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           Red Phoenix
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Enchant Me (Brie's Submission, #10)

  Enchant Me:

  Brie’s Submission #10


  Red Phoenix

  Enchant Me: Brie’s Submission

  Copyright © 2016 by Red Phoenix

  Kindle Edition

  This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.

  All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the author.


  Edited by Mary Yakovets, Proofed by Becki Wyer & Marilyn Cooper

  Cover by CopperLynn

  Formatted by BB eBooks

  Phoenix symbol by Nicole Delfs

  * Special Lea joke provided by Dani Glover

  Adult Reading Material (18+)


  MrRed – my fantasy, my reality

  To Brandi, who not only created these covers, but has been my dear friend for years! Thank you for believing in me and my stories—it all started with Blissfully Undone…

  To Becki, I remember you were the VERY first one to make an “I googled it, Sir” shirt. You have remained my good friend and dedicated proofer all these years. Hugs!

  To Marilyn, you wowed me with your Brie art, then won over my heart. Thank you for your friendship, enthusiasm and creativity.

  A special thankyou to all my fans who have followed Brie’s journey with me!


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  But Fate is a cruel mistress the two must fight. Will they survive the approaching Darkness that seeks to destroy them?

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  Enchant Me by Red Phoenix

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  Enchant Me: Brie’s Submission #10

  The Honeymoon Begins…

  Brie woke up slowly, the pleasant fog of sleep quickly clearing as a sense of excitement took over. She opened her eyes and gazed on Sir as he slept; he had a peaceful expression on his face. Brie had always felt she could see a hint of the young boy he’d once been when the worries of the world weren’t reflected on his face.

  “My husband…” she whispered.

  Her soft words were enough to wake him. She held her breath as those soulful eyes opened and focused on her.


  Brie smiled, thrilled that she now carried that title.

  “Come here,” he commanded with a low growl, pulling her closer to him. “I want to start our first full day as man and wife filling you with my manly essence.”

  Her insides did a flip-flop, remembering the passion and excitement of being taken without any barriers between them—chemical or physical—the night before.

  “How would you like me to make love to you this time?” he asked, rubbing his hard shaft against her.

  Brie blushed when she answered, “I’d like to do it missionary style again.”

  He stopped moving and looked her in the eye, asking in a serious tone, “You’re not turning vanilla on me now that we’re married, are you?”

  “No,” she giggled softly. “I just like looking into your eyes when you come inside me.”

  Sir’s growl was husky, his eyes lustful when he answered, “You should not say that or our session will end up unsatisfyingly short.”

  He left the four-poster marriage bed and returned to her minutes later wearing a wicked grin. “Before we begin, I want to feel the passion of your lips.”

  Brie smiled, eager to please him that way. When he joined her back on the bed, she took his princely shaft in her hand and lowered her head. “I have always loved this cock,” she mumbled seductively.

  “It has always loved you,” he replied, pushing her mouth toward the head of his shaft.

  Brie opened her lips, gratefully encasing his manhood with their soft caress. He tasted of fresh soap, but still retained the manly musk that was uniquely him.

  She moaned as she licked the charming head of his cock, tasting the tanginess of his pre-come, excited because his masculine essence now had the power to make a baby inside her. The thought of it sent delightful chills through Brie’s body.

  She pushed his shaft slowly down her throat as Sir lay back on the bed, sighing in contentment. Unlike most men, he could take the attention of her mouth for over an hour without orgasming. It seemed that the sexual stimulation was relaxing for him, rather than being overly arousing.

  It made the experience much more than a simple physical connection; it was a spiritual melding, which Brie cherished. However, in her enthusiasm she lavished too much adoration on his cock. He placed his hand on her head and commanded, “Slow down, wife.”

  She looked up at Sir, his cock between her lips and smiled apologetically. She knew better; he’d taught her how he preferred it. Thankfully, her Master understood that her excitement over their recent nuptials was the cause for her forgetting the basics.

  Brie slowed way down, concentrating on the smoothness of the head of his hard shaft, the delicious ridge that she lovingly caressed with her tongue—the feel of it thrilling her in a way he would never know. Then there was the frenulum, which she thoroughly enjoyed licking and teasing.

  Whenever Sir allowed her to perform oral pleasures, it gave her the chance to possess his manhood in a way that was as powerful as it was sexy. His cock became her vessel to bestow all her love and affection.

  She communicated the gift of her submission, the joy of being his only, and the deep respect she held for Sir not only as her Master, but as her soulmate and husband.

