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       ABDUCTION: The Minivan Murders: Killer Couple Michelle Michaud and James Daveggio, p.7

           R. J. Parker
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  Many thought that she wanted redemption, while others believed that it was another ploy. Michaud was either trying to throw clues to the police that would only lead them to Daveggio, or she wanted a deal in exchange for helping the police with the murder investigation. Perhaps she had convinced herself that there was still a way for her to get ahead. It appeared that Michaud had become so distant from reality that she could not gauge what was happening around her. After a day of interviewing, the police officers and detectives had already reached the conclusion that Michaud and her partner, Daveggio, were Samson’s murderers.

  However, Michaud still seemed oblivious to the fact that her story was over. There was not going to be the ending that she wanted or hoped for. Michaud had admitted to the truth and she would never be able to retreat from it.

  If she did admit to the information herself, it would not be that much of a shock. The woman’s mind was a mystery to everyone. She was a bold and dominant woman who believed that she did not have to adhere to any rules. Psychological experts believe that she was so wrapped up in her own sense of superiority that by divulging the information to the investigating officials, she may have been trying to gain some lost ground.

  There are others who opine that Michaud took pride in her actions, which is perhaps why she admitted her involvement in Samson’s murder. On a previous occasion, when she saw Juanita Rodriguez’s incident being reported on TV, she proudly boasted about it in front of her daughter and Nancy Baker. In her statement, the young girl went on record to say that when she was at Daveggio and Michaud’s house and the details regarding Juanita Rodriguez's abduction and rape were reported, she heard Michaud announce, “We did that.”

  While initially Michaud may have been inclined to reveal the information regarding Samson, she changed her stance completely as the investigation was handed over to federal authorities. She did not shy away from trying everything she could to get away.

  There was no doubt that the woman was devious, sociopathic and devoid of any moral fiber which could cause her to exercise some humanity. During the trial, her statements were also used to charge and convict Daveggio. The two were separated at last, but not without wreaking havoc and causing long-lasting trauma to their victims. A young innocent life that was full of hopes and dreams for the future was lost.

  While the death penalty may have come as justice being served at the end, it would do little to fill the void that Vanessa Samson’s death left in the lives of her loved ones. She caught the eye of the deadly demons on her way to work, but unlike their previous victims, she did not get to escape.

  Both Daveggio and Michaud were overtaken by a strong desire to kill and they knew that the timing was perfect with the holidays settling in. Samson was their last victim and one who will be remembered as one of the most brutal murders in America’s serial crime history.

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  Table of Contents



  Michelle Michaud

  Spree of Terror

  The Events of December 2, 1997

  The Investigation and Arrest

  Trial and Further Details


  A Psychological Profile

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  About the Author

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  R. J. Parker, ABDUCTION: The Minivan Murders: Killer Couple Michelle Michaud and James Daveggio



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