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Bries city of angels, p.1
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       Brie’s City of Angels, p.1

           Red Phoenix
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Brie’s City of Angels

  Brie’s City of Angels

  Submissive in Love


  Red Phoenix

  Brie’s City of Angels

  Copyright © 2015 by Red Phoenix

  Smashwords Edition

  This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.

  All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the author.

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  Edited by Rebecca Hill, proofread by Becki Wyer

  Book cover design by Viola Estrella; Phoenix symbol by Nicole Delfs

  Love and kisses to my hubby!

  Huge thanks go out to my beautiful betas and Paul Salvette of BB eBooks, his staff makes my work look professional and he has never failed to deliver on time – not once.

  This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

  Adult Reading Material

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  Table of Contents


  Title Page

  Copyright Page


  Ice Goddess


  Blessed Release


  Mary Quite Un-Contrary


  The Mission

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  Brie arrived at The Sanctuary with Sir just as the sun was setting. It had been a long flight from Russia, full of delays and unexpected layovers. Both were exhausted, but Brie felt her nerves hit when they drove up to the rusty gate. What would Mary be like, and could Brie handle her given her current mental state?

  The intercom crackled to life, and the rickety gate opened, as soon as Sir stated his name. “Park your car and make your way to Master Gannon in his office, Sir Davis. He’s expecting you.”

  “What about Miss Wilson?”

  “She’s with him now.”

  Sir drove directly to the main building, where they found Rajah waiting for them. “Please follow me,” he instructed, glancing at Brie briefly with a look of concern. She picked up her pace, troubled by his unease.

  Master Gannon greeted them at the door and ushered the two into his office. Mary was looking out of the window, sitting on a chair, curled up in a protective ball.

  As soon as Brie saw her, she called out, “It’s okay, Mary, we’re here.”

  She slowly turned to Brie, a look of desolation in her expression. Brie raced to her, and was surprised when Mary offered no resistance to the hug Brie gave her.

  “What happened?” Sir asked Master Gannon as he sat down next to the girls.

  He took his time to answer. “We have endured several incidents with Miss Wilson that lead us to conclude professional counseling is necessary.”

  Mary buried her head in Brie’s chest.

  “What did the incidents involve?” Sir asked him.

  “On several occasions she hassled and threatened one of our newest members, at one point even getting violent with him.”

  Sir turned to Mary. “Is this true?”

  With her head still buried in Brie’s chest, Mary nodded.

  “Why, Miss Wilson?”

  Mary did not answer Sir’s direct question, choosing to remain silent.

  Sir addressed Master Gannon again. “I’m sorry to hear that one of our graduates has behaved in such a manner, but I wonder if she was provoked.”

  “The member in question was apprised of Miss Wilson’s history and immediately stopped all private contact with her. We wanted her to succeed, Sir Davis. I even took her under my wing when Faelan left, but Miss Wilson has become unruly, and the entire commune has suffered her irrational rants. It wasn’t until she became physically violent that I made the decision to dismiss her.”

  Sir nodded.

  “Looking back, it is easy to second-guess myself, but at the time both Faelan and Miss Wilson assured me that having Razor join our community would not be an issue. Unfortunately, this problem is much bigger than we can address here at the commune. I’m sure you agree that she needs professional help. I cannot compromise the wellbeing of the community.”

  Mary groaned into Brie’s chest.

  “We will see that she gets the help she needs,” Sir assured him.

  “Mary,” Master Gannon called to her in an authoritative voice.

  She pulled away from Brie to face him, answering meekly, “Yes, Master Gannon.”

  “Although you are being sent away, you are important to the community. You will be welcomed back should you want to return, but only after your counselor deems you fit and you have a partner who can join you.”

  Mary sucked in the sob that looked ready to burst forth, and nodded to him.

  “All of her belongings have been set beside your vehicle. I think it’s best that you leave now. The sooner Miss Wilson starts on the road to recovery, the sooner she can move forward with her life.”

  “Agreed.” Sir stood and took his hand. “Thank you for your care in this matter, Gannon.”

  Mary was slow to stand, but quietly followed Sir out. While he put her luggage in the trunk, Brie was visited by Shadow, who rubbed himself against her leg.

  She bent down to pet him, whispering, “It’s good to see you again, my friend.”

  The cat made a single low, rumbling meow before sauntering back to its master, who stood watching them from the porch. “I was told that Shadow had an affinity for you, Miss Bennett.”

  Brie smiled up at Master Gannon. “He was a great comfort to me while I was here.”

  He stooped down and picked up the large black cat, cradling it in his arms. “I’m convinced he is an old soul with exceptional intelligence.”

  “I don’t doubt it. I got the feeling he could even read my mind.”

  Master Gannon chuckled. “I feel that way myself at times. The fact that he comes to you when he is skittish around everyone but me, I find utterly fascinating.” He scratched the cat’s chin. It looked up at him, closing its eyes in blissful pleasure. The strong bond between the two was easy to see. “There are times when I wish he could speak, but I suspect it would lessen our connection.”

