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       Checkmate, p.55

         Part #3 of Neighbor from Hell series by R. L. Mathewson
Page 55


  “No, he’ll be fine. He only took one bite of the brownie,” Trevor said, sounding unconcerned. She opened her mouth to argue, but then with a sigh and a shrug she reminded herself that Trevor would know the danger signs of eating Zoe’s baked goods better than anyone.

  “Fine, then tell me how the two of you breaking the ban is helping me out?”

  “Let us worry about the ban,” Trevor said with a shrug as he reached for the bowl of potpourri, but one look from her had him pulling his hand back and shooting her a sheepish smile.

  “Are you going to tell me why you’re here?” she asked, absently as she threw another glance towards the clock. She might have to skip the shower and take one later with Connor, she realized as she calculated the odds of throwing her cousins out, feeding Bunny and at the very least brushing her teeth before Connor showed up. She had to admit that the odds weren’t very good.

  “We’re here to help you with your project, Rory and we’re going to help you build your suites,” Trevor announced, grabbing her attention in a big way.

  “What?” she asked, dumbly, not sure that she heard him correctly.

  “He said that we came to help you with your project. Now, move your ass and get back to rubbing, woman!” Jason grumbled testily, wiggling around in an attempt to get her to recommence with the rubbing, but she couldn’t do anything more than sit there like an idiot as her mind quickly wrapped around that announcement.

  “You’re here to help?” she asked, making sure that she’d heard them correctly.

  “Yes,” Trevor said with a nod and a shrug as if he hadn’t just solved most of her problems.

  Where her brothers were good, really good, her cousins were the best. They were bigger, stronger and fast, very fast. Having one Bradford working for her would be like having five extra guys.

  “Some of the others will come out when they can to help, but for now it’s us,” Trevor explained

  “Oh my God,” she mumbled, feeling her lips pull up into a huge smile. “Really? This is great!”

  “If you want, we can go have a look at this project right now,” Trevor offered with a shrug.

  “That would be great!” she said, shoving Jason off of her lap and ignoring his whimpers and muttered, “Bastard” as she jumped to her feet and practically raced to the door. She was halfway there when one thought had her skidding to a stop.


  She didn’t want to break their plans, but she had to if she wanted to get her cousins caught up on what was going on. She could always sneak into his room later tonight, but she already knew that she’d be tired to do that. It didn’t help matters that she had to get up early in the morning. Skipping out on their plans also meant losing a night in his arms and she really wasn’t sure that she could do that.

  “Where are you going?” Trevor asked as she abruptly turned and raced up the stairs.

  “I’ll be back in ten minutes!” she yelled, hoping to be back here in five before her cousins did something to give themselves away and land her ass in jail for the night.

  Chapter 27


  Speak of the devil, he thought, grinning as he rubbed his hand down his face, wiping water out of his eyes. He’d just been thinking about her, but that wasn't really anything new. Granted, his thoughts used to run along the lines of screwing her over for his own entertainment or revenge, but now he found himself just thinking about her smile, the way she pouted when he stole the last slice of pizza, and the way that she felt in his arms first thing in the morning.

  Fucking amazing

  "How much longer are you going to be?" Rory asked, sounding impatient and arousing his curiosity.

  "I'm done," he said, stepping beneath the water and quickly rinsing off the body wash that coated his body before he shut the water off, ripped back the curtain and nearly tripped as he stepped out of the shower and his eyes landed on Rory.

  "I need you," she said, giving her bare ass a little wiggle as she looked over her shoulder at him. Blindly, he reached out and slapped a hand against the shower wall. It was either that or take the chance of his legs giving out on him as a surge of lust tore through him, leaving him panting and struggling with the need to step up behind her and take her, hard.

  The image of Rory bent over his bathroom counter and offering herself up to him was permanently etched into his brain, but it was her little declaration that had him panting and so damn turned on that he actually feared that his balls would explode. The fact that Rory wanted him so badly that she couldn't wait until the end of the night to have him had him struggling with his sanity. That she was as desperate for him as he was for her gave him hope and had him dropping his hand away from the wall and taking a step towards her.

  "Couldn't it wait until tonight?" he asked, absently reaching down and running his hand over his painfully erect shaft as he reached out and palmed one of her perfect cheeks and gave it a light squeeze that had them both licking their lips.

  "No," she admitted on a needy moan, surprising him and ramping up his hunger for her.

  Never in a million years would he have ever imagined that Rory would be so damn open and honest about how much she wanted him. As he dropped to his knees and kissed one beautiful smooth cheek, he realized that Rory was all his. He didn't need this bullshit deal to keep her in his arms, not if she was this desperate to have him. She obviously wanted-

  "Hurry, Connor," Rory demanded with a little wiggle of her ass that had him grinning like a fool as he pressed a kiss to the other cheek.

  "What's the rush, baby?" he asked, loving how desperate she was for him.

  "Does it really matter?" she demanded with a groan, shaking her ass enticingly once again to get his attention right back where it should be.

  Did it really matter? he wondered as he tilted his head just enough so that he could lean forward and press a kiss against the small, moist, pouty lips that her position revealed to him. He tried to force himself to be content with that and give her what she obviously craved, a hard, fast f**k when she let out a throaty moan that had his c**k jerking and his mouth watering for a real taste.

  "More," Rory said, sounding a little desperate as she spread her legs further and arched her h*ps to the perfect angle, baring more of herself to him.

  He moved to give her what they both wanted when a thought had him pulling back. As much as he'd love to take her like this, and he would damn well be taking her like this one day, today was not that day. Her arm and ribs were still sore and leaning against the counter that way while they made love probably wouldn't feel too good and he definitely wanted her to feel good.

  "Wait!" Rory rushed out, gesturing for him to put her back down mere seconds after he scooped her up into his arms and headed for the door. "What are you doing? I need really quick, hot sex!" she whined adorably.

  "And that's exactly what you'll get," he promised as he carried her into his room and headed for the bed.

  Like most men, he enjoyed sex, at least the act, but it had always been straight forward with him and always in a bed. Even when he was a kid trying to work Rory out of his system, he’d preferred a bed. He'd sneak into the girl's room or sneak her into his. His sex life had never been kinky or adventurous and he'd never really cared enough to change that.

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