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Brie submits to her mast.., p.1
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       Brie Submits to her Master (After Graduation, #2), p.1

           Red Phoenix
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Brie Submits to her Master (After Graduation, #2)

  Brie Submits to her Master


  Red Phoenix

  Brie Submits to her Master

  Copyright 2012 by Red Phoenix

  This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.

  All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the author.

  [email protected]

  Edited by RJ Locksley

  Book cover design by Erin Dameron-Hill; Photo by Jimmy Thomas/ Phoenix symbol by Nicole Delfs

  A huge thank you toJennifer Roberts-Hall, Becki Wyer, and Pamela Snyder

  This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.

  Adult Reading Material

  Disclaimer: The material in this book is for mature audiences only and contains graphic sexual content. It is intended only for those ages 18 and older.


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  About the Author Red Phoenix

  Visiting the Center

  Brie stared at Sir as the first of the sun’s rays flooded through the window. His face took on an almost boyish quality while he slept. It was sexy and so incredibly sweet. She was tempted to gently caress his cheek, but Sir must have sensed her inclination because he opened his eyes.

  Brie gasped softly, her whole body quivering.

  “Morning, téa.”

  She broke out into a shy smile. “Good morning, Master.”

  “Waking up to your beautiful face has moved me.” He threw back the covers so she could admire his hard awakening. “Service me.”

  Her smile grew wider as she crawled between Sir’s legs and took him into her mouth. Brie lavished her love with an eager tongue, swirling around his smooth head before sucking lightly to bring added pleasure. She moaned when he fisted her long hair and began guiding her with his hand. Did Sir know it melted her insides when he did that?

  “I love starting the morning with your pink lips wrapped around my cock.”

  She looked up at Sir as she continued to suck his handsome manhood. He pushed her down deeper on his shaft and she gladly took its fullness, letting the head of his cock slip down her throat.

  “Oh yes,” he growled.

  Her muffled moan expressed the pleasure she felt from being his. Sir was not rough, but always demanding. He had a way of using her for his own gratification, but making her feel completely cherished in the process.

  Brie’s pussy pulsed of its own accord in response to his pleasure. When he released deep in her throat there was a significant exchange of power: his male dominance over her, and her total submission to him—balance. It was the perfect way to start the day.

  Afterwards, Brie laid her head on his thigh and looked up at him lovingly. Sir stroked her hair with a contented look on his face. “Tonight we shall visit the Center. I hope you are ready for what I have planned.”

  Her loins contracted with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.


  Brie spent the day at the tobacco shop showing the two newest employees the ropes. It looked like Mr. Reynolds had at least one good worker. The niece was a whiny little thing, complaining constantly and texting her friends instead of listening. Brie knew Laurel would be nothing but a pain for her soon-to-be ex-boss, a perfect replacement for Jeff. However, the nephew was acceptable. Mike was a quick study and showed respect towards Mr. Reynolds. Brie was tempted to tell Mr. Reynolds to fire the girl and only keep the boy, but her boss had no real control over the hiring at the shop.

  When she arrived home, she was surprised to find that her entire apartment had been moved into the spare bedroom and the large room was now completely stacked with boxes and cheap furniture. Upon entering Sir’s bedroom, she noticed her old uniform laid out on the bed. It was exactly the same: the dark brown miniskirt and leather corset, as well as the six-inch heels. However, the crotchless pantyhose had been replaced with lace garters and silk thigh-highs. The thong was noticeably missing.

  She picked up the card that was lying on the bed and read his note:

  Had your belongings moved. We will discuss placement later.

  Dress in your uniform and wait for me at the door.

  Brie dutifully dressed, feeling nostalgic as she tightened the laces of the corset and slipped on the fuck-me heels. She took a quick peek at herself in the mirror before leaving the bedroom, looking herself over critically.

  Would people confuse her for a trainee at the Center because of the outfit? She turned her head from side to side and twirled slowly, staring at her reflection. The garters and new hose were a sexy touch, giving her a more refined look. The collar certainly helped state her position, but she still felt very much like a trainee in the outfit. Was that Sir’s point?

  She settled down before the door and waited for her Master to come. Exactly at six, she heard the key in the lock. He walked in and graced her with a pleased smile. “Ah, my little student. Are you ready for class to begin?” He placed a hand on her head and commanded, “Stand and serve your Master.”

  She stood before him as he held out his arm. She was mortified when her stomach growled as she was wrapping her arm around his. He looked down at her and smiled knowingly.

  Brie felt the heat rise to her face. How unsexy to greet Sir with a growling stomach.

  He made no mention of it, but when Sir got to the car he reached behind his seat and pulled an apple out of his briefcase. “I believe in the adage, ‘An apple a day…’”

  Brie took the apple and murmured, “Thank you, Sir.” She smiled to herself as she bit into the tart apple, grateful she had such a thoughtful Master.

  He remained silent on the drive, leaving Brie free to conjure up all kinds of different scenarios Sir might try on her. He had specifically mentioned the night before that things were going to get rough. What did that mean? Was he going to test her pain tolerance? The thought of that was definitely not sexy, but she trusted him to bring her through it if that was his intent.

