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       A Seal Upon Your Heart, p.40

           Pepper Pace

  Now that the house was completely redecorated there was a huge drawback; he lived in it alone. She wouldn’t move out of the cottage until after their marriage and so there were nights when they had spent the entire day painting, hanging pictures and then standing back to admire their handy work and then she would turn to leave for the night.

  “You can stay here, honey. You can have the bedroom and I’ll sleep in the guest room-“

  “No. When I move in my home with you it will be as your wife.” He had smiled at those beautiful words. He then kissed her in a rare passionate moment and then quickly pulled back.

  “I love you more than you can imagine.” He recalled the way she had closed her eyes as if to savor those words.

  Tim sighed and logged onto his computer. He was happy even if he was horny.


  “Martier, can we watch Dirty Dancing tonight?” Sharon’s hands were pressed together in a begging gesture as she jumped up and down with hope.

  “Dirty Dancing?” Martier’s brow arched upward. “Oh…I don’t think Sister Louise is going to allow that on the list of approved movies-”

  “Oooo please Martier, it’s not dirty,” another girl chimed in. “It’s just about dancing.”

  Martier placed her hand on her hips and hid her smile. She liked indulging the girls but couldn’t appear to always give in to their wants. She already knew that the movie Dirty Dancing would be acceptable and thought that they would enjoy it a great deal.

  The four girls grew quiet as they watched her. They ranged in age from sixteen to eighteen including Lindewe who was present to assist Martier in her new mentor program; Building Blocks for Success.

  “If the movie is pg-13-”

  Someone jumped the gun and hooted in joy and Martier raised her hand to quiet her cheers. “AND if you young ladies will conduct yourselves appropriately while watching it then I will add it to the list.”

  Three young girls jumped and hooted as if she had just given them each a million dollars. Martier and Lindewe exchanged secret looks. In a way she had given them something equal to that and no one would know that better than she and Lindewe.

  Lindewe stood next to her and spoke low under her breath while watching the three young women bubble with anticipation. “You best not put that movie on the list for Sister Louise to review.”

  “I know, right.”

  “She will take one look at that title and her imagination is going to go crazy.” The young women chuckled. Lindewe had come a long way in the eight months since leaving the convent. She was dating a young man that worked at the deli that frequently delivered to the firm. Martier had been introduced to him and she liked the tall, handsome African American man and she could tell that he thought himself lucky to be with such a beautiful girl as Lindewe.

  Helping Martier to mentor the girls was also helping Lindewe as well. As she thought of the values that she wanted to help instill in her sisters from the convent—as well as other girls that would join the program when it grew, she realized that she didn’t want them to go down the road that she was heading.

  She was now Tim’s full time assistant and since there didn’t exist the opportunity to fall madly in love with her boss she was forced to focus on her self. By the time she moved into her own apartment she had a life that she loved and it didn’t come at the cost of being a mistress to an attorney or partner. Although her home wasn’t like Martier’s cottage and she didn’t have the things that Martier had, she loved her life nonetheless...as well as her handsome, humble boyfriend.

  Martier now focused on her mentoring program and was proud that she had found part-time jobs for all of ‘her girls’ and not at the firm. That was the last place she wanted to see them! Charity work wasn’t as easy as she thought but she did have a board of directors which included Dhakiya and Sister Louise…the two of them never saw eye to eye but it was always sweet when they finally agreed upon something.

  They all played in the pool, challenging each other to cannonball contests and breath holding tournaments until Martier began to grow hungry and she sent the girls back to the cottage to change for dinner. She wrapped a towel around her wet body and entered the house through the kitchen. She smiled at her new, contemporary kitchen. They hadn’t replaced the appliances but had changed the cabinet fronts and removed the old-world Travertine marble. Dark wooden cabinets with sleek stainless steel appliances created an upscale modern look with the new, white subway tile. Her dark, hard wood floor rounded out the modern look that she was going for, softened by abstract paintings of fruit.

  She couldn’t wait to move into this beautiful house; just two more weeks; two more weeks before she would be Mr. Tim Singleton’s wife; Mrs. Tim Singleton. The thought always caused her to shiver. She had scribbled the signature in her notebook of poems, beaming at what would soon become her new name; Mrs. Martier Nufaika Singleton.

  Barefoot, she padded through the house, leaving dark foot impressions from her wet feet on the new hardwood floors. “Tim?” She called before tapping on his office door and opening it.

  His attention was on his computer. He really did work too hard. He looked up and a smile appeared on his face as he leaned back in his chair and gave her his full attention. She felt a red hot heat move across her body at the appreciative look that crossed his face. In his defense he did try to hide the wolf-like gleam. She knew that he was trying to be the perfect gentleman while they waited for their wedding. She also knew that as soon as the ceremony was over she was going to be completely and totally ravished. A pleasant throb settled between her thighs as her imagination went wild with that.

