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Bries russian treat, p.1
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       Brie’s Russian Treat, p.1

           Red Phoenix
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Brie’s Russian Treat

  Brie’s Russian Treat

  Submissive in Love


  Red Phoenix

  Brie’s Russian Treat

  Copyright © 2015 by Red Phoenix

  Smashwords Edition

  This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.

  All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the author.

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  Edited by Rebecca Hill

  Overall Book cover design by Viola Estrella; Phoenix symbol by Nicole Delfs

  Heartfelt hugs and kisses to:

  My hubby – my lover, friend and inspiration


  My betas!!!

  This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

  Adult Reading Material



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  The Parents

  Once they were in the air, Sir explained that he had a short detour planned for them. Brie was beyond thrilled, thinking that not only was she getting a trip to Russia, but an additional surprise as well. Those happy feelings soon died when she started noticing the familiar landscape of Nebraska outside the airplane window.

  “We’re visiting my parents, aren’t we?”

  “Yes. Although we’ve spoken to them about the wedding date, your parents deserve to be part of the planning process. It’s tradition.”

  “True, but normally the bride knows where she’s getting married.”

  Sir smiled charmingly. “Nothing about us is normal, babygirl.”

  “You aren’t planning on telling them the location, are you?”


  “But how is that fair?”

  “This is not about being fair, Brie.” He kissed her hand, grinning with a mischievous glint in his eye. “It’s about planning an event that will surprise you.”

  “I hate surprises.”

  “No, you don’t,” he corrected. “You hate having to wait.” A young boy peeked his head over the seat and stared at them. Sir continued, “As I am a responsible, Ma—” he looked at the child and amended his next word, “…man, I must provide you with lessons in patience.”

  “You try my patience, Sir,” Brie replied, pouting.

  He chuckled, nodding to the child who was staring at him so intently. “I must continually provide her with lessons because she’s such a stubborn pupil.”

  The little boy’s eyes grew wide at actually being acknowledged by Sir, and he quickly popped back down in his seat.

  Brie grinned. It was heartwarming to see her Master interacting with a child.

  Sir turned to Brie. “I firmly believe in the saying ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child’.” He kissed her on the lips and whispered hoarsely, “But it may be because I enjoy using my rod on you—repeatedly.” Her stomach fluttered at his words.

  She could only giggle when the little boy popped his head up again.

  As they pulled up to her parents’ home, Brie’s stomach trembled for a different reason. “This should be a good visit, right?”

  Sir held out his hand and helped Brie out of the rental car. “I’m unsure. Although your parents have accepted your choice of husband, I don’t get the impression they’re happy about it.”

  “Then, Sir, may I ask why you keep putting us all through this?”

  “I believe in showing people the respect owed to them. Your parents did a fine job raising you and deserve to be a part of your life now. Just because they dislike me, it should not preclude them from seeing you.”

  “But it hurts my heart when they’re rude to you,” she said, stepping reluctantly onto the porch.

  “I’m quite capable of handling their displeasure, Brie. Don’t let that concern you. I trust the bonds we create now will eventually mend the rift between us.”

  Brie shook her head. “If my parents understood how wonderful you truly are, they would greet you with open arms and a bottle of champagne.”

  “Possibly.” He smirked as he rang the doorbell.

  Brie’s mother opened the door, smiling shyly at Sir. “Please, won’t you come in?”

  “Mom!” Brie cried, stepping inside and hugging her long and hard.

  She felt her mother’s muscles relax as they hugged. After a couple of seconds, Brie relaxed as well—it felt good to be in her mother’s arms again.

  “It seems like ages since we’ve seen you, Brie,” her mother complained lightly as she took Sir’s jacket and Brie’s purse. She nodded them towards the living room. “Please make yourselves comfortable.”

  Brie was embarrassed to see her father sitting in his chair, purposely not standing up to greet them.

  However, Sir did not let it deter him. He walked over to her father and held out his hand. “Pleasure to see you again, Mr. Bennett.”

  Her father could not take Sir’s intense stare and stood up, shaking his hand. “Forgive me if I seem less than excited to see you, Mr. Davis. My experience has been that your visits only herald bad news.”

  “Wait,” Brie piped up. “The first time I came I introduced my new boyfriend to you, and the second time I told you about my documentary.”

  “Exactly. If you look at it from our perspective, neither was exactly good news, now was it?”

  Brie stepped back, hurt by his answer, but her mother put her arms on Brie’s shoulders. “Your father is mistaken. Meeting Thane was certainly a shock, but we are both pleased to see you so happy. As for the documentary, although it was followed by much unpleasantness, we are proud of your accomplishment.”

  Her father looked as if he was about to say something, but wisely changed his mind and sat back down. “Pardon me if I’m not exactly anxious to hear what you have to tell us today.”

  Sir sat down and pulled Brie next to him when she sat on the couch. “As you know, we have a date set for the wedding and would like you to be a part of the planning process.”

