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       Crimson Chorus, From the Nine Kingdoms (Chapter 2), p.3

           R. Merino
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  Aquilha was inside the Main Building of the Sandean Militia that was located in Militia Perimeter, part of Right Wing of the Noble Neighborhood. He had arrived with intention to meet with General Solaris, main leader of the militia. Both, the judge and the general shared equal reputation; both dedicated to defend the kingdom interests with justice, however in a different way to apply it. The judge through careful audits and investigations, focusing on reasons rather than acts: “There are always reasons behind actions, as judge it is my duty to know them, to know who I am judging”, that was his slogan. As for the general, he was less methodical: “your deeds condemn you, the reasons behind, are mean less”. They were different but without impediment to work for the same objective.

  The general wasn’t renowned just for his heroic deeds, also for his good-looking physique which couldn’t be found in any other sandean: elegant profile with long-golden hair, slender and ethereal youth. In addition, he had been gifted with each characteristic of the three sandean tribal-beings: strength, swiftness and cleverness. With this, the citizens affirmed that he had been created individually (that he represented a different race than those already known) by the deity Teradree.

  The presence of Aquilha in the militia intrigued the militaries who witnessed his arrival, since these two leaders, the judge and the general, didn’t usually meet, not even because they resided in the same neighborhood. They only did so when the king summoned them to discuss important matters about the kingdom, and in those cases they treated each other with formality. On both sides wasn’t considered the word friendship. But, it wasn’t impediment to greet each other with a kindly gesture.

  “Why do I owe your visit, judge Aquilha?” asked general Solaris with his exaggeratedly masculine voice that contrasted with his elegant profile.

  “I am sorry to bother you, general.”

  “You do not. Kingdom matters are always a shared priority.”

  “That is why my apology, cause I have not come to discuss kingdom matters. It is more a personal favor.”

  “A personal favor?” inquired general Solaris, emphasizing doubt.

  “Yes,” said judge Aquilha.

  “I think I understand. Explain, how can I serve you?”

  “I would like to join a colleague to your memberships. There is no need to consider him as one more military; I just want him to be trained.”

  “Judge, you are well aware about my demand for the recruiting of new members. Before, they must pass the three military tests.”

  “And that is why I agree that he should not be exempt from such tests. But, I would like you to consider my friendship with him, at that moment.”

  “I will, depending on his skills. Do you have his certification?”

  “Right here”

  Aquilha left the scroll with Ephesto's information on the table. The general watched it, hesitating for a moment. In that short length of time, inside both minds worked out questions, ideas and answers. It was understood because they were experienced strategists, analytical par excellence, recognized by such behavior; they should consider being one step ahead of each other. None of them liked to take false steps or act irrationally. There was always a reason to consider.

  The general decided to open the scroll and...

  Name: Ephesto

  Heir: Teradreean, Sandean

  Genesis: Carmine Valley, Kingdom of Sandea, Anterior Scratch

  Arts: Trading

  Authorized by: Aquilha

  ... His face turned confused. He hadn’t found any kind of strange information on the scroll. But, the unusual request from the Judge, forced him to study every detail that could find in that limited information.

  “Should I refuse, Judge?” asked general Solaris shrewdly, letting him know that he would get to the bottom of the matter and that he couldn’t hide anything from him.

  “I would not consider it wise,” answered judge Aquilha, showing him a complicity smile.

  “Before accepting, since I am not clear about the purpose of this action, I must give you a warning that you must always keep in mind. If all this were to bring serious consequences to our kingdom, you as the king's representative before the citizens will be the one who mend the damage, and I will be the one to assure that happen. Have I explained?”

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