Apocalypse origins, p.9
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       Apocalypse Origins, p.9

           R.A. Neely


  Morning came and everyone gathered outside of the rest stop. Greg stood in front of them and raised his hands for silence. Once they quieted he spoke, "Bring out the accused."

  There was some shuffling as two of his guards dragged the man through the midst of the group. The guards dropped the man at Greg's feet and took a step back. "This man stands accused of raping one of our women," he announced. Greg paused as a number of people gasped.

  "I have investigated and found him guilty. There is no doubt in my mind. Before, this man would have been put on trial. If he was found guilty, he'd face some jail time." Greg shook his head, "That's not how it's gonna work with us. I will not take away from our defenses to guard this man. I will not waste our food on a man that doesn't contribute."

  Greg looked around the group and saw that a number of people were nodding. Greg drew his machete and the group gasped. "This man confessed his crime but he showed no remorse. He felt that he was owed because he saved the woman's life. Listen up! No woman is to be touched against her will. Any man that breaks this will find himself right here."

  Greg stepped forward and thrust his machete into the man's chest. He then placed his foot on his chest to pull his machete free. "We are attacked on all sides," he said looking at the crowd. "The infected are one side and scum like this are on the other. We have to stand together if we're going to survive." Greg walked away and people took that as a dismissal.

  He heard snippets of conversation as he went. "Can you believe that?"

  "I'm glad he did," their companion replied.

  There were several more conversations like this that Greg heard and he nodded to himself. At least some of the group so the necessity for his actions. He reached his quarters and used a rag to clean his machete before sheathing it. He turned at the sound of movement and saw Carol standing in the doorway.

  "You okay?" she asked.

  Greg nodded, "Yeah, I'm alright. How's everyone taking it?"

  "There are couple that look upset but most of them seem to think that was a good idea. That man wasn't popular around here."

  Greg nodded, "Everyone getting ready?"

  Carol nodded, "Laura took over after you left. Everyone's packing up now."

  "Alright," Greg replied, "Let's get on the road."
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