  “I can appreciate that,” she agreed.

  When Sir slammed the trunk shut, Brie headed towards the passenger-side door, but Mary stopped her. “Sit in back with me. I don’t want to be alone.”

  Sir nodded his approval.

  After saying their goodbyes to Master Gannon, the two women piled into the back seat. “Make sure you’re both buckled in,” Sir ordered as he slid into the front seat and started the engine.

  Mary dutifully snapped on the belt but slipped the shoulder strap behind her so she could curl up and lay her head on Brie’s lap. It reminded Brie of the night at the Center when Mary had suffered a trigger while scening with Tono, which had left her weak and vulnerable.

  Brie stroked her long blonde hair, knowing what a comfort it was when Sir did it to her. The drive to the airport was uneventful and quiet, almost peaceful.

  Sir informed Mary, “You will be staying at Captain’s home. Dr. Reinstrum has agreed to begin counseling again, since he’s familiar with your situation and feels he can help you.”

  Mary only grunted in response.

  “If you have any objections, you can stay wherever you wish.”

  Mary said nothing. Brie stopped petting
her head and was surprised when Mary quietly pleaded, “Don’t stop.”

  Brie looked at Sir in the rearview mirror, worried about the girl. This wasn’t the Mary she knew. It was as if the life had been sucked out of her.

  It wasn’t until the airplane was in its final decent into LA that Mary began acting more like her old self and shared some of what had happened with Brie.

  “After you left, I kind of lost it, I guess. God, I needed Razor to take the pain away, but the asshole refused. He avoided me like I wasn’t worth his time anymore.”

  “But you know that’s not true.”

  Mary rolled her eyes, growling. “All I know is how it made me feel…still makes me feel.”

  “They were only trying to protect you from yourself.”

  Mary snarled, “The fact that Faelan could just abandon me like that. What the fuck?”

  “Don’t even go there, Mary,” Brie warned. “You disobeyed a direct order and were disrespectful when he called you on it. I’ll never forget the look on his face.”

  “Don’t,” Mary snapped, tears forming in her eyes.

  Brie took solace that she was showing some emotion at last. “You’re lucky.”

  “I’d like to know how,” she growled.

  “You’ve got the entire Training Center behind you.”

  Mary pressed her forehead against the airplane window. “You don’t understand, Brie. Sometimes a person can be so fucked up there’s no coming back…”

  “The trainers believe in you. Captain does too. You will get through this.”

  “Captain…” Mary mumbled.

  “You’re not alone.”

  “And what about Faelan?”

  Brie hated to be the one to break it to her. “Mary, you have to face the fact that his journey is no longer part of yours.”

  She turned to Brie, her stoic expression crumbling as she started to sob. Brie wrapped her arm around her and murmured softly, “Shh…shh…”

  The people around them started to get visibly uncomfortable as her sobs became louder.

  “Miss Wilson,” Sir said quietly from the seat behind them. “Although there is a time and a place for tears, now is not one of them.”

  Mary nodded, taking a deep breath before accepting the tissues he handed her. Brie looked back at Sir, at a loss for how to comfort her friend. It was a helpless feeling.

  Sir wasted no time getting Mary into the hands of Captain, driving straight to his home from the airport. Candy greeted them at the door with a welcoming smile. “Please come in, Sir! It’s wonderful to see all of you again.”

  She took Mary’s hands and squeezed them. “You especially.”

  Candy guided them into the sitting room, where Captain was waiting. Brie was shocked to see a collar in his hand.

  “Before I allow you into my home, Miss Wilson, I insist you wear a protection collar. By accepting it, you are agreeing to follow my house rules, and I am agreeing to care for and protect you. I will only warn you once if you break any of my commands. A second infraction will garner swift punishment, and a third will be cause for dismissal. I do not tolerate disrespect in my home.”

  Mary stared at him in disbelief as she stared at the collar, but regained enough composure to ask, “What are the house rules?”

  “You will not leave this house without my permission, you will perform duties to keep this household running smoothly, you are to remain in my presence at all times unless I command otherwise, and you will show the utmost respect to my submissive and myself. Do you understand?”

  “I do.”

  “Do you agree to live under these rules?”

  Mary looked apprehensively at Brie.

  Brie understood how hard this was for her, and was relieved when Mary answered with a humble, “Yes.”

  “Then kneel at my feet and accept this collar.”

  Brie held her breath as she watched Mary slowly kneel. The girl had never worn a collar—claimed she couldn’t stand them—and yet there she was kneeling at Captain’s feet to receive the one he offered.

  Captain looked down at her with sympathy, and in that moment Brie thought he was truly the handsomest man on Earth. After he fastened the black leather collar around her neck, he put his hand on her head. “Until the day I remove this collar, you are under my protection and care. You are to address me as Vader for the duration of your stay.”

  Mary gave him a questioning look. “Why?”