  Perhaps he was going to punish her further for her deceit involving Faelan? Brie quickly dismissed that idea. She knew in her heart that Sir was a fair man. She had endured the punishment for her indiscretion and had received his complete forgiveness.

  Brie licked the sweetness from her lips as they pulled into the Training Center parking lot. It was strange to be back, knowing she was no longer a student.

  Although classes for the Submissive Training Center were on hiatus, the business college was still in full swing and the parking lot was full. Unlike before, Sir did not park in the spot reserved for the headmaster of the Center. It remained empty, announcing the fact that a new one had not been appointed yet. It gave her a pang of guilt knowing Sir had stepped down from his position to become her Master. She wondered if he was feeling similar pains of regret.

  “I will open the door for you, téa,” he stated. The use of her sub name let her know the protocol. She was to treat him as Master at the Center. No eye contact with other dominants and no speaking unless spoken to by her Master.

  As he helped her out of the car, he ran his hand down the length of her curves. Goosebumps followed. Such simple contact, but it instantly set her focus on him and reminded her of the power of his caress.

; They walked into the school, arm in arm. The receptionist greeted him. “Good evening, Headm—I mean, Sir Davis. It is good to see you again.”

  “Likewise, Miss Lewis.”

  He continued to the elevator, putting his arm around Brie when a group of students walked past. Brie kept her eyes lowered, basking in his manly protection.

  Sir took her down a wing of the school she had never been before. As she passed through the doorway, she read the word Faculty Lounge on the gold plate. The scent of rich tobacco filled the air along with the sound of many familiar voices.

  “Couldn’t stay away, I see,” Master Anderson said. He came over to Sir and slapped him on the back with the same casual familiarity the two had shared the first time she’d been introduced to him.

  “I have no problem staying away, but damn if you people didn’t insist I come back.”

  Master Coen’s voice rang out from the other side of the room. “I apologize, but we didn’t anticipate assigning a new headmaster just before a new session. There are many loose ends to be addressed.”

  “So you say,” Sir answered jokingly. “I accept it as the price I must pay to have free rein of the place after we are done here today.”

  Brie’s insides quivered at the thought of Sir unleashed.

  A woman’s soft voice floated through the air. “How are you, Sir Davis? Are you happy with your new submissive?” Brie kept her eyes glued to the floor. Her mind raced to place the feminine voice, quickly identifying her as the Asian Domme who owned Boa. Boa, the sub with a python for a cock.

  Brie held her breath, waiting for Sir’s answer. Would he expose her mistake with Faelan in front of the other trainers?

  “I’m finding the experience challenging and quite stimulating.”

  Master Anderson laughed. “I bet you are, Thane. You picked a fine one to partner with. She won’t let you rest, I wager.” He hit Sir so hard on the shoulder that he momentarily lost his balance. “I have to admit though, I was a little put out when you stepped down. It was enjoyable working with you, reminded me of our college days.”

  Sir’s low chuckle was like music to Brie’s ears. “College was—”

  Master Coen interrupted their reverie. “Enough of the reminiscing, we have work to do. Where’s Clark?”

  The door opened as if on cue and Ms. Clark’s voice rang out loud and clear. “Back already, Davis? Wait… Miss Bennett, what are you doing here?” The woman stopped abruptly in her tracks and said sarcastically, “You do realize this is a faculty lounge.”

  Sir’s reply was controlled, but with a slight edge to it. “Address me, Rhonda. Not my submissive.”

  Oh, what fun having Sir correct Ms. Clark on her behalf! Brie wished she could peek just to see the look on the female trainer’s face.

  “Forgive me, Sir Davis. I am still wrapping my head around the fact you broke all protocol and collared a student. My apologies.”

  “It is precisely due to protocol that I resigned, Rhonda,” he said dryly.

  Brie heard the disdain in his voice when he used Ms. Clark’s given name. But why was he calling her by her first name? Did they have a history together?

  “It was foolish,” Ms. Clark snorted. “We’ve lost a perfectly good headmaster and the Center’s reputation has been compromised because of your impulsive actions.”

  Mr. Gallant’s warm voice filled the room, making Brie’s soul sigh in happiness. “That is not true. Although people are certainly talking about the Collaring Ceremony, I have not heard any ridicule towards the school, nor towards Sir Davis himself. Do not exaggerate, Ms. Clark.”

  There was one voice that was suspiciously silent. Marquis Gray.

  “Regardless of your opinion, Rhonda, I am asking that you treat Miss Bennett and I as you would any D/s couple. You are not allowed to speak to her directly without my permission.”

  “Fine,” she snapped. “But I demand your submissive leave the faculty lounge.”

  “Fair enough,” Sir responded. Before commanding Brie to leave, he addressed Master Coen. “I did have a question for you.”

  “Certainly,” Master Coen replied, moving across the room to join him.

  “Would you be able to fashion an iron brand for me?”

  “Not a problem. What is it you want?”

  “The letter ‘T’, exactly an inch in height and half an inch wide.’”

