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           Ray Daley
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Blade Runner Time Line
Blade Runner Time Line

  Raymond Daley

  Copyright 30/12/11 by Raymond Daley

  1948 - Gregor, Vladimir and Anna Romanich travel from Warsaw to America. On arrival at Ellis Island they are given the name Tyrell.

  Sunday August 7 1949 - Eldon William Tyrell is born to Gregor and Anna Tyrell who dies in childbirth. The name William comes from the Immigration Officer who processed the Romanich family through Ellis Island.

  1950 - Gregor, Vladimir and Eldon Tyrell settle in Chicago, Illinois.

  1965 - Eldon leaves home and enrolls at John Hopkins University to study medicine.

  31 December 1969 - Eldon Tyrell completes a term paper theorizing accelerated cell growth techniques.

  1970 - Doctor Eldon Tyrell begins his Post Graduate Course at John Hopkins University.

  1973 - Roy Batty born

  1974 - Doctor Eldon Tyrell earns his PHD at John Hopkins University.

  1975 - Eldon Tyrell begins work in the Operations Research department at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica.

  1985 - Eldon Tyrell is headhunted and commences employment with DARPA.

  1987 - Eldon Tyrell is seconded onto Black Projects with DARPA.

  Friday January 12 1990 - Gregor Tyrell dies of advanced stage pancreatic cancer leaving everything to his only son, his younger brother Vladimir Tyrell is appointed executor of his estate.

  February 1990 - Vladimir Tyrell secretly marries Jane Wilson, later that month he announces she is pregnant.

  Tuesday April 17 1990 - Eldon Tyrell registers and commences trading as the owner of The Tyrell Corporation.

  November 5 1990 - Sarah Racheal Tyrell is born to Vladimir and Jane Tyrell.

  1991 - Project Nexus begins. It is announced many years later by Eldon Tyrell that development on this had been privately on-going since 1976.

  January 1991 - Roy Batty commences Navy SEAL training.

  1992 - The Tyrell Corporation Headquarters is completed. It has 800 stories and is the worlds tallest building measuring 1.21 miles in height.

  August 1993 - Roy Batty qualifies as a Navy SEAL.

  1994 - J. F. Sebastian born.

  Monday May 12 1995 - First fully functioning Nexus unit is debuted to Global Media, it is donated to NASA for use on Mars missions. The Nexus unit is designed to last for 10 years in order to recoup costs for purchasers. Reports estimate the price of a single Nexus unit at 30 million US dollars.

  June 1997 - Millionth Nexus unit delivered, exact date unknown due to a fire in the Tyrell file archive.

  1998 - CLASSIFIED: Prototype Nexus 2 units tested to destruction.

  1999 - Jaded by military mentality Roy Batty leaves the Navy SEALs to become a mercenary.

  Wednesday Aug 25 1999 - First fully functioning Nexus 2 unit debuted to Global Media, it is donated for Off-world mining projects. The Nexus 2 is also designed to last for 10 years like its predecessor. The Nexus 2 is stronger, faster and more resilient. The price of a single Nexus 2 unit is claimed to be 25 million US dollars

  2000 - 8 Million Nexus 2 combat models shipped to Omicron 4, the war is won by sheer numbers.

  2003 - Using known published Tyrell Corps techniques J. F. Sebastian creates a bio-engineered dog for a school science project aged 9.

  January 2003 - CLASSIFIED: In order to gain more market appeal Tyrell Corps attempts the concept of diversification. It is decided that Nexus units with specific functions will be created in batches of 12. Specific models will include combat, pleasure, labour and education. The suggested education model is eventually vetoed by Eldon Tyrell.

  February 1 2003 - Nexus 3 Prime unit demonstrates combat readiness ability to Military community. The Nexus 3 is designed to last for 8 years, reflexes, intelligence & agility are improved from the previous model. The price of a single Nexus 3 unit is 10 million US dollars. CLASSIFIED: After the tests take place Eldon Tyrell Retires the Nexus 3 Prime unit. It is shipped back to Tyrell HQ for analysis.

  November 2005 - CLASSIFIED: Final Nexus 1 unit ceases to function. It is shipped back to Tyrell HQ for analysis.

  2006 - In a privately funded project by Eldon Tyrell all school testing scores are monitored. J. F. Sebastian is discovered by the Tyrell Corporation and placed into a higher education programme aged 12.

