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Under his protection bri.., p.1
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       Under His Protection (Brie's Submission Book 14), p.1

           Red Phoenix
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Under His Protection (Brie's Submission Book 14)

  Under His Protection:

  Brie’s Submission #14


  Red Phoenix

  Under His Protection: Brie’s Submission

  Copyright © 2016 by Red Phoenix

  Kindle Edition

  This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.

  All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the author.

  [email protected]

  Edited by Jennifer Blackwell, Proofed by Becki Wyer and Marilyn Cooper

  Cover by Viola Estrella

  Formatted by BB eBooks

  Phoenix symbol by Nicole Delfs

  Adult Reading Material (18+)


  My dear fans, what an incredible journey this book has been! I have long known Faelan’s story but it has been locked inside my head waiting for the right moment to be unleashed.

  That moment is now.

  Let me just say that as I wrote the last words all I could think was, “OMG OMG OMG!”

  I would like to thank all the muses who made this story before you possible.

  Faelan – Todd Wallace (Blue Eyes)

  Brie Bennett

  Sir Thane Davis

  Tono Nosaka

  Rytsar Durov

  Master Anderson

  Marquis Gray

  Mary Wilson

  Lea Taylor

  Ms. Clark

  Master Coan

  Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds






  Lisa Wallace

  Mr. and Mrs. Wallace

  and even

  Greg Holloway

  I have been writing this series since 2012

  If you have followed the Brie series then you know things that were mentioned in the very first novellas have an important place now as the puzzle comes together for Faelan’s story.

  It’s exhilarating to see it unfold!

  I hope you enjoy reading Faelan’s journey as much as I have adored writing it.

  The truth about his past has been a long time in coming – 5 years to be exact

  As always, I would like to thank

  **MrRed, my Sir and biggest supporter**

  But I would also like to thank:

  Brandi, a longtime fan, cheerleader and graphic genius

  Becki, another longtime fan, encourager and proofer extraordinaire

  Marilyn, super fan of Brie and Sir, travel buddy and true craft artisan

  Steve, fan of Brie, skilled home chef and gracious host

  Brenda, longtime fan, creative soul, and my go-to gal

  Autumn, an amazing blogger and longtime Brie fan

  Nicole, dedicated fan and designer of my beloved Phoenix

  Julia, a longtime fan of Red herself, and creator of many laughs

  Little Phoenix, humorous mini-me with a creative soul and the heart to help

  MrRedJr, humble genius who introduced me to dubstep and still works behind the scenes

  LemonLark, a girl after my own heart and the artist behind my avatar for the vids

  Paul, formatter supreme, forward thinker – consistently perfect and dedicated to authors

  Anthony, right-hand man, can’t thank him enough for the time investment, advice, and his belief in the future of the Brie series

  To every fan of Brie – new and old. Your excitement for Brie’s story, your love of the characters, your heartfelt messages and your generosity toward me has changed my life.

  I was a writer from the moment I could scribble a word, but I didn’t become an author until I connected with readers like you.


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  Misunderstood Hero

  Having his heart recently broken, Faelan accepts the challenge of keeping Brie safe and vows to protect her by




  But when a curvy little sub catches his eye at the Haven, he is forced to choose loyalty over love.

  His allegiance lies with his friends at The Center, and the time has come to prepare their rescue of Rytsar Durov—one of their own.

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  It Begins…

  People were going to pay—a lot of people.

  Did they really think he could stand being humiliated and beaten without doing something drastic and permanent?

  A man can only be pushed so far…

  By the time he was finished, they would all be lying dead in their own blood.

  Justice would be served.

  He reached out and caressed the AK-12 lying on the passenger seat and glanced back at the satchel of grenades. Only a few more guns were needed before he could launch his attack. It was going to be a bloodbath.

  This was war.

  Faelan watched the video Mary was streaming live from her phone in Italy. He smiled when he saw Marquis guiding Brie across the dance floor in the center of the courtyard, surrounded by their large, enthusiastic circle of family—some by blood and others bonded through the BDSM community.

  Both Brie and Marquis were important to him.

  Blossom had saved Faelan’s life without knowing it the first day they met, and Marquis had saved his sanity when Faelan lost her.

  Mary turned the phone back around and smiled. “You can see Brie’s having a good time. Married twit that she is.” Her amused laughter made him grin. “So let’s see how Sir Davis is handling his new collar.”

  Turning the camera around, Mary scanned the crowd until she found the man. Davis was speaking to Nosaka. It looked like a serious conversation, and Faelan took note that both were looking in Brie’s direction as they spoke to one another.

