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The serial killer compen.., p.24
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       The Serial Killer Compendium, p.24

           R. J. Parker
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  Preceding the trial, Percy Hoskins, chief crime reporter for the Daily Express, whisked Adams off to a safe house where he spent the next two weeks relating his life story. Hoskins had befriended Adams during the trial and was the only major journalist to disbelief his guilt. Adams was paid £10,000 for the interview, though he never spent the proceeds; the money was found in a bank vault after his death. Adams then successfully sued several newspapers for libel. He returned to Eastbourne where he continued to practice privately regardless of the common belief in the town that he had murdered people. This belief was not shared by his friends and patients in general. One exception was Roland Gwynne, who distanced himself considerably from Adams after the trial.

  Dr. Adams was given back his license as a General Practitioner on November 22nd, 1961, after two failed applications; his ability to prescribe dangerous drugs was restored the following July. In August of 1962, Adams applied for a visa to America but was refused because of his dangerous drug convictions.

  Adams slipped and fractured his hip on June 30th, 1983 while shooting in Battle, East Sussex. He was taken to Eastbourne hospital but developed a chest infection and died on July 4th of left ventricular failure.




  R. J. Parker, The Serial Killer Compendium



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