  “My heritage is Dutch. As I am head of this house and caretaker to you, it is fitting you should address me as father.”

  The significance of the moment was not lost on Brie. Captain was taking on that role in Mary’s life so he could help her to replace the cruel memories of her past with new, healthy ones. However, Brie was stunned to see tears streaming down Mary’s face when she lifted her head and said in the barest of whispers, “Thank you, Vader.”

  Captain spoke to Sir. “Thank you for delivering her to me. My pet and I look forward to aiding in her reeducation.”

  “Dr. Reinstrum will call you soon to set up her counseling sessions.”

  “I’ve already contacted him and it has been arranged.”


  “Since you’ve had a long day, why don’t you head home? She will be fine with us.”

  Before Sir agreed, he asked Mary, “Miss Wilson, are you comfortable staying here?”

  She wiped the tears from her eyes. “Yes. I am, Sir.”

  “You understand the rare privilege Captain has bestowed on you. I expect you to take full advantage of this opportunity.”

  Captain placed his hand back on Mary’s head. “Between my pet and I, I’m confident we can help her to overcome the barriers that hold her back.”

  Candy looked up lovingly at Captain. “My Master has a big heart.”

  With his hand still on Mary’s head, Captain cradled Candy’s chin. “You are a pleasure to spoil, pet.” He kissed her gently, his hand fingering the collar around her neck.

  It was a romantic scene and Brie’s heart melted. Yes, there was hope for Mary in this home. Captain was a stern Dom and would not put up with her insolence, while Candy understood the pain of abuse. Together they could prove to be exactly what Mary needed.

  “Pet, you may tell your friend goodbye.”

  Candy walked over and hugged Brie. “It’s so good to see you again. I hope we’ll see more of each other from now on.”

  “Me too, Candy.”

  Captain looked down at Mary. “You, I need to think of a name for.” He stared down at her for several moments and said with finality, “Your name will be lief in my home.”

  “What does it mean, Vader?”

  “Before I tell you, I want you to tell me what you think it means.”

  Mary blushed with humiliation when she answered. “Lost?”

  He shook his head, smiling at her. “I thought you might say something like that, but you would be wrong. It means well-behaved child. Now, lief, say goodbye to your good friend.”

  Captain lifted his hand from her head and Mary rocked on her heels and stood. The expression on her face was a mixture of relief and fear as she approached Brie.

  Brie could appreciate her concern. Captain had placed the burden of extremely high expectations on Mary, and the girl was unsure she could meet them, so Brie whispered in her ear, “It’s going to be okay. You’re home.”

  Mary gasped softly, only nodding in response.

  Brie had never seen Blonde Nemesis like this before—humble, weak and vulnerable. It was actually endearing, and made her want to hug the crap out of Mary. She surprised Brie further when she didn’t resist the embrace, resting her chin on Brie’s shoulder as she hugged her back.

  Brie closed her eyes and smiled, filled with a sense of hope.

  Ice Goddess

  It was wonderful to return to their own apartment. Brie had missed its familiar smells.

  “Undress,” Sir commanded as soon as he shut the door.

  She was de
lighted to shed her clothes, all except the belt she’d worn the entire trip. She had forgotten about it after picking up Mary, but was very much aware of it now as she presented herself to Sir, kneeling at his feet.

  “It’s good to be home,” he said, sighing with contentment as he lightly touched her head. “Stand and serve your Master, téa.”

  Brie stood before him, purring when he caressed her cheek.

  “I have teased you, but now the time has come to satisfy you,” he stated as he pulled on the belt around her waist.

  “I’ve been looking forward to this moment ever since we boarded the plane in Russia,” she confessed as they strolled down the hall together.

  Once they reached the bedroom, he told her, “Now stand behind the bed, legs spread, hands behind your back.”

  A few minutes ago Brie had been ready to collapse on her Master’s bed and fall asleep. Now she was staring at it with tingles of anticipation coursing through her body.

  “I like having an array of familiar instruments at my fingertips,” Sir called out as he scavenged through his tools.

  “I like it too, Master.”

  She grinned when she heard his low, manly laughter coming from the closet.

  Sir returned with a spreader bar, leather cuffs, and a bundle of rope, which he laid on the bed before her. He lit a single candle on the nightstand and took off his shirt, exposing his handsome chest covered in dark hair with the lowercase “t” resting prominently over his heart. The sight of him melted hers.

  Tenderly, he placed the leather cuffs on her wrists, making sure they were tight, then attached them to the spreader bar. “Lift your arms,” he commanded huskily.

  This was new for her. Normally Sir used the spreader bar on her legs. She lifted her arms above her head and he took the rope, tying it to the bar. Then he strung the rope through a ring above her head and pulled tight.

  “Oh!” she gasped, liking the feel of the restraint.

  “Keep your legs spread,” he commanded as he pulled tighter, causing her to tiptoe for him. He finished off the knot and stood back to admire her.

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