Apocalypse origins, p.23
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       Apocalypse Origins, p.23

           R.A. Neely


  Carol watched the fight unfold from the tent flap. She had her pistol in hand but didn't dare use it for fear of hitting Greg. She kind of felt helpless but she had to believe that Greg would be alright. They'd been through far worse. The first day of the Collapse had been terrible but Greg had kept her safe. She had to believe he'd be okay now. Carol heard something behind her but didn't see anything when she turned to investigate. This whole ordeal had her jumpy.

  Olson slowly approached the woman from behind. He had to be more careful, she'd almost discovered him before he could make his move. He'd cut an opening into the tent but he must not have been as quiet as he thought. He'd have to be careful here. The first woman had a surprising amount of fight in her. Someone had been training her, she'd even managed to land a few blows before he had decided to knock her out. He wasn't supposed to hurt her but he wasn't gonna get killed dragging these women out of here. Olson crept closer. What was the woman looking at? He heard the sound of metal on metal. Looking past her he saw two figures fighting. Was that Simmons? That must be the leader of this camp then. Was this his woman? Olson shook his head, it didn't matter, he'd grab her just in case. He doubted they'd get another chance at this if they failed here tonight.
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