  Brie gasped. A brand?

  “That should be easy enough. How soon do you need it?”

  Sir’s voice was pleasant when he answered. “There’s no rush.”

  “Good, then I’ll start work on it after we get the new recruits settled in.”

  “That should be fine.” Sir turned to Brie and said, “Téa, Ms. Clark is correct. Submissives normally stay in another room at the end of the hall to your left. I will collect you after our work here is concluded.”

  She stole a glance at him when she answered, hoping to gain some insight into the exchange he’d just had with Master Coen. “Yes, Master.”

  The mischievous twinkle in his eyes let her know he had plans for that brand—and they most definitely included her. A chill coursed down her spine. Did he mean it as a warning or an honor?

  Brie bowed to Sir before quietly leaving the room. She let out a huge sigh once the door was closed. She was concerned about Marquis’ absence, but it was the brand that had all of her attention. She had not forgotten the day Master Coen had convinced her he was going to brand her with the school logo. She shuddered, feeling quite certain that Sir was not into ‘mind fucks’ the way Master Coen was.

  No, Sir had already warned her that everything he did had purpose. She didn’t believe for one second it was meant as a joke. There was a lesson there she was expected to learn. She shook off her trepidation as she pushed open the door to the new room.

  To her surprise, Boa was sitting on a couch. He nodded at her. “Ah, it’s Brie. The sub who captured the headmaster. You have quite the reputation around the Center these days.”

  “Good or bad?” she asked, sitting down on a lounge chair opposite him. The smell of food caused her to sneak a quick glance at the table laden with gourmet fare. It reminded her of her training nights. She was curious why so much food had been laid out when there were only two of them.

  “It all depends on who you ask. Subs who were hoping to snag the headmaster themselves are quite pissed at you, but the rest of us are rather impressed. You’ve done the impossible.” He clapped his hands lightly in mock appreciation.

  “You should know that I was never so terrified in my life.”

  “Ah, but for good reason. You dared to offer yourself in the face of certain failure.”

  Brie didn’t care to relive that moment and was relieved when her stomach growled loudly. “Do you mind if I get myself something to eat?”

  “Not at all.”

  She got up and tried to be lady-like as she filled her plate with smaller portions than her hunger demanded. It was weird to be in the same room with Boa. They’d done a scene together—a very hot scene—and here they were, just talking like casual acquaintances.

  Brie dropped her napkin and bent down to pick it up, completely forgetting her lack of panties.

  “Damn…” Boa replied.

  She quickly stood up and grabbed another napkin. She walked back to the seat feeling the heat of her blush when she noticed his large cock straining against the tight confines of his jeans.

  “My Mistress will not be pleased if I have a hard-on when she comes to retrieve me.”

  “Sorry,” she mumbled, taking a huge forkful of salad and looking towards the door.

  “You can bet my Mistress is chuckling to herself right now, fully expecting to catch me with a stiffy so she can punish her randy sub. But I won’t let that happen.” He readjusted himself, pushing down on his massive cock as if it were a mischievous animal. “Tell me about your childhood,” he blurted. “Make it something sad.”

  “Oh, um… sad, you say?” Brie’s childhood had
been fairly easy: good parents, stable family life, and excellent care because she was an only child. Although her parents had never had extra money, all of her needs were met. There was nothing notable about her childhood other than that horrible experience at school. “Well, I suppose I could tell you something I’ve shared with my trainers at the Center. When I was twelve, my family moved to a predominantly black neighborhood. I didn’t have any siblings, so I pretty much had to fend for myself.

  “Most of the families were struggling to make ends meet, just like us. Looking back on it, I guess I became the token punching bag to release their frustrations on. The ring leader was Darius. I don’t know why he had it out for me, but just seeing my face upset him. He’d have his friends wait until I was off school grounds before they pounced. I told my teachers, but they just shrugged it off saying it wasn’t their problem because it wasn’t on school property.”

  Brie growled under her breath. “He never played fair. There were always three or more. He’d hold me down while the girls kicked me in the gut.” She closed her eyes, lost in the feelings of helplessness it conjured up. “I didn’t tell my parents. My dad finally had a job and there was no way I was going to ruin it for him.” Brie opened her eyes, smiling sadly. “Darius was smart. The attacks always happened off school grounds and they never hit me in the face. I was able to hide the bruises.”

  Boa looked down at his crotch. “It’s helping, please continue.”

  Brie rolled her eyes, amazed that her life story was being used as an erection detractor. “Everything changed the day he used the needle…” Her breath came faster as she relived that day again. “He had me on the ground, pushing my face into the dirt and telling me to eat it. I refused. He spat in my face and ordered the others to hold me down. He looked around wildly until he spied a used needle lying by the fence. When I saw him going for it, I started to kick and scream. He picked it up and ordered them to turn me over onto my stomach. I was screaming bloody murder by the time he got close to me, so Darius ripped off my shoe and stuffed one of my socks in my mouth. ‘If you won’t eat the dirt then you must pay the price,’ he declared before he started stabbing me in the ass with the needle.”

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