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       Crimson Chorus, From the Nine Kingdoms (Chapter 2), p.6

           R. Merino
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  From the militia square, Ephesto had located the military group which had been assigned. They were reunited in the southeast part, and among them was one who highlight because was giving the orders. He noticed that was captain Eelago and decided to approach him. The captain was a strong-being, his appearance was like chief Dolomeo: tall, burly shoulders and chest but with a slender hip; also he remembered the occasion which he was attacked by this last one.

  By every step approaching, it came him the same feeling felt during the persecution. He thought the captain would order to all his subordinates to attack him at any moment. But it wasn’t like that.

  There were in total, forty members divided in four rows of nine, two near where Ephesto and captain Eelago were, and the other two separated thirty steps away. Both groups were facing each other while listening attentively at captain orders. There were four militaries that were separated from the others, they were merely observing. The difference in the appearance of both sides was notorious: the near seemed sagacious, and the distant ones, tenacious.

  “First row,” exclaimed captain Eelago, and the front row of the sagacious advanced five steps. “At my signal ...!” he made a pause of suspense.

  Ephesto was looking carefully.


  The first row of sagacious accelerated almost anticipating the order from the captain, while tenacious waited the clash, holding a firm posture. Both rows collided and with fast movements they were forcing in duels one versus one. Four sagacious made submit to theirs opponents while the rest couldn’t achieve it. The four continued advancing towards the second row of tenacious but, were submitted. Ephesto could realize that was a kind of ceremonial fight in a fellowship environment.

  “Second row! Assault!” ordered captain Eelago.

  The second row of sagacious imitated the action of the first. They ran out against the rest of the first row of tenacious, and kept advancing to colliding with the second row. This time just seven sagacious advanced, leaving behind just two tenacious standing.

  “Rows incorporate!”

  Captain Eelago took out a scroll and he wrote on it. Ephesto took advantage of the pause to approach him.

  “Good day, respectful captain,” he said attracting his attention. “My name is Ephesto ...” and showed him the registration.

  “AYE. You must be the new general’s courier. What message did you bring me?”

  “No, I am not the courier ...” replied Ephesto a bit dispirited and confused.

  “AH?! Don’t...?! Then?” inquired captain Eelago, revising him, glaring him aggressively.

  “Well, the truth is ...” answered Ephesto nervously, “I have come to join your division ...”

  “HA, HA, HA” Captain Eelago laughed bravery. “I know that, young, I can see your eyes hunger for desire, looking for training,” his words had been extremely spirited. “Ours Deity’s Luck has come to you, because it chose you to be part of my team. But in the militia you’ll need more than only desire and, luck.”

  “I bring the scroll with the authorization of the general ...” said Ephesto who naively was trying to give him the scroll.

  “HA, HA, HA” He laughs again, calling the attention of all his subordinates. “So you bring the authorization ... HA, HA, HA. Quite impetuous, young. But I’m not talking about this ...” he snatched the scroll from Ephestos’s hands and he looked directly to his eyes waiting for him to guess the answer.

  “I... do not know, captain ...”

  “You don’t! But you’ll know it! That is why you have come here. Do you see that corner?” asked captain Eelago using the scroll to point at wall direction that divided the militia’s perimeter with the Right-Wing of the Noble Neighborhood. “Go there, draw a circle so that you keep inside it and don’t go out until my order. Do you understand?”

  “Yes, captain ...”

  “Then go there.”

  Ephesto went to the indicated place and he did as ordered; he waited while observing his companions resume their ceremony.
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