  June 13 2007 - Nexus 4 model is mass produced, it is estimated that 50 million Nexus 3 units were produced and all were shipped Off-world - Tyrell Corps report record profits. Due to protests from global religious and human rights movements the Nexus 4 is designed to last for only 4 years but its intelligence is vastly increased. Tyrell researchers attempt many new techniques to cut production costs. The price of a single Nexus 4 unit is 7 million US dollars. Sanctions are imposed on Tyrell Corps stating all future Nexus models must only have a 4 year lifespan with no exceptions.

  2008 - Tyrell Corporation hires former military personnel for research & development. CLASSIFIED: Project Templant begins.

  2009 - Dr Eldon Tyrell pioneers new bio-storage format, thoughts, memories and personalities are recorded. CLASSIFIED: He uses both himself and Sarah Tyrell as the first recordings. Former mercenary Roy Batty is among the first Tyrell employees to be recorded. A recording of designer J. F. Sebastian is archived.

  December 2009 - CLASSIFIED: Final Nexus 2 model ceases to function. It is shipped back to Tyrell HQ for analysis.

  January 2010 - Lab technicians report some mild cell damage located in the brains of some Nexus 3 models, 1000 units are recalled for investigative purposes. Tyrell Corps replaces them with Nexus 4 models for no extra charge to the owners.

  February 2010 - Harry Bryant hired by L.A.P.D.

  April 2010 - CLASSIFIED: 4 Tyrell Lab techs are killed by a rogue Nexus 3 unit which is destroyed by Security. Eldon Tyrell orders the immediate formation of an elite Security unit to combat the new rogue Nexus threat. Templant volunteer Roy Batty is appointed Captain of the new unnamed unit. They are unofficially called Battys Brigade by a mercenary member.

  May to October 2010 - CLASSIFIED: Battys Brigade are called almost daily to pacify the rogue Nexus 3 threat on the production floor. Over 60% of units have been recalled and replaced.

  November 2010 - "The Tannhauser Incident". A Nexus 3 combat team stages a bloody mutiny against the Tannhauser Gate civilian colony, there were no survivors. All intel was compiled by satellite reconnaissance. The Tannhauser Gate was reclaimed by the enemy, who have held it ever since.

  January 3 2011 - The United Nations declares Replicants illegal on Earth. U.N. orders all Replicants on Earth be taken Off-world or destroyed within 28 days.

  January 2011 - Blade Runner units are formed. Harry Bryant is among the first chosen.

  February 1 2011 - Blade Runner units go into action. Most units are based in the Greater Los Angeles area as intelligence reports state Replicants may attempt to return to Tyrell Corps HQ, within their mandate they are also given permission to pursue across state lines always retaining jurisdiction.

  February 10 2011 - First public sighting of a Retirement by a Blade Runner unit, a basic male pleasure model is Retired by Harry Bryant as it reads the news on American television.

  March 2011 - CLASSIFIED: Final Nexus 3 model ceases to function. It is shipped back to Tyrell HQ for analysis. It is later placed into a cold storage archive along with the final Nexus 1 and 2 units.

  April 2011 - CLASSIFIED: Eldon Tyrell orders all Blade Runner personnel to undergo his new recording process. L.A.P.D. are unable to refuse as he is privately financing the unit through a dummy corporation. The recording process becomes part of a standard yearly physical to allow current recordings to be maintained.

  June 2011 - CLASSIFIED: The first Blade Runner officer is kill
ed by a rogue Nexus 4 in Fresno, California. Members of Battys Brigade are deployed to Retire the unit who is eventually caught in Reno, Nevada.

  July 1 2011 - Nexus 5 unit commences production retailing for 6 million US dollars, it has faster reactions, a higher pain threshold and some rumours say it may be self-aware. CLASSIFIED: All preceding units are personally ordered to be destroyed by Eldon Tyrell. Units are shipped back to the Terrestrial Solar System by automated craft and flown into our Sun. Tyrell Corps estimates that more than 100 million Nexus 4 units are Retired in this fashion. It is confirmed by bio-mechanical sensors that all Nexus 4 units are now nonfunctional. Requests for 1 analysis unit go unanswered. A space is left in the Tyrell cold storage archive in the event that any Nexus 4 unit, rogue or otherwise may eventually turn up in the future.

  July 8 2011 - CLASSIFIED: Tyrell are called to investigate the first report of a Blade Runner Retiring a human by mistake. The officer had been working more than 90 hours that week and was severely depressed due to the loss of his mother in a spinner accident. The victim was a military veteran who had been drinking in a local bar. The incident was classed as
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