  Brie’s mother’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

  Sir’s smile was engaging and genuine. “Yes, Mrs. Bennett—it would mean a lot to Brie and I.”

  “Oh, you can call me Mom if you want to,” her mother replied, blushing profusely.

  Brie’s father cleared his throat. “I do not think I will ever get used to a man nearly my age calling me Father.”

  Sir turned to him. “And yet you will.” He took Brie’s hand in his. “Family is important to us.”

  “I know why you’re here, Mr. Davis. You act all formal and superior, but the reality is you came to ask us to pay for this wedding.”

  Sir shook his head, amusement on his face. “As you so eloquently pointed out, I am old enough to finance our wedding. No, your involvement would be purely your choice—with Brie’s approval, of course. In the end, it is the bride we all seek to please.”

  Brie felt the heat rise to her cheeks. Hearing Sir refer to her as his bride was all kinds of romantic.

  “Brianna, do you plan to come back here to marry?” her father asked.

  “Actually, Dad, I have no idea where we’re getting married.”

  Her father turned on
Sir, his voice tainted with self-righteous venom. “Is this another example of you controlling my daughter, Mr. Davis?”

  Sir patted Brie’s hand gently. “No. I enjoy surprising Brie, and in this case it’s strategic. While I devote my attention to the wedding, it gives Brie time to finish filming her documentary.”

  Now all her father’s attention was riveted back on Brie. “What documentary, daughter?”

  “Dad, I was asked to film a sequel.”

  “Not again!” he bellowed. “Didn’t you put us through enough hell the first time? We’ve just barely recovered from the humiliation. What is this, Marcy?” he exclaimed, turning to Brie’s mother. “Why must we continually be put through the wringer by our only child?”

  Her mother wrung her hands nervously. “Another film, Brie?”

  “I thought you would be happy for me, Mom. Although the first one met with some resistance, overall it was received positively by the film industry.”

  Her father frowned. “It was not a positive experience, young lady. Maybe for you, but certainly not for us.” He turned savagely on Sir. “Why are you letting her do this again? You know what happened last time.”

  “Mr. Bennett, this is your daughter’s career, not mine. As her fiancé, I support her decision to do this second film and will help her complete the project in any way I can.”

  Her father was not pleased by Sir’s reply and turned to her. “Brianna, time and time again you have proven how childish you are. It’s as if you go out of your way to test us. Why? Aren’t you too old to play the rebellious teenager?”

  Brie’s lip trembled as she fought to keep back the tears. She wanted to respond, longed to put her father in his place, but she sat there mute—as helpless as a baby.

  “Brie,” her mother said kindly, “Are you sure this is the best direction for your career? I know you once dreamed of making romantic comedies. If you do this second documentary, what chance have you got of being taken seriously by the mainstream media?”

  “Mom, I was a kid when I told you that. Things have changed since then—my dreams have taken a new direction. Trust me when I say that this film is important to me. I’m proud of my work and I believe in it so strongly that I’m willing to face your disappointment.” She turned to her father, adding, “and unfair judgments.”

  “I can’t believe we’re being forced to go down this road again,” he growled.

  Sir squeezed Brie’s hand. “Family is important to us, Mr. Bennett, and I trust it is important to you.” Brie heard the raw emotion in his voice, and looked up at Sir in concern when he shared, “You know that I lost my father years ago. I can’t tell you what I would give to have him in my life now, and yet here you are, throwing away your relationship with Brie as if it means nothing to you.”

  “I believe in tough love, Mr. Davis. You don’t coddle people when they’re making bad decisions.”

  “Then I have to ask, who do you see when you look at your daughter? I see an intelligent woman, full of compassion and grace, working hard in her career but also seeking to build a fulfilling life outside it. Isn’t that good enough for you?”

  “Damn it, man, I’m not the bad guy here!”

  Sir’s voice remained calm despite the implied insult. “Although your daughter has chosen to pursue a path you don’t agree with, it doesn’t change the fact that she is still your daughter. Is your love and acceptance based solely on what you think she should be?”

  Brie’s father’s angry laughter filled the room. “Oh, that’s rich coming from the man who controls my daughter’s every move as her ‘Master’.”

  “What you fail to understand is that I hold Brie in the highest regard. If she wanted to stop with the film and move in another direction, I would fully support her in that. Let me be perfectly clear, Mr. Bennett, Brie is in control of her life. I simply enjoy tweaking some of the details.”

  “And he’s wonderful at that,” Brie answered, wrapping her arms around him and kissing Sir on the cheek.

  Brie knew the show of affection was difficult for her father, and wasn’t surprised when he snapped, “I still maintain that her life would be very different if she hadn’t met you.”

  Sir nodded. “I do not disagree. The question you must ask yourself is if that ‘other life’ you so desperately cling to is worth losing your daughter over.”

  “Brie is very happy, dear,” her mother declared bravely, siding with Brie. “And they came to us to ask us to help with the wedding. Weren’t you saying just last week how disappointed you were that we weren’t being included?”

