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           Philip R Benge

  A Story By

  Philip R Benge


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  Copyright Philip R Benge 2016

  Cover Art Copyright Philip R Benge 2016

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  Chapter One: Moira Bourbon

  Chapter Two: Another Black Magic Case

  Chapter Three: The Haunted House

  Chapter Four: More Deaths at the Haunted House

  Chapter Five: Back to Tartarus

  Chapter Six: Out of the Abyss

  Chapter Seven: The Final battle

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  The land known by many as the Dreamscape, but actually called the Netherworld, is one of the many hell dimensions that abound but is unknown to the mortal world. It is a hot arid desert world filled with nothing except sand, rock and its pathetic inmates, except that is for a foul grey liquid that look like it might be a river, a river that seemed to ooze along rather than to flow, but it is not made up of water, for it has never rained in this dimension. The liquid is in fact the very essence of the evil that pervades this dry land, secreted by the inmates sent to suffer in this hell for their sins. The Netherworld was thought by those who knew of its existence to have derived its incorrect name, the Dreamscape, from the many people who travel there in their dreams, or their nightmares, however when they awake they are always back in their mortal world, unlike the inhabitants of this terrible place. Time does not exist as we know it for the inhabitants, they will exist there for eternity and nothing would change for them, their souls drained of their essence, or life-force, until they are not much more than flotsam blown around in the wind, and quickly going mad from the sheer eternal boredom of their almost nonexistence They look exactly like pale tragic ghosts, but these ghosts were very hungry and so very evil.

  The ruler of this world was the demon Lord Asbaritch, one of the major demons of Hell, who had until recently ruled alone, however he had just taken a lady into his domain, the beautiful Moira Bourbon, a human, who now resided as his consort in the Netherworld. She had been killed by Rob Hinds, a government agent of the Special Intelligence Services, but prior to that Moira had been the most powerful Satanist ever, and Rob had killed her to prevent her from using her powers to shape the world to suit her own evil ends.

  For some time prior to her death Lord Asbaritch had kept a close watch on both Moira and Rob, but for very different reasons, on seeing Rob about to kill Moira Bourbon he did not intervene, for it suited him admirably if Moira died. After Rob had left her lifeless body laying upon the cold floor and hidden in her own secret satanic temple, and he had departed the scene, Lord Asbaritch had appeared by the side of her dead body. He looked down at her still body, at the two bullet wounds that marred her beauty, and although he had been besotted with Moira, he smiled, then as her dark soul attempted to leave her body he spoke.

  “Dark soul of Moira Bourbon, I, Lord Asbaritch, command you to stay within your body, soon I will give your poor shell a new eternal life.”

  Moira`s soul which had been about to leave her body was forced back within her body by his dark power and Lord Asbaritch then took her body, with its dark soul locked inside, back to his fortress, back to his terrible world. Once there he took her into a small room that resembled the laboratory that Moira had once possessed in her family chateau. Here he removed her clothing, and after taking another moment to look at her horrendous wounds he spread an ointment upon them, and moments later all traces of the horrific bullet wounds to her head and her body were gone. Once more she was the beautiful Satanist whose beauty and fearlessness had won his heart. Lord Asbaritch then looked at her in all her beauty, and when he was sated he went to a cupboard and took out six glass bottles, each of them held a different liquid or powder. He mixed their contents together in a large glass bowl, stirring the potion until a yellow smoke began to rise from it. With the potion ready he poured all of it into Moira`s mouth, ten seconds he waited and finally he saw her chest move, she had begun to breathe again, then her fingers began to move, then her toes and finally she opened her eyes, sat up and took a deep breath. Looking up at the dark lord she spoke to him.

  “Lord Asbaritch, please explain to me what this wondrous thing is that you have done to me.” She asked.

  Lord Asbaritch explained all that had happened, but not until he had told her of his undying love for her, that she was no longer a mortal, no she was now of demon kind and would reside for ever more within his realm as his consort, that thanks to him, her new lord and master, she had a body as well as a soul, just as he had.

  Moira got off the bench and stood before the demon. “I thank you My Lord, and I swear by the mighty Lucifer that because of what you have done for me that I will be yours until Hell freezes over.” Moira promised, not in the least embarrassed to be standing before Lord Asbaritch without any clothing upon her young body.

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