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Brie learns the art of s.., p.1
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       Brie Learns the Art of Submission: Submissive Training Center, p.1

           Red Phoenix
Brie Learns the Art of Submission: Submissive Training Center

  Brie Learns the Art of Submission:

  Submissive Training Center


  Red Phoenix


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  Brie Learns the Art of Submission

  Copyright 2012 by Red Phoenix

  This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. Your support and respect for the property of this author is greatly appreciated.

  Edited by Amy Parker

  Book cover design by Erin Dameron-Hill; Photo by Jimmy Thomas/ Phoenix symbol by Nicole Delfs

  Thanks to my content editor Tameika Ortiz & my beta reader Ava Rene VonGiebel

  This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

  Disclaimer: The material in this book is for mature audiences only and contains graphic sexual content. It is intended only for those aged 18 and older.


  Brie’s First Day of Submissive Training

  Brie Learns to Obey

  Brie Learns Her Power as a Submissive

  Brie Lives Her Fantasy

  Brie Practices Her Oral Skills

  Brie Embraces Bondage

  Brie on Display

  Brie Surrenders to His Will

  Brie Bows to Her Master

  About the Author Red Phoenix

  (Day 1)

  Brie’s First Day of Submissive Training

  The Invitation

  Brianna put the money in the register and slammed it closed. It was another dull day in the tiny tobacco shop. This was so not what she wanted for her life. She had gone to college and studied for four long years to get her degree in film, only to find that it would open no doors for her here in Hollywood. It was all about who you knew or who your daddy was. Four years and thousands in debt—and for what? To work full-time in this little tobacco shop day after day, making her homemade movies on the weekends and hoping for a break. Pathetic.

  She adjusted her ponytail. It was one of those mornings when her curly brown hair refused to cooperate. Luckily for Brie, she looked good in a ponytail. Well, at least that was what she told herself.

  “Brie, don’t forget to put out the new cigarettes. Several people complained about having to wait while we searched for their brand,” Mr. Reynolds called out from the back of the shop.

  It was technically Jeff’s job, but the lazy shit never did anything. All the grunt work fell on Brie’s shoulders because she was reliable. What a horrible thing to be. Being labeled as ‘the reliable one’ meant that she was stuck doing everyone else’s job. Brie didn’t hold it against her boss, Mr. Reynolds, though. He wasn’t responsible for hiring the staff. The owner did that, and he mainly hired within his family (which Brie was not). To his credit, Mr. Reynolds gave her a nice raise every time her evaluation came up. Still, she always got stuck taking up the slack, and it wasn’t fair. Not in the least!

  Brie bent down and began opening the boxes to shelve the cigarettes. The sound of a man clearing his throat caused her to look up.

  She was startled to see a strikingly handsome couple standing before her. The woman had long, red hair and the most tight-fitting leather outfit Brie had ever seen. Somehow, the lady didn’t look cheap in the hot little outfit. No, this woman oozed confidence and sex appeal. Very classy.

  The man, however, made her tremble a little. His intense gaze seemed to go right through Brie. He was tall and incredibly attractive, with short, brown hair and chiseled facial features. However, it was those eyes that commanded her attention.

  “Miss, could I have a pack of Treasurer Cigarettes?”

  Brie smiled apologetically. She knew they were some of the most expensive cigarettes made. “I’m sorry. We don’t carry those here.” The cigarettes were almost forty bucks a pack and the little tobacco shop did not serve that type of clientele.

  The gentleman looked around and nodded. “Satisfy my curiosity and tell me what brand is in the box over there.”

  He pointed to a box just out of her reach. Brie bent down and opened it up. She chuckled when she saw what was inside. “Sorry, these are just Marlboro Lights.” She stood up and turned to face him. Brie caught him staring at her butt and blanched. No one ever looked at her that way. It was embarrassing. Well, somewhat embarrassing. Okay, it was kind of cool…but how dare he?!

  The man raised an eyebrow and smiled slightly. It was exhilarating.

  “Do you have any Fantasia Cigarettes?” the stunning redhead asked.

  Brie grinned. “Now those we do carry.” She stood on tiptoe to get a pack off the top shelf and handed it to the woman. “Is that all?”

  “Do you like it here?” the man asked in a low, alluring voice that sent chills through her.

  Why was he asking?

  “Not exactly,” she answered, but her heart started racing at the thought that this might be her lucky break. The gentleman could be some big-time producer who wanted to give this little tobacco shopkeeper a chance.

  “I’m not surprised. You don’t look as if you belong here.” The man put a hundred-dollar bill on the counter.

  “I’m sorry; I don’t have change for that.”

  He shrugged. “No matter. I don’t need the change.”

  The man lightly stroked the length of his girlfriend’s arm. It looked so sensual and loving. Brie wished a guy would touch her like that. He caught her staring at them. She quickly glanced away, berating herself. How pitiful am I?

