A seal upon your heart, p.41
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       A Seal Upon Your Heart, p.41

           Pepper Pace

  Her legs went around his waist and he pushed into her opening without hesitation. She was so tight but so ready; almost a virgin but also wanton in the way that she gnawed her lower lip and watched him with hooded, needy eyes.

  He gripped her legs and thrust into her, stretching her, knowing that he should pull back some but not able to help the way he pounded and hammered into her. His desperate moans drove his actions. He needed her and nothing or no one else. Mine. His fingers dug into her hips and then there were no more thought unless it was just carnal images of filling her body with his semen…no with his sperm. She was the earth in which he would bury his seed…

  With that thought came a loud cry as his testicle seized and he shot load after load deep inside of her, wondering if life was just moments from being created. Tim leaned over her panting as he gathered his strength. She ran her fingers lazily through his messy hair and suddenly his body spasmed and jerked in one last after-shock. He gave her an apologetic smile when she jumped at the sudden motion. And then they both laughed. Quickly he lifted her from her uncomfortable position on the dressing table and sat her on her feet. She still wore her heels and her nylons had slid partially down her thighs. Her neat French twist had fallen and her lipstick had disappeared. Nude except for the strapless bra, Tim was positive that she had never looked more beautiful than she looked standing before him now.

  They both looked down as his semen mixed with her honey began to trail down her inner thighs. His mind took a snapshot of this most perfect moment. She waited for him to clean her and he did without her having to ask as he delighted in such tasks. And then they dressed and laughed and smiled at each other.

  After making sure that the room was in order Martier went to unlock the door but Tim stopped her. He looked suddenly nervous and unsure.

  “Martier…I wanted to tell you something but I wasn’t sure…”

  Her brow drew together in question. “Sure about what Tim?”

  He seemed to struggle with how to complete his thoughts. Finally he just blurted out.“ I just don’t want you to think that just because I’ve been reading the bible that I’m going to be walking around quoting bible verses!”

  She smiled. She hadn’t asked him to start reading the bible nor had she needed or expected it. But one day she saw him reading her bible and he had given her a perplexed look and exclaimed, ‘This is harder to understand than legal documents! I need to take bible courses!’ And he had.

  He suddenly stopped looking nervous and unsure as he stared into her eyes. “I wanted you to know that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate me from the love that I have for you.”

  She stared at him in awe. “Romans…” She touched her lips, nearly overwhelmed by the sentiment. How lucky she was to have a man that could pleasure her until she was limp and then turn around and quote a bible verse to her.

  She reached up and kissed him. “Come on. We have a whole lot of life to live.”






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  Pepper Pace is a popular author on Literotica.com. She is the winner of the 11th Annual Literotica Awards for 2009 for Best Reluctance story, as well as best Novels/Novella. She is also recipient of Literotica’s August 2009 People's Choice Award, and was awarded second place in the January 2010 People’s Choice Award. In the 12th Annual Literotica Awards for 2010, Pepper Pace won number one writer in the category of Novels/Novella as well as best Interracial story.

  About the Author


  Pepper Pace is the pen name used by the author. Born and raised in Cincinnati, she has always enjoyed creativity. At a very young age, Pepper had a gift for art and would spend most of her spare time drawing images that she later began adding stories behind. Soon writing became more important than the illustrations and took a back seat to her real love.

  Pepper wrote her first novel when she was 12 years old and had written 2 more by the age of 18. Too shy to share her work with anyone, Pepper stockpiled her many stories into notebooks until she came upon Literotica.com and was compelled to share her craft.

  Pepper became instantly popular and won several awards each year in which she submitted a story to the site. After receiving popular feedback, she grew in confidence and created a popular blog entitled Writing Feedback where she encourages her readers to interact with her on topics concerning, music, writing, art and pop culture. She can be reached at her blog: pepperpacefeedback.blogspot.com/



  Pepper Pace, A Seal Upon Your Heart



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