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Bound by love, p.1
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       Bound by Love, p.1

           Red Phoenix
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Bound by Love

  Copyright © 2018 Red Phoenix

  Google Play Edition

  Bound by Love: Brie’s Submission

  17th of the Brie Series

  Cover by Viola Estrella

  Formatted by BB eBooks

  Phoenix symbol by Nicole Delfs

  This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.

  All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the author.


  Our Love is Epic…

  My name is Brie, and I am a submissive.

  This is my HEA.

  In a world of kinky passions, I have found true love with Thane. The sex is incredible, the level of passion unreal!

  My heart completely melts when I look into the eyes of our baby.

  This is the beginning of my happily ever after, but it will be a fight because there are those who seek to destroy it.

  It seems my life is fated to reflect the sensual play I crave.

  To enjoy the pleasure—I must face the pain.


  Bound by Love #17

  Coming soon…

  Narrated by Pippa Jayne

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  Brie looked over at Sir as they sat in the backseat of Rytsar’s vehicle, unable to hide her concern for the baby as they rode in silence to the hospital.

  He took her hand and squeezed it gently. “There is no reason to be worried, babygirl.”

  Rytsar bellowed from the front, “But I’m not ready!”

  Sir chuckled under his breath. “This isn’t about you, old friend.”

  Rytsar turned his head, looking back at Brie in desperation. “I wanted to be healed for her.”

  Brie rubbed her belly lovingly and shrugged. “I think this little girl has a mind of her own, Rytsar. She must take after her dyadya.”

  He gave Brie a self-satisfied smirk and sat back in his seat. “You’re right. She takes after me.”

  Brie let out a nervous sigh, and Sir immediately wrapped his strong arms around her. “While we may not be mentally prepared for an early entrance, everything is ready for her.”

  Brie squeezed Sir’s hand. She smiled, thinking back on the moment the two of them found out they were having a girl. He’d held her hand then, too.

  Cold gel covered her stomach as the technician glided the transducer probe over her belly. She’d had an ultrasound while Rytsar was watching over her but, at the time, it had been too early in her pregnancy to determine the sex.

  Although Brie was certain she was carrying a girl, she’d come today hoping to find out for sure. She trusted that Rytsar, who’d insisted from the very beginning that she was having a girl, would be able to make the mental adjustment if it turned out she was actually carrying a baby boy.

  “Now that you are far enough along, Mrs. Davis, we should be able to tell if it’s a boy or girl,” the technician informed her.

  “Wonderful! I can’t wait to find out.”

  Sir was sitting in a wheelchair beside her, holding her hand tightly as they watched the screen.

  While she trembled with excitement, Brie noticed that Sir appeared exceedingly calm, considering the importance of this ultrasound. When he caught her staring at him, he gave her a wink.

  Her heart just about melted. How was it he still held that kind of power over her?

  The technician first made the required measurements, pointing out unidentifiable body parts while they both watched the monitor intently. Once finished, he smiled at Brie. “Now we get to see if your baby will cooperate with me today.”

  It took a few moments for him to isolate the area before he was able to point out an unrecognizable blob on the screen. “Although we won’t know for certain until the birth, it looks as if you’re having a girl.”

  Brie stared hard at the image, unable to make out what he was showing her, but trusted the technician’s expertise. She glanced at Sir with awe in her voice. “A little girl…”

  He nodded, wiping a tear from his eye.

  “Is it what you were expecting?” the technician asked them.

  “Yes,” Sir stated confidently.

  Afterward, Brie questioned Sir about it as they headed back to his hospital room. “I have to admit that you surprised me back there, Sir.”

  He chuckled. “How so?”

  “You didn’t seem a bit surprised that we are having a girl, even though there was a fifty-fifty chance it might be a boy.”

  Sir nodded thoughtfully, but did not explain himself until he was settled back in the room and they were alone. Brie became worried when he took her hand, his expression serious. “Babygirl, I never told you about something that happened on the plane as it was going down.”

  They had promised each other not to keep secrets, and she opened her mouth to protest but he spoke first, explaining, “I kept silent because I wanted to preserve this special moment for you.”

  Brie looked into his eyes, asking with trepidation, “What happened on the plane?”

  His smile faltered, and Sir’s eyes suddenly had a haunted look—as if he were reliving those last seconds before impact. He cleared his throat. “Just before the plane crashed I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you were carrying a girl.”

  “How?” she asked, looking at him in wonder.

  Sir placed his hand on her stomach, shaking his head. “I have no idea.”

  Tears pricked Brie’s eyes. She imagined the terror he must have felt with everyone screaming around him just before the plane smashed into the ground.

  “And now, I have been given the miracle of a second chance.” Sir smiled, gazing down at her round belly. “I’m going to get to meet our little girl.”

