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       Brie's Russian Fantasy (After Graduation, #3), p.1

           Red Phoenix
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Brie's Russian Fantasy (After Graduation, #3)

  Brie’s Russian Fantasy


  Red Phoenix

  Kindle Edition

  Brie’s Russian Fantasy

  Copyright 2013 by Red Phoenix

  This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.

  All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the author.

  [email protected]

  Edited by Amy Parker

  Book cover design by Erin Dameron-Hill

  Photo by Jimmy Thomas/

  Phoenix symbol by Nicole Delfs

  Big thanks to Ava, my dragonlady, and the Gentleman

  This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

  Adult Reading Material

  Disclaimer: The material in this book is for mature audiences only and contains graphic sexual content. It is intended only for those age 18 and older.


  Title Page

  Copyright Page

  New Toy

  A Little Dish on Clark

  I’m a Condor

  Her Parents

  Sir’s Past

  The Dungeon


  The Taking

  A Gift

  About the Author Red Phoenix

  New Toy

  Sir walked into the bedroom nonchalantly, while Brie stumbled over herself as she followed behind him. The knowledge that they were headed to Russia to see the Dom, Rytsar Donkova, had her completely discombobulated.

  Master commanded her to lie on the bed, her legs spread open for him. She did as he’d asked, watching while he retrieved something from his extensive rack of toys in the back of his closet. Although most Doms displayed their instruments, Sir seemed to enjoy the suspense of his sub not knowing what he would use until the scene was about to begin.

  He came out holding up a white device that looked suspiciously like an oversized microphone. Were they going to sing karaoke together? A burst of laughter nearly escaped her lips, but she squelched it.

  “I can tell by the amusement on your face that you have no idea what this is,” Sir stated.

  She nodded, trying to look properly serious.

  He held up the device, which had a round head that tapered into a long handle and a short electrical cord that hung from it. There was nothing sexy or kinky about it. “This is a tool of choice for Donkova. I feel you should be familiar with it before we go. There is no doubt in my mind that it will be used while we are there.”

  Whatever it was, the toy was clunky and unsexy. Brie couldn’t imagine why the Russian Dom would prefer it.

  Sir stripped before plugging in the toy and joining her on the bed. “It only has two speeds.”

  He flipped it on and a low rumbling emanated from the toy. A vibrator… Her whole body suddenly tensed. Is that huge thing going inside?

  Sir’s laughter filled the room as if she’d voiced her fear aloud. “No, téa. This is an external toy.”

  Brie relaxed back on the pillow, breathing a sigh of relief. However, she couldn’t miss the mischievous glint in his eyes when he ordered, “Open your legs wider.”

  Now she was nervous.

  He announced, “I think the lower one should prove enough for you.”

  Brie was surprised, considering she always used the highest setting on her little bullet vibrator. A low vibration was just an irritating tease. Maybe that’s part of Sir’s evil plan…

  Sir placed it on her clit. It, and all of the surrounding area, rumbled with the low but intense vibration. She moaned softly. It was pleasant.

  When he adjusted the angle slightly, her clit instantly became erect and began to quiver. Brie settled farther into the pillow, her back naturally arching in pleasure.

  “You like the feel of the Hitachi, do you?”

  Brie sighed with satisfaction. “It’s very nice, Master.”

  His eyes got that mischievous look again, causing her concern. “I want you to give in to the orgasm. Don’t force it, just let it come naturally.”

  Her breath quickened. This wasn’t going to be a session of orgasm denial, so why was Sir wearing an impish grin?

  She closed her eyes and concentrated on the intense, all-encompassing vibration. She mentally embraced the stimulation and Brie could feel the spark burst into flame as the orgasm started to build in her core. It wasn’t coming in a rush; no, this was a slow burn that could not be denied because of the sheer size of the toy. Her clit could not escape the teasing vibrations.

  Brie opened her eyes and her heart skipped a beat at the lust in her Master’s stare. It was obvious he enjoyed bringing her to climax. However, the look held something more she could not define—it made her feel that this was both an act of love for her and dominance over her.

  Without any struggle, she reached the edge. “I’m coming, Master,” she purred as her hips lifted slightly of their own accord. Sir kept the vibrator directly on her clit throughout her climax, making it almost too intense.

  When it ended she melted onto the bed, but only momentarily, for Master was not finished. His wicked grin widened when she started to whimper.

  Brie’s freshly-come pussy could not handle the intense stimulation of the vibrator now. “Please, Master. Too much.”

  “I command you to take it,” he stated.

  Brie squirmed under the vibrator, but there was no escaping the giant head. Her clit burned in protest and she instinctively moved away, but Sir’s hand landed on her pelvis.

  “Stop moving.”

  When Brie became still, he lifted his hand from her. However, the intensity of the vibration was driving her insane and she protested again, “Too much, too much!”

  Sir leaned forward and said in a husky whisper, “Harness that feeling and come for me.”

  Brie’s bottom lip quivered. How could she? It was so concentrated it was almost painful. Thankfully, the lesson of the beam came to her. During her session with the violet wand, Sir had instructed her to hold onto a pole. If the stimulation became too much, all she had to do was let go. Having that level of control had helped her tolerate more intense stimulation.

