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       Capture, p.44

         Part #1 of Seaside Pictures series by Rachel Van Dyken


  Filming was going late and I was exhausted after being kept up most of the night, so I grabbed the last of the Skittles, poured them into the bowl, made sure that Linc had the water he wanted, double-checked the blinds to make sure they were closed, then went to let myself out of the trailer.

  The door opened right before I touched it, and suddenly Linc and I were chest to chest.

  My breath came out in a little gasp as he lifted me into his arms and kissed me soundly across the mouth, while simultaneously locking the door behind him. I didn't have time to respond as he walked me back into the small bedroom then tossed me onto the bed. His shirt went flying, then shoes, jeans… gone. And he was standing before me much like he had the night before, naked.

  "Good day?" I breathed, sitting up on my elbows.

  "It just got better." He licked his lips, eying me up and down before crooking his finger.

  Slowly, I got off the bed and approached him, lifting my hands into the air as he pulled off my T-shirt, then fused his mouth with mine.

  "Good day?" He repeated my question.

  "It's looking up." I tugged his head down to mine again, my hands tangling in his long hair, pulling hard as I angled my body against his.

  Laughing, he tossed me back onto the bed, leaving me to pull off the rest of my clothes. Then he joined me again, all traces of laughter gone as he kissed a trail down my stomach. I laced my hands into his hair again.

  "I have…" He kissed then licked the ticklish spot next to my belly button.

  My legs shook, while my body jerked toward him.

  "… five minutes."

  "We can be fast." I assumed he meant sex so I tried tugging his body back toward mine.

  "Five minutes," he repeated, his head lowering farther and farther.

  My eyes widened as I realized where he was going.

  "But, sweetheart, I only need two."

  Actually, he got it done in one.

  But that was beside the point.

  "Tell me," I asked, my body still wracked with tremors. "Do you put that on the back of your head shot? 'Cause it's a skill. It really is."

  "I figured it would be presumptuous, and then what would happen if a casting director asked me to prove it?" he joked, tossing me my shirt.

  I quickly put on my clothes, but it was so hard; each time I put on an article of clothing, he pulled me in for another kiss.

  "I don't want to leave," he grumbled, "but Jay wants to get this scene, and the tide's out and—"

  I shushed him with another kiss. "Go, I'm gonna head home anyway."

  A regretful look crossed his face. "I'll try to hurry."

  "Art never hurries," I corrected in my best Jaymeson voice.

  "Accent needs work." He winked then pulled me in for another kiss. "I probably won't see you until tomorrow. Then again, that's your birthday party… so damn it, when am I going to have alone time with you?"

  "We'll work it out." I laughed. "It's not like you're leaving tomorrow or something."

  He tugged my body roughly against his. "Thank God for that."

  "Have fun, except when you're kissing my sister. I hope those scenes suck."

  His eyebrows knitted together as he gave me a concerned squeeze on the shoulder. "Does it bother you? I'm sorry, I swear it's acting. It's not—"

  "Linc," I said, allowing some irritation into my tone, "I live with actors. I know the way it works. Don't worry about me."

  "I do." Voice earnest, he kissed the top of my head. "So much."

  "I know." I scrunched up my nose. "Now go before Jay adds another reason to kill you to his list."

  "Right." He hesitated, kissing me one last time before leaving the trailer. I swallowed a giddy shriek and flipped off the lights, then made my way home.

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