  The redhead picked up the cigarettes gracefully and slipped them in her purse. She took her lover’s arm and smiled up at him. “Thank you, Sir.”

  Brie thought it a little odd that the woman had called him ‘sir’, but the man kissed her hand tenderly. “I’m sure we can find a way for you to repay me.” They walked out of the store without looking back.

  Brie watched them leave, wishing she could trade places with that woman. She looked down at the counter and saw Benjamin Franklin staring up at her. Her heart raced again. Would it be okay to pocket it when the man had obviously wanted her to have it? She rang in the price of the cigarettes and hesitated before picking it up.

  Underneath the bill was a business card. Brie took a closer look and read:

  The Submissive Training Center

  25 Years of Excellence

  She looked down at the bottom and saw a phone number and website address. Brie wondered if the gentleman had accidentally left it behind, so she stuffed it in her pocket just in case he returned. Brie stared hard at the money before she put it in the till, deciding to talk to Mr. Reynolds about it. The change from a hundred-dollar bill was not worth her reputation.

  When she got home after work that night, Brie fished out the business card. Out of curiosity, she typed the web address into her laptop. The screen that popped up looked exceedingly professional. The organization appeared to be a community college of some sort. She pressed the information link and her jaw dropped.

  The pictures at the top of the screen showed women in various B&D poses. One girl had her hands tied behind her back, and she was kneeling before a man dressed in leather. Another girl was facing the camera, but Brie could just see the swell of her naked ass. The guy behind her was holding an unusual whip and looked as if he was about to take a swing.

  Brie quickly exited the site, shocked by what she’d seen. Why would the man carry around a business card like that and why would he give it to her? She shivered when she thought of him checking out her butt and was extremely glad she hadn’
t kept his money.

  She went to bed with those images still etched in her mind. Although she was tired, she couldn’t sleep. Eventually, curiosity got the better of her and Brie grabbed her laptop, bringing it to her bed. She revisited the site, wanting to check out the rest of the pictures. Even though she found them shocking, seeing the girls in those various poses was exceedingly hot.

  There was one position in particular that Brie found intriguing. The girl’s wrists and ankles were bound to a table. She was dressed in an outfit that barely covered her most intimate parts. Her legs were spread wide open, and there was the hint of another person just out of reach of the camera. What struck Brie was the look on the girl’s face. She was looking at the unseen person with an expression of anticipation and lust. For whatever reason, that picture really turned her on.

  She looked through all of the information on the website. Apparently, people could take a six-week ‘course’ and learn how to become a skilled submissive. It seemed such a strange thing to study, and she wondered what possible benefit there was to become proficient at something like that.

  Brie found a link to reviews of the program and read, ‘My life has changed since taking the course. I have found my true calling and have never felt more alive.’

  She figured the woman must have been a social misfit to begin with, so she continued reading to see what others had to say. ‘I never would have met my perfect Dominant if it hadn’t been for my training. He says I’m the best submissive he’s ever had. Thanks a million!’

  Finally, she found what she thought was more of a negative review. ‘Taking this course helped me understand that submission is not my thing. At least I didn’t waste years of my life trying to be something I’m not.’

  Brie went back to the photo of the woman bound on the table. If she was totally honest with herself, what she really wanted was to be that woman…

  Against her better judgment, Brie wrote an enquiring email to the Training Center. Before she could have any second thoughts, she hit the send button. As soon as she’d done so, she groaned loudly. Great, now they have my email address!

  She tossed and turned all night, worried about the email she’d sent, even though part of her couldn’t wait to get a reply. Brie let herself fantasize that she was on the table, with the man at the tobacco shop as her partner. She played with herself but couldn’t get off. She was unable to get a restful sleep because of it and woke up cranky the next day.

  Unfortunately, Brie had to wait until after her shift to check for a reply. She was thrilled when she found an email from the Center.

  Dear Miss Bennett,

  Thank you for your enquiry. Our campus is on the bottom floor of a larger school. The same institution runs both. As you probably read on the website, the Learning Center has been running for over twenty-five years. Unlike most learning institutions, we guarantee complete satisfaction. If you are not happy with the training received, you are entitled to a full refund. We believe that strongly in what we do here.

  The tuition is five thousand dollars for the six-week course. If you are unable to pay the amount, I suggest you apply for our scholarship program. I will include an application form in the packet. To apply for the program itself, I will need your mailing address. There is an extensive questionnaire you must fill out, as well as a required homework assignment.

  If you are accepted into the school, you can expect to start immediately. The classes take place every night from seven until midnight on weeknights and from three until midnight on Saturdays. The rigorous schedule allows us to pack as much as possible into the six-week span.

