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     He Wakes Up, p.1

       Ramin Pourmand / Fantasy
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He Wakes Up

He Wakes Up By

Ramin Pourmand


MARGUS, 35, white skin, thin, with short brown hair, opens his eyes and wakes up, there is a bit panic in his eyes, He is in the bed wearing his nightshirt.

He remembers some sounds and voices from his dreams. The vague sound of talking with a woman. The sound of noises in the bus. The sounds gradually disappear.

He listens to the surrounding sounds. He hears some noises of a person packing in the other room; after a while, he hears a woman is shouting to a child.

A WOMAN (O.S) (With anger)
I said you can't take that doll!

(A bit calmer)
You will not play with it.

Margus hears the kid start to cry. Margus listens to the other sounds around him, some birds are tweeting outside, and he looks over to the window. He sees a big willow tree, then he looks into the street, then he pays attention to a car that tries to park in front of the neighbour's house

He hears the struggle of the mother and the daughter continue from the other room but, for a short while, there is no sound and there is peace around him. Silence. Then the woman calls him.


Margus lazily slides away from the bed.

WOMAN(O.S) (Shouting louder)
Margus! Honey!

Margus goes close to the mirror, looks at himself, he touches his beard that has not been shaved for two days and then stares at his eyes. Then he looks back to the bed. He looks over to the bed for a long time without blinking.

Margus! Don't go to sleep again!
We are late!

Margus quickly leaves the room.


As soon as he enters the living room, he sees his wife, MARIA,35, chubby, with long blond hair, is sitting on a suitcase pressing it hard with her body weight and trying to close the zipper, but she can't. Margus helps her to close the zipper. Maria immediately gives him the car key and leaves to go into the kitchen.

Margus first tries to lift the suitcase but it's too heavy, so he turns it to its wheel side and pulls it behind himself to the parking lot.


Margus wears two slippers, they don't match; one is red and the other one is brown. Then he tries to fit the suitcase into the car boot, but it does not fit. Finally, he gives up and puts it in the back seat. The car is a rather old blue 1995 Ford but, it is clean. He bends under the steering wheel to pull a cord that opens the bonnet. Bonnet opens with a slight clunking sound.

When he wants to close the car's front door, he sees a scratch on the car door just below the window, and immediately he gets sad, he checks if the scratch is deep or if it can be removed easily.

He makes his finger wet with his saliva and tries to clean the scratch, but it does not go away. He tries to remove the scratch with his thumbnail, and finally, he gives up. He closes the car's front door and goes a bit back and looks at the scratch from a distance to see what it looks like. The scratch can't be seen easily from a distance.

He feels better, so he opens the bonnet to look inside. The engine is very clean. There is some rust on it, but it is not greasy at all and is very well kept. He first opens the radiator cap to check the water level, then he checks the engine oil level.

Engine oil level is full. Then he closes the bonnet and goes back towards home, but on the way back he looks back to see the scratch for one last time. He murmurs something under his lips. It is like he is talking to himself. He brings his hands up and it seems he says to himself, "whatever," and then he leaves the parking lot and enters his home.


Maria in a rush feeds the kid with some kind of yellow cereal. Kid, ELIZABETH is 4 years old.

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