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       Raven (A Creepy Hollow Story Book 2), p.12

           Rachel Morgan
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  “I’m enjoying being back there. It’s challenging at times, but in a good way.”

  She nodded, and they stood in silence for a few moments.

  “How are your parents doing?” Flint asked.

  “Um, they’re okay. Still recovering from the scandal of being associated with the crazy fashion school teacher who tried to blow up Mella Cascata. We, uh, didn’t talk for a while. But we’re slowly patching things up now. Working toward a mutual understanding and respect of each other’s priorities.”

  “Must be interesting going through all that under the same roof,” Flint said. “Although having a large house probably helps. You don’t have much chance of bumping into each other.”

  “Oh, no, I don’t live there anymore. I stayed with Poe for a while, and then after I started working here, I moved upstairs. They have accommodation for employees.”

  “Oh, cool.” He hesitated, looked down at his hands, then tucked them both behind his back. “Raven, I’m really sorry for the way I ended things before. I didn’t want to create a divide between you and your parents, but I should have trusted that together we could get them to accept … us.”

  “It’s fine, really,” she said. “I understand where you were coming from. Especially having lost your dad. Family’s hugely important to you, and it was good that you reminded me of that. It’s important to me too. I’m working hard on maintaining a relationship with my parents, even though they’re not the easiest people.”

  “Well, anyway, I still shouldn’t have hurt you like that.”

  She shook her head and smiled. “It’s in the past.”

  He let out a breath he might possibly have been holding since he walked in here. “Okay, well, it was great talking to you. I should probably go.”

  “Okay.” He turned away, then swung back around to face her. “Do you want to get a drink sometime? Or dinner or something?”

  A smile spread across her face. “I do, yes.”


  “Tonight works well.”

  “Great.” He took another step away, then turned to face her yet again. “I missed you. A lot. You can probably tell.”

  She chuckled and nodded. She rocked forward onto her toes, then back down again. “Can you tell how much I missed you?”

  “Uh … not really.”

  She didn’t pause. A moment later, her arms were around his neck, and she was hugging him tightly. “Can you tell now?”

  His arms came up around her back and pulled her closer. He nodded against her hair. “Yes.”

  They stood like that for quite some time before she pressed a brief kiss to his neck and stepped back. “I’ll see you tonight?”

  “Yes. I’m very much looking forward to it.”

  She smiled. “Me too.”

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  About Rachel and Her Books

  Rachel Morgan spent a good deal of her childhood living in a fantasy land of her own making, crafting endless stories of make-believe and occasionally writing some of them down. After completing a degree in genetics and discovering she still wasn’t grown-up enough for a ‘real’ job, she decided to return to those story worlds still spinning around her imagination. These days she spends much of her time immersed in fantasy land once more, writing fiction for young adults and those young at heart.

  Rachel lives in Cape Town with her husband and three miniature dachshunds. She is the author of the bestselling Creepy Hollow series, and also writes sweet contemporary romance under the name Rochelle Morgan.

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  Rachel Morgan, Raven (A Creepy Hollow Story Book 2)



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