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       Amatista, p.1

           Red Garnier
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  An Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publication


  ISBN 9781419914997


  Amatista Copyright © 2008 Red Garnier

  Edited by Kelli Kwiatkowski.

  Cover art by Syneca.

  Electronic book Publication February 2008

  With the exception of quotes used in reviews, this book may not be reproduced or used in whole or in part by any means existing without written permission from the publisher, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.® 1056 Home Avenue, Akron OH 44310-3502.

  Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000. (

  This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the authors’ imagination and used fictitiously.


  Red Garnier

  Chapter One

  He was chained. Naked. And bleeding.

  His head was bowed over his chest, rich sable hair falling over massive shoulders. Rusted iron manacles circled his wrists and ankles, legs spread and arms raised high, muscles stretched by the heavy chains hooked into the wall. His chest rose evenly with each breath.

  He’d been drugged.

  Liana thought of leaving, of coming back later to say what she needed to. Instead she moved forward, curiosity winning over modesty.

  It was no wonder the Fohers were as feared as they were. Even in capture, this Foher looked magnificent. His body was packed with muscle. His skin was not as dark as other Fohers’, but a muted old gold color she could make out clearly even in the shadows of the cell.

  He was tall, about six feet five inches of muscle. But more than being struck by his size, Liana was awed by the perfect definition of his body. His god had certainly taken his time with him. His legs were long, rock-solid, thick and steady as tree trunks. Everything about him looked…sturdy.

  He no doubt made a formidable opponent in battle.

  Fohers preferred their strength over other weapons. Though some used primitive lances and knives, the humans had invaded their planet with guns, lasers, grenades. Eventually they would succeed in ridding Oriana of all Fohers, and it was painful to realize this magnificent race might one day vanish.

  Her heart swelled for him, imprisonment being no stranger to her.

  Deep lilac eyes scanned a path of fresh wounds over his body. When she encountered his privates, she felt herself color even as she continued to examine him shamelessly. His penis hung as limply as his head, his balls gathered closely below. Everything was so big and prominent she had to swallow.

  She put one foot forward, gasping in shock when that dark head lifted. Steely gray eyes clashed with hers with such force she almost staggered.

  He went as still as she, a thick red gag wrapped tightly around his mouth, the tips of his teeth biting into the fabric. The gag stretched into the sides of his lips must have been painful, but it wasn’t enough to mute the low, menacing growl that made his chest vibrate.

  “I’m not going to hurt you,” she whispered, noting the shallow but still-bleeding gashes across his chest and trying not to cringe.

  His gray, thick-lashed eyes shimmered as he stared down at her. He had the eyes of a wolf—silver, wary, intelligent.

  Liana could see anger there, frustration, piercing her soul like lances. She could only imagine what he must feel being imprisoned here. The cell reeked of sweat and blood, the stench of death hanging over air so dense it clogged her throat.

  For a moment she wished there was no war here, and that this magnificent savage would be allowed to roam freely in this world—which was by nature his. But that wasn’t to be, for the humans were here. Determined to conquer. And Liana would not be returned to Earth until they did.

  “Have those wounds been cleaned yet?” she quietly asked, though she didn’t expect an answer. Taking a few steps forward, she pressed a finger to the edge of a cut, testing the skin around it.

  He bucked, chains clanking.

  Liana jolted in shock, stepping back to watch his chest rise and fall heavily. His eyes widened at first, then clouded with storms.

  “I didn’t mean to hurt you,” she said in a shaky breath, scanning his face and then his body, confused by his reaction.

  She spotted the motive easily. That organ, which had been flaccid before, stood erect and swollen now. Corded veins pulsed along the distended length leading up to a broad, ruddy head which was so swollen it almost looked purple.

  She heard him groan a protest but could do nothing to stop herself from staring. As long as she lived, she would never forget the sight of that cock.

  She’d seen naked Fohers before. But none had ever responded to her with such…vigor.

  “Oh wow.” Her heart drummed so fast in her chest she thought it would burst out of her breast. She may still be a virgin, but an idiot she was not.

  She knew. Without a doubt in her mind. He was fully, unquestionably ready to fuck.

  Flutters danced inside her stomach. When her eyes rose to his, she caught him watching her under spiked, dark lashes, his chest heaving even faster than before.

  “I won’t hurt you,” she said softly. His captivity brazened her, prodding her to reach out.

  It had been years since she’d let herself want anything. Now it seemed as if every fiber inside her screamed with wanting to touch this big, powerful Foher. And his big, powerful cock.

  She tentatively touched one finger to the engorged, plum-shaped head. A sound choked in his throat and his stomach quivered. She snatched her hand back, staring up at him in confusion.

  She’d never seen eyes so powerful. For that moment it was as if nothing mattered but his eyes. She could almost feel them stripping her clothes off as they slowly ran along her body, down her throat, her breasts, lingering for a moment on her hips. His energy sizzled around her, proving an irresistible pull.

  “I…I will touch only once more,” she whispered, her cheeks flaring up in embarrassment over her own eagerness.