  You asked what the benefits are from taking our exclusive training. Our program is the best of its kind. We like to think of ourselves as providers of Geisha training for submissives. Our students learn the art of submission, but they also learn their personal limits.

  It is a safe environment where students are given the tools and experience to fulfill their submissive tendencies. Of note: our graduates are sought by respected Dominants around the world because of their extensive training. Truly, it is a unique opportunity.

  Let me know if I can be of further service to you.


  Rachael Dunningham

  Brie felt a prickling sensation after reading the email. It was the feeling she got whenever she stumbled onto something big. She spent the rest of the night googling information on submissives and Dominants. Some of what she read frightened her, but the majority of it made her want to investigate further.


  Brie could appreciate how finding one’s limits in six weeks might be beneficial, not only for the submissives but for the Dominants interested in them. She sent a reply and gave Rachael her mailing address. She figured it couldn’t hurt to get additional information. She expected to get the packet in the mail within a week, but was pleased when it arrived the following day.

  She poured the contents of the envelope onto her kitchen table. Rachael hadn’t been kidding about there being a ton of paperwork to fill out. There was also a thin box included. Brie opened it up and slid out the contents. It turned out to be a red, eight-inch stick about the circumference of her index finger, with what looked like an upside-down heart attached to the end. It resembled a thin little penis, and it made her laugh.

  Brie glanced through the pamphlets, which pretty much included the same information she’d found on the website. Then she found instructions for her ‘homework’. It was downright shocking. The instructions stated that, as an applicant, Brie was required to send a video of herself using the little red phallus. She was expected to suck on it as if it were a cock, use it to excite her pussy, and then stimulate her anus with it. That last step sent a cold chill through Brie. As far as she was concerned, her ass was off limits. Having anything shoved up there was totally unnatural and potentially painful.

  She gathered all the materials and threw them in the trash. Brie was unhappy that this ‘school’ now had her email and mailing address. How stupid could she be? If she had any problems whatsoever, she would call the Better Business Bureau and the cops.

  For the rest of the week, she was on pins and needles, waiting to be contacted by the Training Center or visited by the man who had left the business card. Nothing happened. When the weekend rolled around, Brie called the BBB anyway and was relieved to learn there had been no complaints filed against the school.

  She took the packet out of the trash and looked it over again. The questions intrigued her and she soon found herself filling it out—not to send in, but to get to know herself better.

  One of the first questions was, ‘What types of men do you like, and what qualities are most attractive?’ Along the same vein, ‘What types of men would you prefer not to have sex with, and what qualities turn you off?’ The packet also asked about sexual experiences, such as, ‘How old were you when you lost your virginity?’, ‘How many partners have you been with?’ and ‘Describe the best sexual encounter you have ever had.’ There was even a section listing different sexual acts. For that section, there were five options to check: ‘Like’, ‘Interested’, ‘Neutral’, ‘Don’t Like’ and ‘Don’t Know’.

  There were several practices Brie checked with a ‘Like’, including light bondage and dildo stimulation. Some she was ‘Interested’ in and a few she ‘Didn’t Like’, such as anal sex and caning—seriously, being whacked with a cane did not sound pleasant.

  Looking over her answers made Brie even more curious about the things she was interested in trying. The idea of being tied down and teased by her partner was a total turn-on. Whenever she thought of the man in the tobacco shop taking her that way, she instantly got wet.

  Brie shoved the completed form back in the envelope, along with the humorous phallus, and put them in her closet. She wasn’t going to send the packet in, but she liked the ideas it inspired. If she’d actually had a boyfriend she would have asked him to try some of them with her, but Brie was alone. Despite the fact th
at she had a pleasant face, a tight little body and an adventurous personality, she was dateless every weekend. Truly, the world was a fucked-up place.


  She had the late shift on Saturday. Although it was fairly busy during the afternoon, at around six o’clock, the place became an utter tomb. She watched the clock as time dragged by, minute by painful minute. This is it—this is the extent of my sad little existence. The only appealing aspect of her life was making her film shorts, which nobody watched.

  Brie bent over the counter with her chin resting in her hands. I want more. The voice in her head was demanding and clear. Life was too precious to wish it away, hoping things would change.

  Late that night, she fished the packet out of the closet and took the small phallus in her hand. She looked it over. It seemed harmless enough. She decided to record herself, knowing she could erase it if she didn’t feel comfortable. Brie initially chose only to do the first two parts of the instructions. She set up her video camera in her bedroom, adjusting it to get the proper angle. She made sure the lighting was perfect and then got partially dressed for the show.

  Brie felt a bit of clothing would preserve her dignity and look sexier to boot. She wore a green camisole and a short, black skirt with no panties, so she had the ability to access the needed area without exposing herself. She also chose an angle that would not display her pussy to the camera. Whoever watched it would be able to see her actions without seeing all of her. Brie was a professional—she wasn’t about to make a porno.

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