up the road in direction to cemetery where the people said that the creature appeared.Jonny and your cousin Gabriel stayed waiting the clock reach the midnight for go away and prove to friends that this all was lie.Near of cemetery have a big tree,the tree had 150 year old.A little more distant lives the Mr Adolf.Mr Adolf lives in a old house.
He is a old man very known per all of small city.He is a good person,and like of help other people,per all this,he is reliable.The bush is very high,the cemetery was a little distant of city,just the light of full moon illuminated the night!Jonny and Gabriel were sitting by the roadside.The time has passed with them conversing a with the other,and suddenly they listen a roar.They look on all side,but not saw nothing.Jonny felt a cold at spine and began the sweat cold!
1 2 3 ... 22
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