  She too fought hard to hide her desire for him. She had already made too many demands on this man and she wouldn’t dare to hinder his unspoken commitment to remain celibate. They hadn’t discussed it but they didn’t need to, it was obvious that he retreated as soon as things threatened to become overly intimate. In the last four months since returning to the States, Martier had done nothing more than kiss and hug him.

  But she wanted more. There were days when they would just be grilling steaks and he would get a particular expression on his face as he told her a story; and then she would suddenly want to drop to her knees, unzip his jeans and withdrew his magnificent cock. She knew the proper words for a man’s anatomy; his penis, his testicles, his scrotum…but in her mind at those moments it was his cock; her cock and she wanted it in her mouth.


  She shivered and then blinked her eyes and smiled innocently as if she hadn’t just been fantasizing about sucking him.

  “Oh, I came in to find out if you’re ready to start grilling.”

  Tim glanced at his watch amazed that he had become so absorbed in his work that it was now after 4pm.

  “Yeah, I’m hungry.” He quickly logged off his computer.

  “I’m going to put the baked beans in the oven,” she said as she left the room. He peeked at her, relishing the sight of her long sleek legs beneath the towel.

  Tim put away his notes and entered the kitchen just in time to see Martier slip a foil wrapped casserole dish into the oven. He suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to touch her. Tim came up behind her and slipped his arms around her body and then snuggled his face against her damp curls.

  “Mmm…” she murmured.

  Martier’s heart seemed to slam against her ribcage at the sudden ferocity of her desire for him. She leaned back into his strong arms. She loved it when he held her like this, protectively; his big body a defense against all things that could do her harm. She just needed to allow him to be the man that he desired to be; a man that would take care of the people he loved.

  She turned and slipped her arms around his body, her hands gripping him in a desperate clutch. Her lips sought his and then she was kissing him urgently. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and felt him suck responsively. She nipped and slashed at his mouth insistently with her tongue until she heard him groan and then rough hands quickly
clutched her bottom beneath her towel. She quickly unfastened the damp material, allowing it to drop to the floor and then she lifted a leg and wrapped it around his body. She felt him harden instantly and she pushed against him seeking contact with the throbbing hardness that was growing between them.

  Tim drew in a sharp, almost pained breath. “Oh, baby…damn.” He quickly took a step back his arms holding her at bay. He then took in her dark eyes and her swollen lips and the way that her chest heaved with desire. Her nipples were thick and the swollen peaks pushed against the thin black material. He thought he was going to black out. Was it possible to desire something so much that it could kill you? Please please please don’t do this…I want you so badly baby, but not like this. Can’t you see that I’m trying so very hard to be the man that you deserve?

  He couldn’t even speak the words but his eyes said it all. Martier’s heartbeat slowed and then she nodded at the silent communication. Her fists still gripped the sides of his shirt but after a moment her head cleared and her tight grip relaxed.

  With a sigh she moved to hug him. He flinched but she gave him a serious look and then took him in her arms, her head resting against his chest. Soon his arms went around her and he held her.

  “I love you Tim. In this second I love you more than I’ve ever loved you before. I trust you completely and I know that you will always take care of me; of everything and everyone we love.”

  His arms tightened around her as if demonstrating that her words were true…or maybe it was just because he was overwhelmed by his own sense of love for her in turn.


  Martier didn’t want to take off the pretty white wedding dress. She felt like a princess in it. Instead of changing into a comfortable, post wedding dress she had partied in her long gown and heels. She had nearly twisted her ankle doing the electric slide and had gotten butter cream icing on the bodice when Tim had tried to rub wedding cake into her mouth.

  But now all of the pictures had been taken, both the garter and bouquet had been tossed and now it was time to prepare to leave for her honeymoon. She was excited that they were finally going to make a trip to Waikiki. Neither brought up the reason they had missed the trip the first time.

  “Hold still, sis.” Dhakiya said as she unbuttoned each small pearl button that ran down her back.

  “Dhakiya, let someone else do it. You should be sitting down.” There had been so much standing and sitting with the wedding mass that she knew her friend must be exhausted.

  Dhakiya patted her swollen belly. “Little Rodney, Jr. isn’t playing soccer with my bladder so I’m quite alright. Now turn around.”

  “Sugar, you have two outfits here.” Claudette stated. “Which one are you wearing on the flight?”

  “The grey dress I think.”

  “That’s pretty.” Elaina said. At least she didn’t look sad right now. Martier knew that it was hard for her being at her and Tim’s wedding and seeing Jakob after their separation. She told her that she didn’t have to be in the wedding party if she was uncomfortable but Elaina had assured her that she and Jakob were at least talking so it wasn’t a problem.

