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Horror in Vault Hill

  Table of Contents

  Chapter 1-The madness. 3

  Chapter 2-Reunion of friends. 3

  Chapter 3-The night of full moon! 3

  Chapter 4-The werewolf. 5

  Chapter 5-The last chance. 6

  Chapter 6-The day dawn. 6

  Chapter 7-No salvation. 7

  Chapter 8-The final Witness. 7

  Chapter 9-Mr Adolfo´s secret. 7

  Chapter 10-Revealed secrets. 8

  Chapter 11-The appearances deceive 8

  Chapter 12-The truth always appear. 10

  Chapter 13-One year later. 10

  Chapter 14-The new Sherrif. 10

  Chapter 15-Silver Bullet 10

  Chapter 16-Bloody Night 11

  Chapter 17-The hunt. 13

  Chapter 18-Strange disease. 13

  Chapter 19:Sheriff´s diary. 14

  Chapter 20-The last chance. 14

  Chapter 21-Lunar eclipse. 16

  Chapter 22-Revolted. 17

  Chapter 23-The ritual. 17

  Chapter 24-The past dingy of city. 19

  Chapter 25-The Discourse of sheriff 19

  Chapter 26-Purification. 20

  Chapter 27-Condenation. 21

  Chapter 28-Peace time. 22

  Introduction:At city of Vault Hill that stay the north of pennsylvania,a group of friends had the habit of if reunite in around the campfire for converse and if warm up from cold that did at that time.This is a tradition of village.Vault Hill is a calm city and with few inhabitant.Almost all if knew and shared friendship, but also had strange case of people killed of mysterious form,attacked per a unknown creature!

  Chapter 1-The madness.

  The locality sheriff not got uncover the mystery from behind of violent deaths,and the more curious is that it happen only in epoch of full moon!The people that if adventure by the dark streets near of cemetery appear on next day dead of violent form,your hearts were ripped of your bodies,and the persons that per by miracles escaped, affirm that went a werewolf(a creature black and big,your ears were long and your howled were scary.So emerged rumors about apparitions of werewolf at city.Some people said that has saw a werewolf...

  Chapter 2-Reunion of friends.

  During the conversation around the bonfire, the friends Pedro,Mary,Milton,Miranda,and Jonny,were speaking about the people that said has saw a werewolf during the night of the full moon near of cemetery.But Julius that is the more courageous of group always doubted this history,he say that your parents said that this all is invention of some people,and per this also not believed in werewolf!Jonny have 12 years old,and he lives in city had litte time,the boy is of a tremendous courage,and always loves a challenge!Miranda warned him,that he not should doubt this,because some people were find dead of violent form,your bodies were shattered,and your hearts were plucked up.Many people leaved of city per cause this horrible death.But Jonny is stubborn in affirm that this things not exist,and for proved this,he called your cousin Gabriel for stay near of cemetery where the people said that was where the werewolf appear,and so prove that was just a invention of people of City.

  Chapter 3-The night of full moon!

  Two weeks if have passed,and in night of full moon,the people stay around of bonfire only until the Ten o'clock at night.The friends are together near of bonfire.The clock was marking nine o´clock at night,E was making very cold at those epoch.The friends were reunite of side of bonfire,and then,

  Jonny say to your friends that now was the moment of show for all that this is just a legend,and your cousin is waiting per he near of chapel old of church.The friends of Jonny stayed scaryed,and no believed that he would make a madness as this.The friends Mary,Miranda,Pedro,Milton tried stop he of make this madness.But nothing of that the friends said did Jonny give up.

  On Cemetery.

  The friends could not stop Jonny,they saw he walk up the road in direction to cemetery where the people said that the creature appeared.Jonny and your cousin Gabriel stayed waiting the clock reach the midnight for go away and prove to friends that this all was lie.Near of cemetery have a big tree,the tree had 150 year old.A little more distant lives the Mr Adolf.Mr Adolf lives in a old house.

  He is a old man very known per all of small city.He is a good person,and like of help other people,per all this,he is reliable.The bush is very high,the cemetery was a little distant of city,just the light of full moon illuminated the night!Jonny and Gabriel were sitting by the roadside.The time has passed with them conversing a with the other,and suddenly they listen a roar.They look on all side,but not saw nothing.Jonny felt a cold at spine and began the sweat cold!

  Chapter 4-The werewolf.