  This situation was similar in that Sir was giving her a level of control again. He was not holding her down; Master had commanded she remain motionless of her own will.

  With great effort, Brie stopped fighting the vibration. She willed her body to relax and give in to the stimulation, to embrace it. Slowly, her muscles obeyed and the vibration went from painful to wanted. She arched her back and pressed herself into the toy.

  “Good girl,” he murmured.

  Brie let out a loud whimper as the second, far stronger orgasm took hold of her body and wrung her out with its powerful contractions. She was trembling afterwards, still writhing from the merciless vibration.

  Her eyes began watering. “Please, Master! No more…”

  “One more, téa.”

  She groaned in protest, but mentally accepted his command. Brie closed her eyes and calmed her feeling of panic. One more… Sir is asking for only one more. Brie slowed her breathing until it was deep and even. Once she was calm, she could better concentrate on the intense fire between her legs.

  Having already come twice in rapid succession, it did not take her long to urge the third once she’d embraced it. The final orgasm felt like an exorcism when it struck. Her thighs began shaking violently. She screamed when Sir slipped his finger into he
r pussy and her muscles repeatedly clamped around him when she climaxed. This one went on forever, ebbing and then returning with a vengeance as the vibrator rumbled on.

  Finally, the toy was lifted off her clit and she melted into the pillow, tears in her eyes. Brie never knew orgasms could be like that—extreme, but equally torturous.

  Sir turned it off and put the device down. “God, you are beautiful when you come like that.”

  She slowly turned her head towards him, every movement an effort.

  He swept away a strand of her sweat-drenched hair. “Impressive, téa.”

  Her body so wrung out that even talking was difficult, Brie whispered, “What is that thing called, Master?”

  He smirked. “A Magic Wand.”

  She snorted and looked up at the ceiling. “More like a Merciless Wand.”

  “If it’s merciless you want, it’s merciless you shall have.”

  Before Brie could voice a protest, Sir moved between her legs and thrust his hard cock into her. She cried out as he began fucking her over-stimulated pussy.

  “You are hot like fire, woman!”

  Brie’s clit was still buzzing from the vibrator, and his forceful thrusts just added to the dizzying effect.

  “I’m going to come, and come hard,” her Master proclaimed.

  Her screams were more like whimpers as he revved up for the final act. The sound of their sex was enticingly juicy because of how wet and excited she was.

  “Master, I…” she began, but lost all train of thought as he pounded his cock into her like a jackhammer. Only three words followed: “Oh…my…God!”

  He grunted like a ravenous lion as he gave in to his desire, pumping his seed deep within her. Master pressed up against her sex with the last thrust and her pussy gave its final encore, a fluttering climax to milk his cock.

  Sir kissed a tear that remained on her cheek. “And that, my dear, concludes your introduction to the Magic Wand.”

  A Little Dish on Clark

  Brie held up her philosophy textbook from college. “Why do I still have this? I’ll never use it.”

  Lea giggled. “Give it to charity. I’m sure some poor college student would appreciate not spending a hundred bucks for the book.”

  Brie turned it over and looked at the price tag. “A hundred and eighteen bucks, girl.” She flipped through the pages. “I think I cracked it open maybe…um…three times. The teacher didn’t like teaching from books.” She tossed it in the ‘give away’ pile and dug back into the box.

  Lea had volunteered to help Brie move in to Sir’s apartment. However, Sir had suggested the two first sort through the boxes, dividing them into three piles: ‘keep’, ‘toss’, and ‘give away’. It was proving to be a daunting task.

  Lea held up several DVDs. “What are these?”

  Brie broke out into a grin. “That is my documentary, missy. I like to keep it on as many different formats as I can so there’s no chance of losing it.” She dug into her pocket. “Here it is on my USB drive.”

  “What? You keep it with you all the time?” Lea asked in amazement.

  “Not normally.” She laughed. “But Sir wants me to start working on it again.” She looked around guiltily. “I know we should be working, but you wanna take a peek at what I have so far?”

  Lea nodded vigorously.

  Brie grabbed her computer and the two sat on boxes as she loaded it up. “I’ve been working on the first time you came to my apartment. Do you remember that night, after our first auction?”

  “Oh, Master Harris! He was so damn sexy in his doctor getup and with all those naughty instruments…”

  “Yeah, you pretty much were crushing on him that night.”

  Brie hit play and the two started giggling as they listened to their detailed summaries of the day-long auctions.

  “We were such newbies then,” Brie snickered. She pointed to her face in the video. “See, that’s me, trying not to look totally freaked out when you talk about him inserting the instruments.”

  Lea leaned in to take a closer look, and burst out laughing. “I had no idea. I thought you shared my lust for the man.”

  “No, I thought you were nuts to want to play ‘doctor’ with anyone.”

  Lea sat back. “Well, that’s funny, since you spent time with Master Harris yourself, and if I recall right, you loved it.”

  “Doctor Harris was nice, but he couldn’t compare to Rytsar.”

