Apocalypse origins, p.34
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       Apocalypse Origins, p.34

           R.A. Neely


  Greg watched silently as the next group of guards came to stand before them. "I pledge my loyalty to Gregoria and her people," they began in unison. "I will serve with honor and integrity."

  They had already taken the oath Lakeside would be performing in the morning. James had thought that the guards should have a separate oath so here they were. It was after midnight and he wanted nothing more to be in his bed but they decided to get all the guards sworn in before the ceremony.

  "I will uphold her laws," they continued.

  Greg was amazed that they had come so far. To think, they started out as nothing more than a desperate group of survivors and now they were their own people. Lakeside was just the first step. In a day or two, he'd send out the scouts to look for more survivors. He'd unite whoever remained so they could stand against Dray's plans for conquest.

  "Though it cost me my life, I will defend her from her enemies."

  Greg smiled as the men continued their oath. They'd started out so small, now they had an army.

  "I will not falter, I will not fear, her enemies will fear my roar."
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