Apocalypse origins, p.35
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       Apocalypse Origins, p.35

           R.A. Neely


  Reel looked out the window as they sped through the Wisconsin countryside. They were just a few hours out from his new city. One of Dray's men had contacted him with the coordinates early this morning. Dray was a fool for giving him a new base of operations. Reel would rebuild his forces and take the tower from him. Emerald Falls was the true center of power and he had no doubt this had been part of Dray's plan. The man had probably hoped that he would have been killed by the unchecked spread of the infected but Reed would show him. He'd come out on top and rule from the Emerald Tower himself.

  His suv pulled to a stop and Reel exited the vehicle. There caravan was a sight to see. There were nearly forty identical suvs, each of them filled with loyal men. He was handed a pair of binoculars and brought them to his eyes. His new home sprang into view and he had to admit he was disappointed. He'd been expecting a moderately sized town at least, not some backwater. Yet further insult by Dray but that was alright. He'd make this work.

  "How's it look?" he asked the man standing next to him.

  "We're not seeing a lot of movement at the moment. I'd guess that most of them are holed up in the town. We did notice some tents to the south though. We should probably do some recon to make sure we have an accurate count of their numbers."

  Dray's man had told them they had a fighting force of approximately one hundred men. He had twice that plus his men were some of the best the world had to offer. "We're dealing with a group of survivors, not a trained military force. I sincerely doubt they're any match for us."

  "Of course sir," the man replied. 

  Reel nodded, "Let's move, we've got a town to take."
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