  Lea shifted uneasily, causing Brie to wonder if her girlfriend still had a major crush on the doctor.

  Lea lifted her hands up to her face and batted her eyes, imitating Brie’s excitement from that night. “Just look at the way you’re glowing as you talk about the Russian. I thought for sure you had fallen in love with the Dom, the way you were gushing.”

  Brie hit pause on the computer. “Well, I admit I definitely had a crush on Rytsar.” She smiled self-consciously. “I actually cried when the night was over.”

  Lea burst into giggles. “That’s my stinky cheese, falling for every man she scenes with.”

  “Like you’re any better! Remember how sad you were when Master Harris sent me an apple?”

  Lea rolled her eyes. “You already had the handsome Russian and Tono. As if you needed another man on your chastity belt.”

  Brie bumped her shoulder. “I still think you and Master Harris would make a fine pair, you know.”

  She looked at Brie coyly. “Oh, we have enjoyed a few scenes since…”


  Lea giggled again. “Don’t try collaring me with the man, girlfriend. I’m enjoying myself too much right now. So many directions I could go—I can’t decide.”

  Brie decided to ask the question that she’d been longing to ask for weeks. “What about Ms. Clark?”

  Darn, if Lea didn’t turn bright pink all over.

  “Spill the beans, girl!” Brie demanded.

  Lea looked positively love-struck when she answered. “We haven’t actually scened together since graduation, but she’s taken me to a couple of clubs. Let’s just say, I think there’s a deeper connection brewing between us.”

  The thought of dating Ms. Clark made Brie shiver—and not in a good way. “So, have you learned anything more about her?”

  Lea’s voice dropped down to a whisper. “I think she has a thing for the Russian.”

  Brie was so shocked, she blurted, “What?!”

  “Shh… I’m only telling you because you’re my best friend.”

  Brie shook her head to clear it. “OMG, things are suddenly making sense. That’s why she was so weird when he won me at the auction…and it explains her strange reaction when he rated me higher than she expected.” She giggled into her hand. “Mistress Clark and Rytsar? I can’t even picture it.”

  “Well, apparently neither can the Russian. Poor Mistress Clark is suffering from unrequited love.”

  “But… Ms. Clark? Is she even capable of submitting to someone else?”

  Lea shrugged. “Guess it just takes the right individual.”

  The revelation put the Domme in a whole new light. Ms. Clark was looking for love—no different than the rest of humanity. She’d just managed to hide it under an exterior of impenetrable force.

  “I always thought she was of the ‘female’ persuasion,” Brie protested.

  “Oh, no, I have seen her with male submissives. God, she is sexy when she subdues them.”


  “Yeah, that woman is multitalented. You don’t know this, but she has many admirers. Unfortunately, the only one she really desires is the one who turned her down.”

  “What? Rytsar knows how she feels?”

  “Yeah. From what I gather, Sir was somehow involved. Whatever happened, she ended up very hurt and resentful.”

  “It’s a wonder she still works at the Center.”

  Lea gave her a sad smile. “I think Mistress Clark holds out hope the Russian will change his mind, and she wants to be here when he does. I can’t t
ell you how unhappy she was when Sir quit, as he’s her only link to Rytsar.”

  Brie shook her head slowly, unable to process this new side to the female trainer. “How is it that a dominant personality could think that way?”

  “Love does strange things to people,” Lea answered. “But I tell you this, if I could take Ms. Clark’s pain away, I would.”

  Brie looked at her friend, understanding the deeper meaning behind the statement. “So are you telling me that you’re in love with her?”

  Lea tilted her head and looked at Brie with a solemn expression. “At this point I’m not sure if I can distinguish between love and lust. All I know is that the world is a much better place when I’m around her. She makes me feel alive like no one else, not even the doctor.”

  A random thought flashed through Brie’s head. “Does that mean you’re jealous of Rytsar?”

  Lea became flustered, which was so uncharacteristic of her. “I… Hmm… Good question. I’ll have to get back to you on that.”

  Ms. Clark in love with Rytsar…what a tangled mess!


  She nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw Sir in the doorway. How long had he been standing there? Brie stood up and addressed him. “Yes, Sir?”

  “There has been a change of plans. Marquis just called, claiming Celestia is in dire need of company. He said she been lonely since returning home from the hospital. We’ll be leaving in an hour.” He looked at her laptop sitting on the box. “Finish what you can and reschedule for a later date.”

  Brie felt guilty, knowing she had wasted time gossiping with Lea when she should have been unpacking. “We will, Sir.”


  Her friend looked up at Sir with a guilty expression, as if she had failed him too.

  “I am glad you came today. Brie never laughs as much as when she is with you.”

  He left them without any reprimand.

  “That was so sweet of him to say,” Lea cooed.

  “My Master is a good man.”

  “The best!”

  Brie put her computer away and the two made quick work of three more boxes before Lea had to leave. Sir escorted them both out, giving Brie the meal he had cooked for Celestia while the girls had finished their work. Whatever it was, it smelled delicious—far beyond anything Brie could have prepared.

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