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         Part #1 of Seaside Pictures series by Rachel Van Dyken
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  The next ten days flew by in a blur. Even if I'd wanted to seduce Dani, I wouldn't have had the energy. It took all I had to even shower at night. I was putting in fourteen-hour days along with Pris. The only reason I ate was because Dani was incredible and made sure I always had snacks in my trailer. She even had a few extra sets of clothes brought in with essentials from my rented house, since it seemed stupid for me to go back to the house and sleep for one hour before being needed back in makeup.

  The schedule was wearing on me, wearing on everyone — even Jay, who rarely raised his voice at the actors. The last person who'd forgotten a line got complete silence, which meant Jay was about ready to lose his shit.

  The weather wasn't cooperating, probably because we were shooting what was supposed to be taking place in the summer, in the fall. The tourist season had been way too busy for us to chance it; plus, it would have been basically impossible to block off part of the public beaches for filming, and the last thing we needed was teenagers with camera phones leaking footage.

  I finished my last line with Pris. Her eyes were tired. Hell, it was probably harder for her than it was for anyone. She was at least pregnant. Jaymeson's only excuse was that he was both directing and starring.

  "Cut," Jaymeson said in a tired voice. "Linc, for this next shot, can you turn toward the camera more." I shifted my feet to the right. "Stop, right there, great, okay, deliver those same lines."

  It started to rain.

  "We're filming through it!" Jay shouted as the mark was set.


  "What do you want me to say? Pick me? Over my brother?" I ran my hands through my hair; the rain started pouring, water dripped from my eyelids down my cheeks as Pris reached for my wrist.

  "Please," she begged. "Don't make me choose. I can't. I love you both."

  "Bullshit!" I yelled, jerking away from her. "That's impossible, and it's sick. Shit, it's like the past is on repeat." I turned toward the camera, my eyes locking with Dani's as she handed Jay a water bottle.

  "The past?" Pris placed her hand on my shoulder. "Talk to me. What do you mean?"

  I snorted in disgust. "You should ask my brother."

  My shirt stuck to my body like a second skin as I clenched my fists and delivered the last of my lines, not taking my eyes off Dani.

  "I love you. Not that my love means anything. Not when you compare it to his, but…" My voice broke. "… I love you."

  "Cut," Jaymeson said quietly.

  The entire set was silent.

  I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or bad thing. It could really go either way. Thankfully, it went the right way as Jay stood, clapped twice, and nodded his head in approval. "Good job, Linc. That was brilliant. Really, really brilliant."

  "Thanks." My emotions were all over the place. I was overtired, overworked, soaking wet, and I wanted — no I needed Dani.

  She eyed me up and down, her hungry gaze drinking me in.

  And I lost all ability to stay back. When her eyes locked on mine, I just snapped. There was no other way to explain it. Blood surged through my veins, and my eyes struggled to take in her beauty as her hooded eyes damn near closed. Her body, even from this far away, I could tell, erupted in head-to-toe goose bumps. Her thin white tank top was drenched; a pink bra peeked through, teasing me beyond my control.

  "I'll be back," I called to whomever would listen as I stomped toward Dani, gripped her by the wrist, and pulled her behind me. I weaved us between a series of trailers until I knew we were alone.

  I looked left then right.

  "Linc, what are you—?"

  "Screw friendship," I growled before I slammed my mouth against hers in a rough, desperate kiss. Rain pelted off our bodies as I sucked her lips, licked, then angled my head so I could taste her more — get more. I just wanted more, damn it.

  Dani wrapped her arms around my neck, interlocking her fingers and tugging me closer to her little body. I still wasn't close enough. Every kiss became no more than a tease. I gripped her shirt with my hand, twisting it to pull her closer, exposing her skin. My hand met her hot flesh, and I did the unthinkable, something I'd never been accused of in my life. I freaking blew the whole spectrum of PDA out of the water and tried to remove her shirt.

  In a parking lot.

  Clearly, she wasn't about to stop me either with the way she rocked her body against me. She might be young, possibly innocent, but she made up for it with enthusiasm, and damn, that enthusiasm was going to kill me.

  I broke the kiss, and took a step back, chest heaving.

  Dani reached for me just as I reached for her again.

  My mouth was back on hers in an instant, clamoring to drink her in, begging for any sort of release she could give.

  "Well, well, well." A male voice chuckled in the distance. "I certainly don't kiss my friends like that."

  Slowly, I pulled back from Dani and turned to my left, where Zane was standing, holding a box of donuts and a coffee. "Thought Dani might need a break, but I think she's going to like your break more than mine."

  "Damn right," I muttered.

  "Lip-gloss." Zane pointed to my mouth. "Some pink right on the corner. Other than that, I'd never know you were just mauling Jaymeson's little sister."

  I glared.

  "In between two trailers." He grinned. "In broad daylight."

  "I know what time it is," I spat. "Can't you be charming elsewhere?"

  "Of course." Zane nodded. "I'm like the good fairy of charm, just waving my… wand…" He winked at Dani. "… all over the place."

  "Keep your wand in your pants, you bastard," I snarled.

  "Hey, Dani, is it your birthday yet?" Zane ignored me. "Because, by my calculations, we still have three days."

  Dani reached for my hand then squeezed. "Three days sounds right."

  "Hmm." Zane didn't move an inch.

  Rolling my eyes, I grabbed the donuts from his hands as well as the coffee. "You can go now."

  "Sorry." Zane shrugged, not looking the least bit sorry. "But I've just nominated myself chaperone."

  "Good, because I just nominated myself to the task of beating the shit out of you."

  "You find them?" Jay rounded the corner. "Thank God, I thought my star actor had drowned or something. You're needed on set. We're going to re-shoot the last scene one more time at a different angle." Jay gave me a pointed look. "As in, right now. Today."

  "Run along now, Linc. I've got this." Zane winked.

  Cursing under my breath, I pulled Dani in for a chaste kiss on her cheek then whispered, "Leave your window open tonight, Rapunzel. I'm climbing in."

  Her cheeks turned pink, but she gave me an affirming nod before I walked off, leaving her yet again in Saint's clutches.

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