  Brie looked at him with a mixture of gratitude and heartache. She’d been so close to losing him…

  “I love you, Sir.”

  He cradled her cheek. “I love you, too.”

  Tears filled her eyes when she confessed, “Today would be even more perfect if we could tell Rytsar the news. It’s killing me inside.”

  She saw the same level of pain reflected in Sir’s eyes. “It is the only thing that tarnishes this moment for me. The overwhelming helplessness of not knowing if he’s alive…it eats at me like a cancer.”

  Brie nodded, her bottom lip trembling.

  “But our duty as parents is to separate those feelings from the miracle that is our child.” Sir laid his hand on her stomach again. “I am a lucky man…”

  Brie gazed into his eyes as he grasped the back of her neck and pulled her in for a kiss. She couldn’t help grinning the moment their lips touched, and the perfect name suddenly flashed in her mind.

  “Do my kisses amuse you?” he asked teasingly.

  “I know what her name is, Sir,” Brie announced, and she whispered it in his ear.

  Sir leaned back against the pillow, nodding his approval. “I agree. That is her name.”

  Brie felt chills of providence coursing through her when he kissed her again. The name not only reflected the two of them, but it also honored Rytsar’s devotion to their baby.

  When Sir pulled away, she tried unsuccessfully to keep the tears from falling. Sir reached up and wiped them away. “He is coming back, babygirl. And when he does, Durov will appreciate the name we have chosen for her.”

  Brie forced a smile, taking strength from his assurance. She imagined the moment when Rytsar finally met their child face-to-face. It would be so beautiful…

  She chose to believe it would happen, and to honor that belief, she asked Sir, “I think you should be the one to make the formal introduction between them when she is born.”

  “Certainly, if that is what you wish.”

  Brie felt the baby kick, and glanced down at her stomach, mesmerized by the wonder of the tiny human growing inside her. Truly, motherhood was a miracle—this ability to create a life born of love.

  Time for Whoopee

  Brie forced a nervous smile as Maxim sped them to the hospital. Trying to distract herself from her mounting worries, she said to everyone in the vehicle, “I sure hope they were right about our baby being a girl, or our little boy is going be dressed in a lot of pink lace.”

  “Moye solntse is not a boy,” Rytsar insisted.

  Sir chuckled, patting her hand. “No need to worry about that now.”

  “You’re right.” Brie sighed, looking out the window. She was feeling unsettled and mumbled aloud, “But I feel like I forgot something…”

  “Do not fret,” Rytsar advised from the front seat. “Whatever it is, my men can get it for you.”

  She nodded, but the nagging feeling wouldn’t go away, so she went back to staring out the car window to hide her unease. When she saw an orange tabby running across the street, it suddenly came to her.

  “Master Anderson!”

  “What about him?” Sir asked.

  “I need to call him! He was planning to join us at Rytsar’s place after he finished his paperwork at the Submissive Training Center.”

  Rytsar snorted. “It would be funny if he arrives and all of us are gone.”

  “No, it wouldn’t, Rytsar,” she said, laughing. “He really wanted to be there to cheer you up. He even mentioned he was bringing something that was sure to make you smile.”

  “Huh,” he grunted. “Now you have me intrigued, radost moya.” Taking out his phone, he asked, “Do you mind if I make the call?”

  “I think that’s an excellent idea,” Sir answered, pressing Brie closer to him.

  Eavesdropping on the one-sided conversation between Rytsar and Master Anderson was amusing, especially when he asked about the gift Master Anderson had gotten him. “Really? And you think that is funny?”

  “What did he get you?” Brie prodded from the backseat, needing to know.

  Rytsar turned his head to face her. “A sack of potatoes. He thought I might like some company while I recover.” He turned back around, giving Master Anderson grief for being so cheap.

  Brie snickered, thinking the gift was hilarious because Rytsar had complained to everyone about the doctors demanding he act like potato and rest, which he refused to do.

  Those two men were all kinds of fun when they got together, and listening to them talk now had her reminiscing about the recent escapade she’d had involving the passionate Russian and that sexy cowboy.

  “What has you smiling so, babygirl?” Sir asked.

  “I was thinking about the break-in.”

  “Ah…” He laid her head against his shoulder. “You’re lucky you two weren’t shot that day.”

  “It was totally worth the risk.” Brie laughed, marveling at how boyishly wicked Rytsar could be at times.

  “Exactly what kind of detour do you have in mind, radost moya?” Rytsar had asked Brie the evening of the break-in.

  Brie could tell she’d piqued his curiosity, and she explained, “I have something to give Master Anderson.”

  The Russian snarled, suddenly disinterested. “Nyet.”

  “But it’s from Shadow.”