  Then stayed a tense climate in the air.Your cousin Grabriel was trembling of fear.When they looked more distant at road.they saw a big creature coming down the crossroad.A creature had huge ears,yellow eyes,a snout strained,and the front legs small,your hind legs was big,part of your body had very pelage and the other part had little.Your nails was black and big.They had that if hide because the creature saw they.Jonny say for your cousin Gabriel that the only solution was if hide in the cemetery,because if they try run for your house,the werewolf go kill them.Then they ran for cemetery and they hid among the tombs and they stayed in silence.The creature already was inside of cemetery,and searching per they.They sweated cold and they felt the death.How much the grunts of creature stayed more near,your hearts were missing jump by mouth.They had that find another place for if hide fast,before that the werewolf find them,But where( Jonny thought with himself).Everything stayed very quiet,then Gabriel stay desperate and said the Jonny that will run for your house.Gabriel run for the exit from the cemetery and Jonny desperate was calling he of back.Then Gabriel listen some steps in your direction,he looked and the werewolf was about the hind legs(as a person of stand).Gabriel run desperate,and the werewolf run behind him,and the worse happened!The werewolf caught Gabriel and ripped he,pulling out your heart in an instant.Jonny heard your horrible screams,but not can make nothing,just get out there and if hide in other place until dawn.He thought on big tree that it is near,but not had as climb up it,because the tree was very high.

  Chapter 5-The last chance.

  Desesperate,Jonny looked for the side and saw the small window open of chapel of cemetery.The caretaker had forgot of close the window.Jonny thought(this can to be my salvation) and he run for the window,entered for inside of chapel and closed the window.Inside he stayed in silence.But the werewolf was of outside knocking at door,and Jonny stayed with very afraid of werewolf destroy the door and kill him,because the door is very old.The werewolf was trying destroy the door.This is a moment of very tension and despair for Jonny.

  Chapter 6-The day dawn.

  The parents of Jonny and Gabriel were desesperate,the Sheriff(Dery) of city was searching per they on house of friends,but they not was found.Then Mary said to sheriff the crazy idea that Jonny and Gabriel had of go for cemetery and prove that this werewolf was just a invention of some people of city.Then the parents of Gabriel and Jonny,your friends,and the Sheriff(Dery) were for the cemetery that stood a little distant from there.When the parents of Gabriel arriving near of cemetery,they stayed in shock at see the body of your son Gabriel all shredded,The Sheriff looked the body,and seemed that this had was done per animal claw,and were missing the heart.(a horrible death) by violence that was!

  Chapter 7-No salvation.

  Entering in the cemetery,they saw the door of old chapel felled.then the parents of Jonny and your friends,Pedro,Mary,Miranda,Milton went to see and when they arrived,not had nothing.Jonny had disappeared!The parents of Jonny entered in despair.When the Sheriff interrogate the parents of Jonny and Gabriel,they said to Sheriff the Jonny had spoken that he
going was sleep at house of a friend,and never expected an attitude as this per part him..

  Chapter 8-The final Witness.

  The people were see and stayed shocked with the violent death,and the disappearance of Jonny.The Sheriff interrogate the Mr Adolf,because your house were the only that stay a litte near of cemetery.Mr Adolf is only man,and have seven sisters. But nobody never saw your sisters visiting him,the sisters of Mr Adolf live in Malithot that stay Nearby of Vault Hill.The people like very of Mr Adolfo because he always help the persons.(but Mr Adolf never invited the persons for visit your house).Mr Adolf said to Sheriff that heard howled and grunts,and he knew that this were a werewolf.He always heard the same sound in night of full moon.He too said that saw a werewolf near of your house.But the Sheriff observed a cut on face him.The Sheriff asked to Adolf the that had happened?Mr Adolfo said that had slipped and fallen when leaving your house.

  Chapter 9-Mr Adolfo´s secret.

  The investigations were open,the Sheriff is in your house thinking in as end up with this deaths,and as kill this werewolf,if this is a werewolf same!Thinking in the Mr Adolf,he going the your house for make some questions.Since he is a of oldest inhabitants of the city,and for being trustworthy,perhaps he can help.While the friends of Jonny expect per news,they were to cemetery in the morning for try find something that indicate the whereabouts of Jonny..

  Chapter 10-Revealed secrets.