  “No need to bring that up in front of these two,” her father huffed in irritation.

  Brie couldn’t help but smile. Sir had been right. Her parents did want to be part of the wedding, despite her dad’s bullheaded attitude.

  “It would mean a lot to me,” Brie confessed, putting her hand on Sir’s knee. Then she corrected herself, “…to us if you would help plan the wedding.” She turned to her father. “Please, Daddy.”

  For the first time that evening, her father’s expression softened. Her mother dabbed her eyes. “I can’t believe my little girl is really getting married.”

  Brie stood up and walked over to her. “I would love if you’d help me pick out the wedding dress, Mom.” Her mother became a puddle of tears when Brie wrapped her arms around her. When she turned and approached her father, he rose to his feet. “Dad, having you walk me down the aisle means everything to me.”

  He held out his arms, squeezing her hard when she ran into them. “I’m your father—of course I’ll walk you down the aisle.” He kissed the top of her head. “That’s my job, little girl.”

  Brie’s mother joined them and they shared an impromptu group hug. “Your happiness is all that counts to your father and me.”

  Her father pulled away, furrowing his brow. “But that doesn’t give you permission to become a Bridezilla.”

  Her mother laughed. “A what?”

  “A Bridezilla. I’ve seen them on TV. It’s disgusting.”

  Her mother shook her head, playing with a strand of Brie’s hair. “Our little girl is no Bridezilla, Bill. I don’t know why you even brought that up.”

  “Mr. and Mrs. Bennett,” Sir interrupted, “I would like to fill you in on the specifics without Brie being present. Can we retire to the study?”

  Brie refrained from whining when the three headed towards the study, but she was delighted when her mother looked back and announced, “Bill can fill me in later. I’ll just spend time with Brie while you men talk.”

  “But Marcy…” her father implored.

  She laughed, patting his arm. “You don’t need to be afraid of your future son-in-law, honey. He isn’t going to bite.”

  Brie wondered what Sir thought of being called ‘son’, but his expression didn’t change as he followed her father into the room and shut the door. She trusted the conversation would be far more agreeable than the last one they’d had in that study.

  “So, sweetie, tell me all about this second film…”

  Brie spent the next half-hour nervously glancing at the door as she shared about Tokyo and Denver, the LA sessions and Montana with her mother.

  Her mom took it all in, shaking her head in disbelief. When Brie had finished, she replied, “It sounds fascinating, dear.” Brie wasn’t sure what to make of her response, but found it amusing coming from her mother.

  Both women jumped when the study door opened.

  Brie looked to Sir first, and was glad to see a pleasant expression on his face. “Then we’re agreed. We’ll have Mrs. Bennett fly down in a month to help Brie pick out a wedding dress.”

  “What’s this?! I get to visit you in LA?” her mother asked with glee, then she immediately scolded Sir. “You really have to start calling me Mom.”

  Brie thought she saw a flush of color on Sir’s cheeks when he answered, “Yes…Mom.”

  “That’s more like it, dear,” she said, giving him a maternal hug.

/>   The bemused expression on Sir’s face when he looked over her shoulder at Brie was freaking adorable.

  Before they left for the airport, Sir handed her father a memory stick. “This is a piece Brie filmed that will not be included in the documentary. It involves a flogging scene with Marquis Gray. Your daughter not only filmed it, but was part of the scene itself. I hope you will consider watching so you can see the beauty of the exchange.”

  Her father hesitantly took it from him.

  Sir continued, “Marquis Gray is an undisputed expert with the tool, but you’ll see how exceptional your daughter is as well.”

  Her father huffed. “He doesn’t have sex with her, does he?”

  “No, it’s simply a flogging scene.”

  Her father stared hard at the memory stick. “He did say it’s therapeutic, that flogging ‘thing’ he does…”

  “Therapeutic and breathtaking, Papa,” Brie agreed.

  Her father set it on the coffee table. “I’ll consider it.”

  “Good.” Sir held out his hand. “Until we meet again, Mr. Bennett. Before we leave, can you tell me if there’s a carwash nearby?”

  Brie was pleased that her father didn’t hesitate to shake his hand this time as he answered, “Yes, a new one just opened two blocks south of here. You can’t miss it.”

  “Perfect.” Sir hugged Brie’s mom, telling her, “And I’ll see you in a month, Mom.”

  Brie’s mother giggled like a schoolgirl. “Oh, I can’t wait!”

  When they got into the car, Brie let out a long, happy sigh. “That went way better than I thought.” She snuggled up to Sir before he started the car. “But only because you’re brilliant, Sir.”

  “Brilliant may be overstating things a bit. The truth is your parents are easy to read. It’s apparent that they love you, so my mission is to remind them of that whenever we steer off-course in our conversations.”

  “Like I said, brilliant!” she insisted. He brushed his hand against her breast as she leaned over to playfully kiss him on the nose. The light touch caused tingles throughout her body.

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