Apocalypse origins, p.19
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       Apocalypse Origins, p.19

           R.A. Neely


  Olson sat thoughtfully as they drove north. It looks like the trip wouldn't be a waste after all. Jeremy thought they were out here to find his errant female. Dray had only permitted the excursion due to the influence the boy's father wielded. No, that was a complete waste of time. Olson figured the woman had probably left him of her own accord. No, the real reason they were out here was to take note of any large survivor groups. Small setups like the one they'd just left were fine. They could be easily controlled. Larger groups could turn out to be a problem however. Dray was building something and they didn't need the competition.

  They were making great time because the group they were following had to clear the roads. These guys were organized but he doubted they could handle trained professionals. They could grab Jeremy's woman and maybe drop the group's leader while they were at it. Near the end of the day they saw their target on the horizon. They pulled over to wait for nightfall so they could approach unseen.
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