  When the Sheriff arrived on house of Mr Adolfo,the doors were locked,he not was in house(very strange,thinked the Sheriff)because he never went of to leave.Looking the around of house,the Sheriff Dary saw strange footprints,as of a big animal,the footprints were per everywhere to around of house of Mr Adolfo.Curious the Sheriff for enter in the house,he broke the lock and entered at house.The house is very big,as a people can live alone in a house so big as this(thinked the Sheriff).Then the Sheriff caught your weapon and searched the rooms and nothing, he climbed up stairs,looked in all the corner of the rooms,and corridors, but he not found nothing.

  Then the sheriff saw the attic,the door of attic was locked.He broke the door for see the that had inside.The Sheriff not can believe in the that saw.had bodies of persons scatterer per all the side,and a lot of them were of people that were disappeared.Not there were more doubt for the Sheriff,The Mr Adolf is the unique responsible by death and disappearance on City.

  Chapter 11-The appearances deceive

  The Sheriff looked in the body,and none they was of Jonny.The Sheriff waited by the Mr Adolf for arrest him.He stayed hidden near of house his.But the Mr Adolf too had disappeared.The Sheriff come back in the other day for see if would find Mr Adolf,but he not appeared.The only once that the Sheriff not search was of night.All had afraid of walk per those place at night,until the policemen not if ventured.The Sheriff asked the companions for make a search on house of Mr Adolf,but they refused.Then the Sheriff Dary called the policemen friends of nearby city(Malihot),and they accepted.Already of night,and the Sheriff and friends policemen were going for the house of Mr Adolf.Inside of house,they started the search,this already was Eleven o´clock at night.Suddenly they heard a scream of outside.The policemen ran for out,and they saw a big creature attacking the other policemen that were of outside of house.

  They shoot in the werewolf,but not happening nothing,then they ran for the forest,was six policemen running by the forest,and the werewolf was behind them.One by one were being shredded by the monster.The Sheriff and your friend john were trying mislead the werewolf,and they arrived in a hut in the lakeside.They looked for the side and they saw the body of Jonny in the ground.The body had big scratches.Jonny got arrive at hut,but the injuries killed him.He was holding a dagger,but not if know how he caught this object.it will be that was on chapel that he if hid?(thinked the sheriff Dary).Now they had a chance of kill the werewolf.He and your police friend opened the door of Hut,ready for fight,but all was calm.They started the walk by the forest of back for the road.In a blink of eye,the werewolf jumped in the friend of sheriff,and started the rip pieces him.The Sheriff in a act of despair by the scream of your companion,ran for the werewolf,jumped about the animal,and started striking with the silver dagger.The werewolf drop of sideways,and started the if transform in a human,and for the surprise of Sheriff,the werewolf not was the Mr Adolf.The responsible by death was the priest of city(per this he if refused the accomplish ceremony in night of full moon).But who was going to doubt of a priest,said the Sheriff that lamented the death of your friend policemen.The Sheriff Dary search per Mr Adolf during months.But he not went found.Already there were arrest warrant against him by the bodies found in your house.

  Chapter 12-The truth always appear.

  After of Sheriff tell the parents of Jonny that he was dead,he too said to habitants of city that the priest was the werewolf,and that the Mr Adolf too is suspect,but he had disappeared of the face of the earth.The persons stayed in shock,because never imagined that the priest of city would be the responsible per all this mystery.When Pedro,Mary,Milton and Miranda stayed knowing that Jonny was dead,they cried and felt a pain in the heart.they said each other that they should had preclude Jonny the force.The parents of Jonny were very sad with the death of son,and they decided to move for other city far away of Vault Hill,trying ease the pain of lose a son that had whole a future by the ahead..

  Chapter 13-One year later.

  A year after the Mr Adolf was arrest at nearby city of Soult River.He was judged and condemned the death.But even so new deaths began to occur,what would it be now,since that the priest and the Mr Adolf were dead.The parents of Mary and Pedro are very friends,they talked and decided that they would if move for the city of Soult River that stayed the 200 mile from distance of Vault Hill,breaking the bond of friendship already shaken by the death of Jonny.The parents of Miranda and Milton stayed per a time,but after of a resident to be found dead with the heart missing of your chest,they if moved for away from Vault Hill.

  Chapter 14-The new Sherrif.

  The sheriff Dary did new investigations about the new deaths,but nothing went found.Later time he walked away per cause of health problems that he not wanted to reveal.Then a new sheriff was designed for care of Vault Hill.Your name is Ronald,and he know a little of history of city of Vault Hill.

