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       Checkmate, p.56

         Part #3 of Neighbor from Hell series by R. L. Mathewson
Page 56


  Plenty of the women over the years complained that he wasn't as in to sex as they were. They bitched, cried, and did everything imaginable to turn him inside out and make him wild between the sheets. Their attempts only made him realize that things weren't going to work out that much faster. For years, he'd wished that he'd been able to give a woman more, be there for her and want her so damn much that he'd thought he'd die if he didn't have her, but that never happened.

  Until now that is.

  Right now he wanted to drag Rory back into the bathroom, bend her back over the sink and f**k her until his legs gave out and when they collapsed on the floor he wanted to do it again. He wanted to take her in every room in the house, in a thousand different positions and a hundred times a day. He wanted her, needed her, and he'd be damned if he was ever going to walk away from her.

  He was done.

  Rory James was his perfect match in every way and he'd been foolish to chalk up his feelings for her as a simple infatuation all those years ago. There was nothing simple when it came to him and Rory. They drove each other crazy in every way imaginable and he wouldn't have it any other way. He wanted her, wanted to be with her, drive her crazy for the rest of their lives and he was damn well going to do it.

  As he gently laid her on the bed, he realized what he wanted from Rory, forever. He'd get it too. He was a ruthless bastard when it came to something that he wanted and he definitely wanted Rory James. It became crystal clear to him what he needed to do in order to get what he wanted as he moved between Rory's spread legs and pressed a kiss against her hip.

  He was going to marry her.

  Acknowledging the fact that he wanted to marry her didn't faze him in the slightest, because he realized that he was still in love with her and that f**king terrified him. For a long time he'd hoped, prayed really, that he'd find a woman that could make him happy, make him feel whole and now that he'd found her, he felt oddly terrified and hopeful.

  Terrified because this was Rory James he was talking about here and he would definitely have to sleep with one eye open for the rest of his life if he married her, but it would be worth it. She was worth it. They could have a good life together, not perfect, but good. He knew that he'd piss her off a lot along the way, but that was okay because he knew Rory wouldn't hesitate to reach for her pliers.

  The only problem as far as he could tell was this little deal of theirs. It had to go. Things hadn't gone exactly as planned, but he was pleased with the results nonetheless. Rory was in his bed, in his life and it was damn well going to stay that way. He still planned on taking over her company, but he'd do it as her husband now. He'd handle running the sites and she could manage the office or whatever the hell it is that she wanted to do.

  First though, he needed to get this deal of theirs out of the way so that he could make his next move, making this permanent. He didn't want to hide behind this deal, didn't need to, he realized. Rory wanted and needed him just as badly as he needed her. Once the deal was off the table, she'd realize that and probably be just as relieved as he was not to have to hide the way she felt any longer.

  "If you don't hurry up, I'm going to have to kill you," she warned him, panting hard and making him smile as his suspicions were confirmed.

  She definitely wanted him.

  "You'd miss me," he said, teasingly as he pressed one last kiss against her hip and moved to cover her with his body.

  "Not this time. My aim's getting better," she said, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and pulled him closer.

  He chuckled as he settled himself between her legs, loving the way she loosely wrapped her legs around him, ready to keep him locked in place. "And what exactly would you do without me around to brighten up your day?" he asked, leaning down to kiss her as he shifted until he felt the tip of his c**k slide over her cl*t and come to rest at her wet entrance.

  "Probably lead a fuller, more productive life and maybe get a hobby or something," she said, moaning softly as she tilted her h*ps only to bring them right down, taking the tip of his c**k inside of her hot wet core that he planned on worshipping for the rest of the night.

  "You'd die of boredom if I wasn't around," he pointed out.

  She laughed softly as she moved her good hand to cup his jaw. "Probably. "

  "You like being with me? " he found himself asking as he slowly slid inside of her, taking his time and watching as she arched her back, licking her lips as she moaned, "More. "

  He wanted to do just that, needed to do it, but somehow he found the willpower to stop halfway inside of her and ask again, "Do you like being with me, Rory?"

  "Less talking, more sex," she groaned, cupping the back of his head and trying to pull him down for a kiss, but he refused to be distracted. He wanted to hear her say it.

  "Do you like being with me, Rory?" he demanded softly as he looked down into her beautiful blue eyes.

  "Do you want me to kill you, Connor?" she demanded, sighing in annoyance as she rolled her h*ps up to force more of his shaft to slide inside her.

  He allowed himself one slow thrust before he pulled back and forced himself to focus, further pissing her off.


  "Answer me," he gritted out, wondering why the woman was being so damn stubborn at a time like this.

  She glared up at him for a moment before she snapped, "I forgot what you asked, you psychotic bastard!"

  "Would you like me to refresh your memory?" he asked, smiling as he leaned down and kissed her.

  "If it gets you to move your ass!" she muttered against his lips with a pout.

  He pressed one last kiss against her lips before he pulled back just far enough so that he could look into her eyes as he softly asked, "Do you like being with me?"

  "Oh my God, that's why you're denying me sex?" she demanded, letting out a frustrated groan as she once again tried to roll her h*ps to entice him, but he was ready for the move and pulled back just enough to keep her attention.

  "Yes and if you want sex then you're going to answer me," he explained, looking down into her beautiful eyes as they glared back up at him with murderous intent.

  For a moment she simply laid there, glaring up at him and he didn't need to ask to know that she was calculating the odds of him doing what she wanted without telling him the truth. He knew the second that she came to the conclusion that the odds weren't very good. The glare disappeared as she slowly exhaled, reaching up and cupping his jaw as she admitted, "Yes, I like spending time with you, but I still hate you. Does that make you happy?"

  "You hate me?" he demanded, narrowing his eyes on her as he pulled back until just the very tip of the head was inside her.

  She let out a frustrated groan before she snapped, "Fine! I don't hate you as much as I used to! Are you happy now?"

  "Extremely," he said, grinning as he leaned down to kiss her.

  "Are you going to tell me why it was so damn important that you had to interrupt sex time for that?" she mumbled against his lips as he slowly sank back inside her.

  If he hadn't been so damn distracted by the feel of her hot, wet sheath wrapping around him as he slid back inside of her and so damn happy that she'd admitted that she liked being around him, he probably wouldn't have f**ked up and told her the truth.

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