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Eclectica an anthology, p.9
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       Eclectica: An anthology, p.9

           Publishing Portfolio
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  Zoe Donkin. I’m from the Dandenong Ranges, and I’ve learnt to appreciate reading a book in the sun where you can look up and see across the valley and hear wild birds sing. My favourite authors are Ian McEwan, Irvine Welsh and George Orwell, whose styles and ideas often inspire my own writing. Other inspiration comes from real or plausible ideas, events or situations that can be twisted into my own style.

  Saffron Hazelager. I grew up in Emerald but now reside in Geelong. I love classic literature and musicians’ biographies, and am a fan of writing short stories. I collect books on art, fashion, poetry, plays and more, kept neat and orderly. I am also a huge film lover. I am inspired by sunny days, human emotions and experiences, and I itch to travel the world.

  Jasmine Van Den Hoek. I was born in Australia but raised in the Netherlands. I came back to Australia to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. Other than writing, I enjoy baking cookies and cakes to brighten up my own or other people’s days.

  Jodee Lockman. I am from Bacchus Marsh, where I share my life with four amazing men: Paul, my husband; and Ben, Josh and Jack, my almost-teenage sons. ‘In the Cold Night Air’ is the first piece I have ever submitted for publication, unless you count a penpal ad (written when I was ten) or my story about a park bench (written when I was in Year 9 and published in a town anthology).

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  Danielle O'Donnell. I longed to write more than a journal but until 2010 I never finished anything apart from poems, essays and cooking dinners. I have discovered that I like everything about writing and other writers are my true ‘homies’. There’s nothing better than something to do with a book: reading or writing one, discussing a text, workshopping or encouraging other writers, unless it’s observing people.

  Courtney O'Neill. I am aspiring journalist. I enjoy reading classic novels such as Pride and Prejudice. I like watching old films; however, I dislike anything to do with horror. Non-fiction writing, such as journalism, is my strongest point; however, I do dabble in creative writing.

  Jan Samuels. I (surprise, surprise) love to write. I was a journalist and corporate writer for 25 years but recently turned to fiction. ‘Hedgehogs’ was my first short story and, much to my joy, others rushed up behind it, even bringing a shy little novel with them. My stories are often sparked by random phrases and newspaper snippets, or drawn from my own life and travels.

  Julie Sharp. I love everything about the English language, from phonetics to grammar to stories. My day job is as an English and Maths teacher; my (late) night job is as an aspiring fantasy author. I am currently working on two projects: a collaborative novel titled Freedom Slaves and a solo novel titled Winter’s Eve. The story ‘Stitches’ is set in the world of Freedom Slaves. You can find my blog at

  James Taylor. I have always enjoyed writing stories about the mind. The ability of the mind to question or dismiss reality has always intrigued me, hence I enjoy the writings and tales of philosophers like Socrates and George Berkeley. Narratives that end in a cloud of mystery are my favourite; speculation over what happened at the conclusion makes for lively (or frustrating) discussions about the meaning of the book.

  Rachel Triska. I am an aspiring editor at UB, a career decision which took a long time to make. After school I took a three-month job abroad that ended up lasting two years, during which time I really was gifted a Cornish Faery by a pirate-cat-owning jewellery maker at Lands End! This is my third time immigrating to Australia.

  Ray Wallace. I have wasted a lot of time as an amateur genealogist collecting data from dusty documents and interesting stories from relatives prepared to gossip. Having discovered a number of saps and skeletons in the family tree, I have the intention to write and leave an interesting family history. Many of my early stories waiting to be published are fictionalized memoirs to protect the privacy-sensitive.

  Melissa Watts. As a child I loved writing stories and decided early that I wanted to be a writer. In 2005 I completed an honours degree in Creative Writing and Literary Studies. After graduating I honed my skills with corporate writing and instructional design. In my spare time I blog about literature and writing at Literati, and work on my novel.

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  For more information about publications by the students of the Diploma of Professional Writing & Editing at the University of Ballarat, please visit the PWE Anthology website at

  ~ Publishing Portfolio 2012 Team ~

  Editing: Amelia Schulz, Amelia Siebring, Julie Sharp

  Prelims & end matter: Jordyn Chapman, Danielle O'Donnell, James Taylor

  Promotion: Saffron Hazelager, Caitlin Montague

  Printing: Zoe Donkin, Courtney O'Neill

  Lecturer: Delia Thornton

  Eclectica cover design by Caitlin Montague and Publishing Portfolio Team

  Design & layout of Print and eBook editions by Julie Sharp

  Cover photo by Julie Sharp

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