  Chapter 15-Silver Bullet

  The new sheriff(Ronald) was intrigued with the violent deaths,because the city of Vault Hill was attracting curious of nearby city(Malihot),that yet doubted of stories about werewolf.(Seems that the people have of see for believe(said the sheriff).The sheriff Ronald also was furious with the others companions policemen that not wanted get out with he for make new investigations and for arrest curious that disobey the law of city of stay inside of your houses in night of full moon.Then the sheriff Ronald was for the old library of city of Malihot for read about werewolf and find info about as kill it,and free the city of curse that killed very persons,and did very if move of small city of Vault Hill.To read a old book,the sheriff Ronald stayed knowing that werewolves have afraid of object made of silver,because the silver smash the curse in that are stuck.The silver will devolve the human form the they.(but will to be fatal).Now the sheriff need find someone that know make silver bullet for him.When the sheriff looked in the register of citizens of city,he saw that the Mr Emanuel know make this kind of objects.Then Ronald was the house of Emanuel for converse,arriving there,the sheriff asked if he can make silver bullet forhe.But why(asked the Emanuel).Then the sheriff said that will get out the night for try kill the werewolves that were infesting the city.The Mr Emanuel said for the sheriff that believe in werewolves,because he already had saw a werewolf near of your house,and per cause this,he will agree with the payment offered by the sheriff.Mr Emanoel said to sheriff that in a week the silver bullets will be ready.

  Chapter 16-Bloody Night

  At city of Malihot(nearby of Vault Hill),a group of young,if prepare for camp the light of moon,as always do very time.

  They are:Paty,Viviane,Juliane,Marcos,Henrique
,Cleiton.They were choosing a place for camp,then the boys said that this time,go camp at farm of grandfather of Cleiton that stay nearby of Vault Hill.The girls not agree with them,and Paty said that the people said that this city is cursed,because very persons of city of Malihot speaked about attack and death caused per werewolves at city of Vault Hill.The boys laughed of girls and Henrique asked if they were in the kindergarten per believe this stories!But Cleiton,you not said that the farm of your grandfather is abandoned,and that him is disappeared there more of 10 years(said Viviane)!Per this is a great place for camp,whithout anyone for we disturb(said Cleiton)!Then Viviane said that if the parents them knowed that she will for nearby of city of Vault Hill,they not go leave she get out of house.Marcos said that is for Viviane say to parents that she will sleep at house of a friend!(as always do when go camp).I protect you Juliane(said Henrique trying impress your girlfriend).For that the 3 little girls if feel secure,each a of we will lead a machete(said Marcos)After of very discussion,.the girls agree in camp with them.Arriving at farm of grandfather of Cleiton,they went for a place away of farm and extended the tent.They stayed dating around the bonfire,Cleiton and Paty,Viviane and Marcos,Henrique and Juliane.They were sitting in a log of tree,and suddenly they listen a noise coming of forest.Then Viviane asked the that was this,and Marcos replied that should to be a owl.They listen noise of twigs breaking,and the girls started a stay scared,and the girls stay yet more scared when they listen howls coming of inside of forest.

  Cleiton arrive more near with flashlight for see,and suddenly a werewolf jumped in above him,and started the rip your body with your huge teeth and sharp claws.The panic was general.Marcos and Henrique ran for help the friend,and saw the blood spouting of body of Cleiton,that was being devoured alife.But they not nothing can make,because were surprised per other two werewolves that left of forest.They used the machete for if defend of werewolves,but the blows was useless against a powerfull creature and grand.Desperate the girls left running,and when Viviane looked of back,she saw the head of boyfriend Marcos being pulled by the huge claws of creature.Henrique had being dragged for inside of forest by the fourth werewolf that surprised him.The girls only could listen the scream them.Juliane climbed in a tree,but Viviane and Patty not had the same lucky.Juliane just can listen the scream of your friends that were being massacred by the werewolves(a real blood bath).Juliane wait the day dawn in above of tree(never a night delayed so long for pass).when the day dawn,Juliane went for road,she was very scary,a people that was passing by the place helped Juliane and took she for the hospital,then he warned the sheriff Ronald.The Sheriff had the hard work of give the bad news for parents of Viviane,Paty,Marcos,Henrique,Cletion.The city of Malihot never had did so much funeral in a only day.The sheriff(Ronald) interrogate Juliane in the hospital,she said that they were camping at farm of grandfather of your boyfriend(Cleiton),and they went attacked by the fourth werewolves.

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