  A mischievous grin suddenly spread across his face. “Well…if that is the case, I would be happy to redirect our course.”

  “This is what we will be dropping off,” Brie told him, holding up a bag of cat food with a large red bow and a tag that read Kitten Support.

  “What’s this for?” Rytsar asked, laughing.

  “It actually started with the bet Master Anderson and I made. He bet me twenty bucks on Sir’s first words after the coma. I had planned to use my winnings to buy a bunch of whoopee cushions to hide around his house, but when he brought the kittens to the hospital—”

  “He did what with kittens?”

  “He snuck the entire litter into the hospital. That’s when I knew how the money really needed to be spent.”

  “To be honest, radost moya, I like the whoopee cushion idea better,” Rytsar told her, chuckling to himself. “In fact, I insist on purchasing them since you have already spent the money.”

  Brie grinned, remembering how much she’d laughed when she placed one under the cushion in her apartment and surprised Master Anderson when he sat down on it. In a time of great sorrow, it was a happy memory she’d held on to.

  She squealed with excitement when Rytsar ordered Maxim to hit the gas as they sped to the store to get more.

  Brie couldn’t stop giggling as the Russian piled every last whoopee cushion the store carried into his basket.

  “There is no such thing as too many,” he told the curious cashier when she hit total and raised her eyebrows at the size of the bill.

  Rytsar nodded to Brie while they were walking back to the vehicle. The mischievous glint in his eyes, along with that boyish grin, gave him such a youthful appearance that it made Brie literally stop in her tracks.

  “What?” he asked, turning around and looking at her questioningly.

  “I bet that’s the way you looked every time your mother caught you doing something naughty. No wonder she adored you.”

  Rytsar stared at Brie for a moment, his eyes softening for a second before he made an abrupt about-face and strode briskly to the car. Brie realized she’d caught him off guard and hoped her innocent comment hadn’t caused him pain.

  Quickening her steps, Brie was able to catch up to him. His expression showed no emotion whatsoever as he loaded the bags of whoopee cushions into the vehicle. She became more concerned when Rytsar let out a long sigh as he stared aimlessly out the window.

  “Are you okay, Rytsar?” she asked in a timid voice.

  He inclined his head toward her, frowning. “There are times, radost moya, when remembering my mother only reminds me of how much I’ve lost.”

  “I’m sorry. I didn’t mea—”

  He shook his head. “Do not apologize. I need to embrace the pain rather than shove away my memories of her.” His eyes filled with unshed tears when he confessed, “She deserves to be remembered. I miss Mamulya so much it hurts—even though it’s been years.”

  “Sir feels the same about his father. He told me there will always be a part of him missing because Alonzo is gone. It has become even more pronounced and painful for him with the baby coming.”

  Rytsar reached out and clasped her shoulder, his tone somber, “I am sorry for my brother.”

  Brie’s heart ached for both men, knowing the weight of the pain they carried. She was lucky she had never known that level of loss.

  Rytsar broke the silence, his lips slowly curving
into a grin. “Let’s head over to Anderson’s so we can deliver your package…and mine.” The seriousness of the moment seemed to evaporate as Rytsar sat back against the seat, his arms folded, that mischievous look returning to his face.

  Brie still found it remarkable that this respected sadist, who was so intimidating during a scene, had this playful side to him.

  He turned his head and asked, “So what exactly was your plan for the cat food?”

  “I’m simply going to ring the doorbell and dash.”

  “Nyet. I want to see the expression on his face.”

  Brie bit her lip nervously, aware that Rytsar was still cross with Master Anderson. “You’re not planning to cause trouble, are you?”

  “I simply want to observe his reaction…and take pleasure from it,” he answered with a wicked smirk.

  When they arrived, she bounded up to the porch and pushed the doorbell. She grinned excitedly at Rytsar while the two of them waited for Master Anderson to answer.

  After a minute, Rytsar pushed the doorbell again.

  “He’s not home,” Brie groaned, noticing that all the lights were off in the house. “But why is his truck still here?” she asked, making a sweeping motion toward the new Chevy. Brie set the cat food down on the welcome mat. “I guess Shey must have picked him up for a hot date or something. At least, when they get back, they’ll have a good laugh together.”

  Rytsar wasn’t listening to her as he moved toward the door and fished something out of his pocket. In a matter of seconds, he had the door unlocked and opened.

  “Oh my goodness, Rytsar! What are you doing?”

  He shrugged, wearing a mischievous grin. “Why not take advantage of this rare opportunity?”

  “Wait…are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

  “Da. Every possible place he might sit that ass down will have a whoopee cushion hidden, just waiting for him.”

  Brie giggled but hesitated at the doorway. “You know this is considered breaking and entering, even if he is our friend.”

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