Apocalypse origins, p.22
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       Apocalypse Origins, p.22

           R.A. Neely


  The sound of an explosion rocked Greg from his slumber. Moments later he heard a flurry of activity outside his tent. No doubt someone was coming to wake him.

  "What's going on?" Carol asked as she sat up in the bed.

  "They're here. Stay in the tent," he said as he stepped outside.

  "Greg!" James called. "Explosion on the north side of the camp!"

  Greg nodded as another explosion lit the night. "That was from the west. They're trying to distract us. Probably hoping we spread ourselves thin."

  "What do we do?" James asked.

  "Go check on Shirley." Greg looked at the guards who had arrived for instructions. "Split up. Check each side of the camp." This was exactly what they wanted but he didn't have a choice. If they were attacking his people he had to defend them. It just really bugged him that he was playing right into their hand.

  Greg wasn’t sure what alerted him. A shift in the wind? The sound of a foot depressing the grass? All he knew was that someone was behind him. He threw himself into a forward somersault and came up with his pistol at the ready. A boot connected with his hand and sent the pistol flying away. His attacker followed up with a downward thrust but Greg managed to catch the arm and delivered several quick strikes to the abdomen. Standing, he grabbed the arm with his other hand and flipped his opponent over his hip. His attacker recovered instantly and Greg barely managed to dodge a boot aimed for his knee. Greg drew his machete. He'd have to be careful, this guy could fight.

  "Nice reflexes," the man said as he stood. "They're not gonna save you though. Your men are distracted so no one can save you," he said as he drew a long combat knife.

  Greg smiled confidently, "I don't need saving. You had your one chance to kill me and you failed. How about you save yourself some pain and tell me what this is all about?"

  The man chuckled, "It's not about anything. I have orders to kill you, simple as that."

  "Alright," Greg replied, "let's get this done."

  Simmons smiled and sprinted forward. Greg roared and responded with a charge of his own. Despite the situation, he was excited. This was going to be fun. There was no guilt holding him back here. No gray area as to whether or not he should respond with force. This man had tried to kill him and Greg would put him down.
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