  Her fingers curled around him. He made a sound, a part growl, part purr that resembled a lion’s subtle warning. His whole body vibrated with it, triggering a bolt down her spine as her hand fisted convulsively around him.

  It felt…powerful. To hold it. Stroke it.

  Her hand stroked slowly. Up and down. The shaft was smooth and warm and as hard as the rest of him. Beads of cream gathered at the tip like dew over a quivering leaf.

  Liana’s nipples beaded under her shirt, the little tips as hard as diamonds and more sensitive than ever as they brushed painfully against the loose fabric.

  Her knees trembled. All of her limbs did. She could feel how wet she’d become, and the burn in her sex seemed almost unbearable.

  She dropped to her knees, completely losing the ability to stand. Her eyes remained glued to him, drawn by the rich, scented liquid with such luster. Liana brushed her thumb over the tiny dampened slit and brought forth more. He bucked violently, releasing another pained, muffled moan.

  Her eyelashes lifted and when she met his tortured gaze, she shuddered with primal female awareness. The dark silver in his eyes made her keenly aware of every one of her womanly parts. Every single one trembling for him.

  “You are very beautiful, Foher,” she said almost reverently.

  She’d never said this to a man, Foher or human, but it was the only word that came to mind as she held him in her hand. “Your…cock is beautiful.” She stroked it down again. The heated, rigid flesh
glided smoothly in her palm. It was incredibly warm, incredibly full.

  He’d shut his eyes. Thick tendons on his neck strained against his flesh and his outstretched arms quivered with tension. His hands flexed above the manacles, fingers curling into his palms so hard they began to shake.

  To her delight, his lean, narrow hips began to move.

  “Ah, yes. You want this, don’t you?” she cooed, clutching him a little tighter now. “And what a fine thing you are.”

  He turned wild all of a sudden, ramming his hips toward her with such force that his thickened cock slipped out of her hand, stabbing her cheek.

  Liana was so shocked she might have turned and fled. Instead, she grew bolder, grabbing the base of that long organ and with only a second’s thought, taking it into her mouth. The rigid length slid over her tongue until she could take no more of it, and then she suctioned.

  He made a sound. The sound of a man in torment. Her own body vibrated with yearning as she drank up the new salty taste in her mouth. She had never tasted a man, had never even desired to, yet she was sure the taste of this Foher would linger on her tongue forever.

  His flesh crammed her mouth and while her tongue explored the folds, she could feel every pulse in his shaft.

  She burned. Throbbed like something raw and weakened. And ached to take it inside her.

  His hips began to move, pumping his huge, delicious cock into her mouth. Her own hips rocked with eagerness, mimicking his motions by instinct. Her sex tightened, convulsing around that vacant channel that throbbed to be filled.

  The deep, sultry sounds they both made ricocheted against the crumbling walls of the little room and hit Liana with an even fiercer need.

  Images of tearing her clothes off and mounting him, of taking that part of his body and putting it inside the hottest part of hers…they danced across her mind, inviting, encouraging. But shame came stronger. Quicker.

  She’d been in captivity too many years. Remaining a virgin for so long had probably not been healthy. She was out of sorts and plain gone crazy.

  She tore herself away from the Foher so fast she fell on her hands and buttocks, her breathing now as labored as his. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that,” she rushed, color crawling up her throat.

  He thrashed against the chains so violently she could only gape for a moment. The iron manacles dug into his wrists, a trail of fresh blood dripping down the inside of one muscled arm.

  “You’re hurting yourself,” she cried. “Stop it, stop!”

  When he did, it was only to stare down at her with eyes so hot she could’ve burst into flames under that stare. She wrapped her arms around herself, lowering her lashes to escape his gaze. She rose, her legs unsteady. “I shouldn’t be here.”

  Her eyes lingered on the ground while she got herself together. “Tomorrow they will bring me to you,” she said after several deep, calming breaths. “Please save yourself and do as they tell you.”

  He turned wilder, thrashing again. The chains rattled until they deafened her ears and Liana suddenly feared he would break them, charge toward her like a horny beast and ravage her right there.

  The way she felt now, she was sure she would love it! But he frightened her. She’d never heard anyone breathe so hard.

  Afraid to look at the handsome Foher any longer, Liana hurried to the door, the sharp sounds of his rattling chains following her.

  Roderick was still slumped outside the prison door, clutching his empty bottle of wine to his chest. Every Foher they captured was reason for the humans to celebrate. They had captured quite a few lately, and Liana knew exactly what was to follow.

  She couldn’t allow it. Couldn’t allow another Foher to die.

  Much less him.

  But it had been years since she’d had the courage to formulate an escape plan for herself, much less a prisoner. Many failed attempts had ridden her of any fantasies of escaping. Now her mind balked at the notion. But she had to think of something. If not for herself, then for this Foher.

  She had to get him out, or pray to God he’d understood her and would do as commanded. Maybe then the humans would finally leave the Fohers alone. Maybe then they would take Liana back home.

  The sound of male laughter echoed across the darkened courtyard. The men were playing their usual poker game around a rickety wooden table, drinking and smoking cigars. They had their faces hidden behind their cards, stealing suspicious glances from one to the other. The game held them all spellbound.