  He still felt a twinge of pain remembering that night of the Collaring Ceremony when Brie stood before him to present her collar. He closed his eyes as that excruciating moment played out in his mind…

  Come to me, blossom…

  Standing a little taller, Faelan felt a deep sense of pride knowing that he would be collaring Brie in front of everyone in attendance at the Submissive Training Center.

  He’d envisioned this moment ever since he’d discovered she was a submissive at the beach house. It was the driving force that kept him striving forward during his darkest hours.

  Brie was meant for him.

  He’d understood that truth the moment he’d caught her in his arms outside the school, saving her from a violent encounter with the pavement. One look into those honey-colored eyes…and his life had meaning.

  The guilt he’d carried all those years as a survivor suddenly lifted when he saw that breathtaking smile.
  She was the reason he’d been spared.

  She was the reason he’d enrolled in the Dominant Training Course to become the man worthy of her.

  She was the reason Thane Davis had mentored him personally, grooming him to claim Brie as his own.

  After all those years living in pain, the Universe suddenly made sense—it no longer seemed cruel and indifferent.

  Faelan had worked hard, taking on both his business classes and his nightly Dominant training without complaint. He would do anything to be the Dominant worthy of her.

  As Brie approached Faelan with her collar, he smiled back at her with confidence. All the pain of the past and the sacrifices he’d made disappeared when he looked in those eyes.


  He furrowed his brow when she suddenly stopped with a look of uncertainty on her face.

  Come, blossom, he commanded silently when she gazed into his eyes.

  But Brie turned and he suddenly felt the first hint of panic.


  His whole body went numb as he watched his blossom walk toward Thane Davis and bow low at his feet.

  Faelan shook his head, not able to accept what was happening.

  Brie was his.

  Relief flooded through him when Davis rejected her offer. It was confirmation that even the Headmaster knew she was meant for him.

  Although Faelan realized she had been humiliated by the man’s public refusal, he would be the one to ease her pain and mend her broken heart.

  All that mattered was Brie.

  Faelan was set to follow her out of the Training Center when the Headmaster called out to her as she walked away.

  “Brie… Come back and face me.”

  Faelan’s mouth went dry as he watched Brie approach Davis a second time and kneel before the Headmaster.

  Closing his eyes in pain when the chime sounded, beginning the formal Collaring Ceremony, Faelan endured. It took all his strength to remain silent even though every bone in his body longed to stop the travesty that was happening.

  Feeling a hand on his shoulder, Faelan opened his eyes to find Tono looking at him with compassion. He jerked away, not needing sympathy from his rival.

  Mary’s gaze was equally sympathetic, which infuriated Faelan even more. He didn’t want anyone’s pity.

  This is what I deserve, he thought with resolution as he continued to watch. Why should I experience happiness when the boy I killed lies dead in the ground?

  Turning his focus back on Brie, Faelan forced himself to remain still as she spoke the vows that were meant for him. His lips twitched as he watched Davis pick Brie up and carry her to his office—adding insult to injury.

  Nosaka left soon after, keeping to himself as he made his way to the elevator.


  Faelan glanced at Mary and snarled under his breath. “This is bullshit.”

  “Do you want to leave?”

  “No,” he scoffed. “I’m playing this out to the bitter end.”

  She frowned a little, but stayed beside him while everyone else kept their distance and avoided eye contact.

  He hated this. Hated knowing what Brie was doing with Davis while he stood here trying not to look as devastated as he felt.

  But he had to stay—for her sake.

  Faelan had to see Brie’s face when they returned. He needed to see that she was truly happy with her choice. If there was any indication that she wasn’t, he would snatch her out of Davis’s arms no matter the cost to himself.

  So he endured the minutes ticking by as he stared down the hallway, waiting for Brie’s return. The whole time suffering the humiliation of whispers around him—for her.

  Finally, Davis returned with Brie walking proudly beside him. She was naked from the waist up with the word “Mine” written across her chest.

  It was as if the Universe was pointedly laughing at him.

  Faelan remained resolute, seeking Brie’s gaze. When their eyes finally connected, his heart skipped a beat. There was no look of regret, only an inner light that blinded him with its joy.

  All was lost.

  He cleared his throat and growled angrily at Mary, “I’m outta here.”

  “Do you want me to go with you?”

  “What, and miss all the excitement?”

  When she persisted, he chose a more blunt answer, needing to get far away from this place and everything associated with Brie.

  “Look, I’d rather be alone.”

  Faelan made a quick exit, avoiding Brie, unable to deal with the alternate reality she’d just created.

  As he drove toward his empty apartment, he released his mounting emotions by revving up the old Mustang and letting her fly down the highway.

