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       Crimson Chorus, From the Nine Kingdoms (Chapter 2), p.5

           R. Merino
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  “Reenjeen, with this already add twelve reports,” said Nolla as a complaint to his distinguished companion. “And I'm afraid it won’t be the last. If we don’t do something Dolomeo ...”

  “I know,” said Reenjeen, interrupting her in an air of self-pity. “I have been aware of it since the third report. I tried to discuss it with our leader to see if she would give me an answer to the problem but ...”

  “But...? She ignored you again. AH ...” said Nolla sighing. “I think it's time to ask for militia’s help, don’t you think so?”

  “Nay! Solving this problem it is our job; all this is happening in our territory. It is our responsibility ... I will take care of this personally as soon as possible.”

  “And who will stay in the lead?!”

  “I will summon the most suitable ones with me for this job,” said Reenjeen, ignoring her question.

  “Did you hear me ...?!”

  “I did it, Nolla. That, I have it resolved too.”

  “Besides ... It will be the same as usual. Some will refuse to help, and others will use excuses to get away from the task. All are a bunch of mor ... irresponsible.”

  “We should not worry about them. I will take only those who wish help, even if they are few.”

  “And will you leave the rest of members, which are about to rebellion, in charge?”

  “No. I will leave to you and a support group, on the lead.”

  “Yes ...? That sounds good, but you are forgetting a situation that I’m not allowed to face. Who will handle the process? Dolomeo has been on our heels with that; already four warnings, we cannot delay it anymore.”

  “You have to take care of that, too. If it is possible delay it until my return.”

  “What?” said Nolla complaining, pretending to be astonished, but then she calmed down. “I’m not surprised; I knew you'd ask for. I’ll try to do my best. Go and try to solve the problem once and for all ... I'll take care of Dolomeo.”

  “I trust you, Nolla.”

  “And who else could you?”

  “Call Ceeval and assign him the task of spreading a warning to all merchants whom are about to leave: that avoid the north route.”
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