  Just as she had been trained at The Center, Brie remembered to voice her pleasure verbally—a flaw she’d been called on early in her training, but rarely suffered from now. She also snuck glances at him as she pleasured him, gratified when she caught Sir staring at her.

  The look in his eyes was not only laced with desire, but with intense love.

  Sir’s love melted her heart. He could have any woman in the world and yet he had chosen her despite having to lose his position at the center while enduring the financial hit his business suffered after the release of her BDSM documentary.
The biggest hurdle of all—Sir never wanted to marry or have children.

  This man had overcome so much personally to take her as his wife, and he’d managed the wedding with extreme style and just the right amount of romance. She lifted her head from his shaft and purred, “I love you, Thane.”

  He smiled down at Brie, his eyes reflecting his building desire. “I think it’s time…”

  Sir pulled her up to him and lightly caressed her stomach. “I thought last night was the most erotic experience I’d ever had—and that’s saying a lot, woman.”

  She looked at him, biting her lip, and confessed, “I was afraid I might burst into flames because of the intensity of your lovemaking.”

  “Are you ready to be burned again?” he asked, lifting himself to lay between her legs.

  Brie said nothing, gazing into his eyes. How could making a child together be so extremely hot? She’d spent her whole adult life actively avoiding pregnancy, making it seem almost sinful to be engaging in the act now.

  “Oh Sir…” she cried as his cock breached her opening and he slid deep inside her.

  Instead of thrusting, he remained still. Gazing deep into her eyes, Sir declared, “I don’t think a man has loved a woman as much as I love you.”

  Brie continued to look up at him while he stroked her with his shaft. In silent homage, she wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him even deeper into her.

  Sir groaned loudly. “I should not be ready to come yet. Have you placed a spell on me?”

  Brie smiled. “The spell is of your own creation, husband.”

  He shook his head, his brow furrowing in frustration. “It seems I have no restraint this morning.”

  “Come for me then,” Brie purred, longing to feel the caress of his seed deep within her.

  He grabbed her ass with both hands and grunted as he repeatedly drove his cock home, his whole body shuddering as he orgasmed.

  Brie was turned on by the knowledge that he was as desperate for the connection as she was. This was not the serious, controlled Dom she had grown to know and love. This was a groom infatuated with his new bride. It was as if a whole new world had opened up for them to explore together.

  After his final thrust, Sir pulled out and lay beside her. “The only positive to a short session is that it allows me to fuck you again that much sooner.”

  “You’ll hear no complaints from me,” Brie replied as she caressed his manly jaw. “The more, the better as my dad always says.”

  Sir pretended to hold up an imaginary phone to his ear. “Yes, Mr. Bennett, I’m giving it to your beautiful daughter every chance I get. No sir, I’m not shirking in my duty. The more, the better…until she’s unable to walk.” Sir winked at Brie. “I promise not to fail in my duty.”

  Brie laughed. “You’re so evil!”

  He grinned. “We both know he’s trying not to think about what’s happening to his precious daughter right now. Should make breakfast interesting…”

  “So we’re having breakfast with them?” Brie asked in surprise, thrilled at the news.

  He pushed back a stray strand of hair, tucking it behind her ear. “Yes, I thought it would be fitting since we head out today. This will be your chance to say good-bye.”

  “Where are we going, Sir?”

  Sir only smirked, shaking his head in answer.

  “You’re as cruel a husband as you are a Master.”

  “At least you knew what you were getting into.”

  Brie smiled as she snuggled up against him. “I did, and I’ve never once regretted it.”

  Sir kissed the top of her head. “Shall we go share breakfast with your parents as my come slowly soaks your fresh panties?”

  It was Brie’s turn to shake her head as she tsked. “Evil to the core.”

  “Dark and twisted, I’m afraid,” he agreed with a grin.

  Teasing the Parents

  Sir led Brie down the stairs and through the secret corridors of the castle to a fancy dining room. As soon as they entered through the hidden door, Brie was greeted with enthusiastic applause and was tickled to see her friends already seated for breakfast.

  Sir guided her to the center table where her parents and Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds were waiting anxiously for them.

  “Mom!” Brie cried as her mother stood and gave her a tight hug.

  Sir held out his hand to her father and said, “Good morning, Dad.”

  Her father took his hand and then pulled him closer, giving him a heartfelt but awkward pat on the back. “Yes, good morning to you both.”

  Sir then turned to Mr. Reynolds. “Unc, it’s good to see you this morning.”