  Liana lowered her face and made her way toward the west end of a large building to her left, where her sleeping quarters were. The twin moons were almost full, gracing the sky with their faded white orbs. They sat next to each other, one slightly higher than the other, spilling their light over the virgin land below.

  Before she could round the corner of the massive building toward the back door, a primitive, native shout rang in her ears, spurring her heart into a gallop. Expletives ran free among the men before a mass of chaos erupted. Footsteps. More expletives. Gunshots.

  Captain Lyle McCormack, a young man who claimed to be her cousin even though she had no wish to be related to the likes of him, spotted her across the stampeding men and the confusion. His hair was pulled back into the usual greasy ponytail, a scruffy beard covering his jaw. The sharp, horrifying scowl that settled on his brow was suddenly as terrifying as the nearby gun blasts. “What are you doing here, goddamn you, get inside!” He ran for her and shoved her aside as a huge, bald Foher came charging toward him.

  She stumbled over her skirt and fell to the ground as Lyle and the Foher collided then fiercely began to punch each other’s guts right in front of her.

  Liana’s heart was about to burst out of her throat.

  The visual they made, the sound of male grunts and fists pounding into flesh, a battered body landing with a loud thump beside her—it was so near, so fast, so frightening.

  Belatedly and to her horror, she realized it was Lyle sprawled on the ground, completely unconscious.

  Fohers were speaking before her, their harsh, accented words indistinguishable. They were arguing, a word popping up frequently in their discussion. Mipe. Mipe.

  Frantic to escape, she inched away toward the shadows until her back pressed against a wall. She could’ve sworn that wall had not been there before…

  A fresh wave of panic took hold as she slowly looked over her shoulder and saw that three huge, mean-looking Fohers were blocking her escape.

  Her mind froze with terror. She had no wish to find out what the natives would do—kidnap her, murder her, sacrifice her to some unknown, barbaric god. So she did the cowardly thing. With no honorable notion about saving the helpless Foher in the cell, just a purely selfish one to save her own ass, she curled herself into a protective ball, her hands pulling her head between her knees. Like a good little coward. Going utterly still, foolishly hoping to render herself unnoticeable.

  She was almost able to convince herself she was safe. As if somehow invisible in this very spot. Then a hand closed around her wrist and a voice scraped over her skin like sandpaper.

  “You’re coming with me.”

  When a scented cloth was pressed to her mouth and nose, Liana squirmed weakly against her captor—then suddenly blacked out.

  Chapter Two

  Kavi carried the woman’s limp body for hours. She weighed very little but still detracted from his speed as he wound his way through the towering forest trees. The other Fohers had moved swiftly, and he’d lost sight of them over an hour ago.

  Kavi told himself age had nothing to do with his inability to catch up. He was a Foher in his prime. The others hadn’t had a fierce whipping. None of them had been starved. And none of them had a little inconvenience over their shoulders. Three very good reasons for Kavi’s pitiful pace.

  One of the younger Fohers, Ajay, had offered to carry her, but Kavi had refused. No one was touching the woman but him. She was draped over his shoulder now, her head falling behind h
im, her arms limp.

  Kavi quickened his pace, lithely stepping around the logs and rocks, knowing humans would soon follow.

  The scent of forest trees and dampened earth didn’t override the sweet, drugging scent of the human. It filled him with a want of her. His pants felt tight and uncomfortable even now.

  No one had ever touched him like she had. Her caresses had been innocent, awkward at first. He thought he’d go crazy anticipating the next gentle brush of her fingers. He’d prayed to the goddess Amaya the human wouldn’t stop touching him. Ever. He’d thought he’d rip the chains from the walls, so fierce had been his desire to take her in his arms, lift her skirt and fuck her.

  He’d at first thought she was a common whore sent to him. But her manner had not been that of a whore. And her eyes were filled with allure and magic. Eyes the color of amethysts, deep and clear and breathtaking. He’d wanted to come in her mouth.

  His speech may have been hampered, but he’d told her with his eyes. His body had been clear—he wanted her.

  But she’d stopped—leaving him shaking, drugged, desperate. He’d thrashed against his bonds, his cock sensitive to the air. For a moment he was certain she’d come back to him, put her little mouth around him once again. She had left without a backward glance instead.

  What had he foolishly expected? She was human. And like all humans he’d known, she’d promised utopia…and delivered an inferno.

  The humans had outstayed their welcome on this planet. And it was Kavi who’d opened the doors of Oriana to them. Kavi who’d allowed their shuttles to arrive. Kavi who’d spoken to his people about peace and sharing. Kavi had learned their language. Traded with them.

  The humans had betrayed Kavi and his kind.

  They’d lured them with their women, with their fancy words and technological trinkets.

  Fohers were primitive creatures. Superstitious by nature. Innocent to a fault. They did not understand the humans’ betrayal. The point of speaking words you did not mean. Shaking the hands of those whom you planned to kill. But now Kavi understood perfectly. And so did his kind.

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