  The two had separated after Jakob revealed that he had a little boy. Martier thought it was promising that she hadn’t immediately filed for divorce. Tim had complained that they had the most dysfunctional wedding party in history. Not only was both Jakob and Elaina involved but Claudette was her matron of honor. She had flown up from Alabama with her new beau; a handsome man whose grey eyes twinkled happily whenever he looked at her. Although Aaron Rangbo wasn’t in the wedding party, having him stare at her from the pew had been slightly uncomfortable. Later Martier had apologized but Claudette just brushed it off stating that she wasn’t going to be affected by his sour-ass.

  Included in the wedding party was Tim’s brother who seemed to show little interest in his life and who had not even stayed for the reception. And of course there was Dhakiya and Lindewe. Although she had wanted Sister Louise by her side the older woman had been much more valuable with planning the wedding and making sure that everything ran smoothly behind the scenes.

  Martier finally stepped out of her dress. She couldn’t deny that it felt good to unhook the corset. There came a soft knocking on the door and the women all looked at it.

  “Who is it?” Dhakiya called and the women all giggled. Martier slipped on a robe.

  “Uh…it’s Tim.” Called a muffled voice from the other side.

  “Come in.” Martier called and Tim stepped inside and nodded towards all of the women before his eyes settled on his wife of just three hours. Martier smiled at him and then he smiled at her. Someone cleared their voice when the stares continued but the couple just stood there silently smiling, feeling all of the emotions of an entire lifetime culminate into this very moment.

  “I think we better go.” Elaina said wisely.

  “Uh,” Lindewe whispered, “I don’t think they’re going to wait for the honeymoon…”

  “Shhh!” Dhakiya hissed as the women filed out of the room.

  Claudette smiled to herself. To be in love with someone that loved you was something that she was just experiencing again.

  When the last woman had filed out Tim turned calmly to the door and locked it. Martier gently gnawed her lower lip. He then turned to her and loosened his tie. Martier made to undo the sash of her white satin robe but Tim stopped her.

  “No. Don’t move,” the gentle yet deep growl of his words caused shivers to cross her body. He removed his jacket and tossed it on one of the chairs and then he pulled her body close to his, eyes never leaving hers.

  “I’ve wanted to do this since the end of the mass…but I thought it might be frowned upon to do this in church.”

  “To do what, honey?” She asked in the most sensuous voice that he’d ever heard.

  He parted her robe to find white thigh high stockings, nude panties and a strapless white bra. Oh my God…

  “This…” He placed his hands between her legs, gently cupping her pussy. Martier placed her hands on his fore arm either to brace herself or to make sure he didn’t stop what he was doing.

  Still staring deeply into her eyes he slipped his finger beneath the thin nylon of her panties and brushed the peach fuzz of her pubis. His brow went up in pleasure that she had allowed hair to grow there. Oh how he wanted to run his tongue along the moistened hairs when he got her wet.

  Only, he was surprised to discover that her pussy was already dripping wet and piping hot. He bit back a moan and hid a smile of pleasure. “My wife’s been thinking about me too, I see.” He was further surprised to feel her bold fingers trace the outline of his cock through his pants.

  “We’re not in church now…” she said. Finally he kissed her, his fingers slipping insistently into her tight hole. She reflexively clutched around the digit and he moaned into her mouth as he rapidly pushed in and out of her, simulating what he wanted his cock to be doing.

  Martier felt her limbs quiver and her legs nearly gave away. Tim quickly lifted her and placed her on the dressing table, scattering perfume, makeup, her hairbrush and other items. With a grunt he pushed her legs a part and quickly came down on his knees in front of her. Martier quickly slipped her panties down and Tim yanked them off and flung them away. He could smell the pleasant scent of her desire and his mouth watered to taste her after so many months.

  He kissed the lips between her legs and when she spread her thighs wider he was presented with the sweet gift of her glistening folds and swollen bud. Quickly he licked them, savoring the sweet tang of her honey. Tim’s fingers gripped her thighs as he lapped at the well that produced the delicious elixir.

  Martier felt as if she was melting from the sensation of Tim’s tongue. She could barely control her limbs and she cried out in pleasure from his teasing touch. And then his tongue dipped into her opening, his mouth pressed against her eagerly as his tongue wiggled and squirmed. She quickly clutched his head as a molten wave of pleasure swept
through her.

  “Oh Tim, I’m going to--!“ Her words became lost in her cries of pleasure as she experienced her first orgasm as a married woman. Tim quickly pressed his tongue against her clit, feeling it spasm; swallowing both the taste and the sensation of her cum.

  Martier quickly wrapped her legs around his neck and shoulders as she seized and pulsed into her husband’s awaiting mouth. After the last spasm finally dwindled into small flutters she allowed her limbs to finally liquefy and she collapsed against the mirror looking like a broken sex doll. Tim delighted in that look, knowing that he had caused it by satisfying her. He came to his feet and unzipped his pants and then withdrew his swollen cock. Martier smiled lazily at the sight of him standing there in his suit pants, dress shirt with his beautiful cock in hand.

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