  “Likewise, Thane. You’re looking well rested, considering…”

  Brie’s father cleared his throat, and she had to hide her smile.

  When all were seated, the wait staff brought the six of them a meal of simple, mildly sweet Italian pastries, local fruit, and thin slices of various meats. It was a delightful combination. Brie picked up a small pastry and stared at it hungrily. Just as she was about to consume it, her eyes were covered and she felt large boobs press against her shoulders.

  “Guess who?” a familiar female voice sang out.

  “Mary?” Brie teased.

  “No, silly! It’s me.” Lea leaned over and whispered, “Dang it, girl. You were positively glowing when you entered the room. Are you already pregnant?”

  Brie’s father perked up, having heard the tail end of Lea’s comment and audibly groaned.

  Rytsar strolled up to the group, slapping Sir hard on the back. “Moy droog, I trust you made it count last night.”

  Leave it to the Russian to add fuel to the fire.

  Brie felt the trickle of Sir’s come between her legs and glanced at him, blushing heavily as she wiggled in her seat.

  He winked, knowing exactly what her movement meant.

  “Don’t tell me you’re trying to get her pregnant already,” Brie’s father said, staring at Sir sternly. “She’s just a child herself. Surely you plan on giving her time to live a little before you make her barefoot and pregnant?”

  In an uncharacteristic move, her mother took her dad’s hand and squeezed it. “Dear heart, this is none of our business. Thane and Brie are married now. They’re allowed to do whatever they want with their lives.” She smiled sweetly as she reminded him, “We had Brianna not that long after we got married…remember?”

  Brie’s father snarled, but grabbed a piece of meat and chomped on it to avoid making another comment.

  “Radost moya, I agree with Ms. Taylor. You do look particularly radiant today.”

  He turned his attention back on Sir. “If you should need anything—anything at all—I am here for you, moy droog.”

  Brie knew exactly what Rytsar was hinting at.

  “Rest assured, old friend, I have things under control. We’ll be leaving after breakfast to start the formal honeymoon.”

  “Where are you going, Brie?” Lea asked with interest.

  Brie looked at Sir and grinned as she shook her head. “Once again, I have no idea.”

  Her father frowned. “Really, Thane, this is too much. First, you keep the wedding destination from her, and now the honeymoon too? Are you that much of a control freak…son?”

  “It’s not like that, Dad,” Brie protested. “I lost a bet, so I agreed he gets to choose the honeymoon location.”

  Her mother, trying to defuse the situation, asked playfully, “What kind of bet, sweetheart?”

  Brie looked over at Sir with an embarrassed smile, unsure how to explain their aphrodisiac challenge. Before she could utter a word her father barked, “Forget it. We don’t want to know.”

  Mrs. Reynolds piped in, “I’m sure whatever Thane has planned is going to be lovely.”

  Brie wrapped her arm around her husband’s and purred, “I’m sure of it.”

  Seeing how uncomfortable her father was, Sir steered the conversation away from the current topic, choosing instead to comment on the
history of the castle. It proved an agreeable distraction.

  But while he talked, Sir snuck his hand under the table so he could rub Brie’s wet panties with his middle finger. It took everything in her not to react.

  Evil, evil man…

  Before Brie left to start their honeymoon, she made it a point to stop at every table to say her good-byes, grateful for every person who had come to be a part of their big day.

  She smiled as she walked up to Master Anderson’s full table, crammed with Italian women who’d seen him catch the garter from the night before.

  “I see you’re not starved for company,” she teased.

  Master Anderson flashed a charming grin. “No, I’m not, and I plan to sample as much Italian cuisine as I can before I return to America.” He looked the women over with a lustful eye and the table twittered in delight.

  Brie smiled. “Maybe ‘the one’ is here at this table.”

  He shrugged with a chuckle. “Who knows?”

  “So will you be in LA when we return from our honeymoon?”

  “That’s the plan.”

  “Great, then we can meet for dinner and catch up.”

  “It would be a pleasure, young Brie. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.”

  She winked at him. “As will I yours…”

  Brie moved over to the next table with Baron, Captain, and Candy. “How long are you guys planning on staying in Italy?”

  Baron and Captain glanced at each other before Baron answered. “Two more days and then we head back to begin laying down the foundation for a new project.”

  Brie slid into an empty chair, curious to hear more. “What kind of project?”

  Again the two men looked at each other, but this time Captain answered. “It’s too soon to say yet, Mrs. Davis, but it’s something that Baron and I are both passionate about.”

  “And me,” Candy piped in.

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