  For a brief moment the terrified expression of Trevor’s face just before impact filled his vision. Faelan immediately slammed on his brakes and pulled to the side of the road, breathing heavily.

  He hadn’t experienced those visions since…he’d met Brie.

  Why am I here? he wondered. He continued his drive home, but the more he thought about it, the more agitated he became until he finally screamed, “Why the fuck am I here?!”

  The silence of the dead greeted his question.

  With resignation, he pulled up to his apartment and shut off the car. He stared at his place as the walls of his personal hell closed in around him.

  There was no escape from this. He was foolish to have thought there was.

  Walking into the apartment, Faelan sighed as he turned off the chocolate fountain he’d made ready for Brie. He put away all the tools he’d laid out, and turned off the music. Heading to the kitchen to grab a bottle of tequila, he unscrewed the cap and tossed it on the counter. He walked to the couch and switched on the TV, needing to distract himself from everything.

  Instead of helping, it only made him more agitated. Faelan got up and began pacing, gulping down the liquor.

  His blossom was with another man. Oh God, how that hurt…

  Not mine, he thought with disbelief.

  Tipping the bottle up, he began chugging. The warmth of the tequila started to have its desired effect and he was able to sit back down.

  “Okay, okay…” he told himself. “You fucked up and lost her. Your one chance, and now she’s gone…”

  Those last words cut like a knife and he howled in pain.

  The rest of the evening became a blur as the tequila settled in and had its way with him. He woke up the next morning on the floor, clutching the empty bottle.

  When he sat up, his head began pounding but he violently resisted the urge to puke on the black marble.

  His bender had only succeeded in getting him through one night, leaving him weak and in greater pain the next day. How the hell was he supposed to survive the rest of his life without her?

  Faelan stumbled to the bathroom and puked his guts out. Afterward, he splashed his face with cold water and gazed into the mirror. The whites of his eyes were red from drinking too much, and he had the look of a haunted man.

  He knew that look well.

  “You have to get her back,” he told his reflection. “You’re never going to survive without her.”

  Faelan’s heart began racing as he was renewed with hope. Last night he’d convinced himself it was over, but it didn’t have to be. Brie didn’t know who he was because he’d never let her in.

  That’s why she made the wrong decision. If she knew, she would never have walked away.

  Even though he understood it was a long shot, Faelan talked himself into intervening. The girl had only been collared one night. There was still time to get her back.

  There had to be.

  Faelan immediately called in sick and spent the day recovering from his bender. He needed to be fully aware and on point when he spoke with Brie again. It was time to open himself up and let her in.

  He tried to ignore the rage he felt against Davis. The man could have any sub he wanted; there was no reason to take blossom when the
Headmaster had specifically trained him up to claim her.

  It was a slap in the face.

  But Faelan would not back down. He was willing to fight Davis head-on if he had to. He’d do anything to get Brie back. Grabbing his keys, he drove to the tobacco shop, hoping to catch her after her shift ended. When he didn’t see her car there, he ventured inside.

  There was a slobbishly dressed kid at the counter, busy playing some game on his phone. Faelan smiled to himself, knowing getting information out of the boy would be easy. “Hey, man, do you know where Brie is today? The chick owes me some money.”

  “She didn’t show up, so I’m here on my day off,” he grumbled.

  “Do you know if she will be in tomorrow?”

  “No, the bitch ain’t coming back ’til Monday.”

  Faelan didn’t appreciate the turd’s disrespectful reference to Brie, but let it slide. “You know what hours she’ll be working? I don’t want her to slip out before I get my cash.”

  “What’s in it for me, dickhead?”

  Faelan slipped a twenty onto the counter. “I get it. Your time is worth something.”

  The boy grabbed the cash and huffed in irritation as he got out the schedule and looked it up. “She’s working the day shift and gets off at five.”

  “That’s all I needed to know. Thanks.”

  “Whatever…” the asshole answered, looking disinterested as he stared at his phone, resuming his game.

  Faelan left the shop feeling unsettled, knowing he would have to wait several more days—each day would bind Brie to Davis more, but there was nothing Faelan could do other than wait and be patient.

  If they were meant to be, nothing could prevent it.

  He held on to that hope.

  Faelan received a lot of grief when he called work on Monday telling them a second time that he wasn’t coming in. With a store inspection looming, his boss was severely displeased.

  It didn’t matter. He was willing to lose his job for Brie. A job could be replaced, but Brie? She was everything.

  Faelan waited for her, leaning against his Mustang casually, trying to hide the fact he was nervous. He couldn’t afford to fuck this up.

  When Brie finally came out of the shop, all his fears disappeared. Her aura calmed his soul and reminded him why he had been so affected by her the moment they’d met.

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