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       A Seal Upon Your Heart, p.27

           Pepper Pace

  Her eyes glazed over as her mouth repeatedly received his gentle thrusts. More, she thought. I need more. She released him and quickly moved up the bed. Tim kissed her, his tongue entered her mouth and when she sucked it he began to tremble. He knew that he would cum before ever completing their union so he had to act now! He rolled them so that he was covering her body.

  Her legs parted and he watched her eyes, so dark and filled with passion. Then he lined the head of his penis at her entrance. Her natural lubricant coated the tip and he almost lost it then and there. He continued to look deeply into her eyes as he pushed into her and through the barrier that had given him so much worry.

  Martier winced and he felt her fingertips as they clutched at his back. He knew not to stop. He pressed forward until he was half in her tight canal. She was so impossibly tight…he had to be hurting her. But her eyes watched him with something like wonder. He pressed forward, and a soft whimper issued from her lips and he almost stopped until he saw her parted lips and the way her eyes fluttered closed. He placed his lips on hers and kept pushing until he was fully inside of her.

  “Tell me when you’re ready.” He whispered into her ear.

  “Don’t stop, Tim,” she gasped.

  Tim rocked his hips against hers before pulling out and pushing gently back into her. He gasped as her muscles enclosed him, seeming to capture him and hold him within her depths. He had never felt anything like this, he had never been with a virgin and all of his previous lovers had been very adept in the act of sex. There had been wild times, and soft sensual foreplay but never before had he felt such a hot, velvety tightness.

  He kept a steady rhythm despite the fact that his body was already prepared to seize and buck to its inevitable finish. He fought to continue for just a bit longer, just until he felt her respond…just a bit more…

  When it happened for Martier, it was very quick. One moment she was concentrating on the searing pain and the next moment a pulse began to emanate from the pit of her belly and soon it engulfed her entire body.

  Her mouth opened and she cried out words that were unintelligible to Tim.

  “Yes, baby, yes…Come on Martier, come on baby!” He urged her.

  Her eyes squeezed closed as she felt the heat engulf her. Her cheeks burned and she felt as if she had been ignited in fire! Each time he thrust into her she felt a magnificent energy building. He was pushing her closer and closer to it and for a moment it seemed that it would be too big for her to handle and it would not be contained inside but would spill out; out of her mouth, out of her vagina!

  “Please Tim!” She gasped, not believing that this feeling wouldn’t be more than she could manage. “PLEASE!” She begged, unsure of what she was pleading for.

  Tim’s hips began pumping faster, driving her closer and closer until he could take no more. With a strangled cry his body finally seized and with one last hard thrust of his hips, he ejaculated deep within her depths. Each shot of semen caused a groan to come from him until soon there was nothing more than sighs.

  It was then that Martier’s fist clutched the back of his head and her hips began to buck wildly beneath him. She screamed his name and Tim resumed the pumping of his hips, praying that he stayed hard long enough for her to finish.

  “Come on, baby….” He nipped her ear as he rolled his pelvis against her and she mimicked the move. “Yes, baby like that! God!” He felt his cock jerk. Impossible that he could come back to life that quick! It just did not happen! But it did, he was swelling again only seconds after ejaculating.

  Martier’s eyes flew open and her head rolled back and forth as she mewed. Her body was lost in the pleasure. It consumed her. She felt him spiral in her and she realized that she was calling out something in a strangely deep voice. Her legs pushed into his back, forcing him to fill her more. She wanted to feel every nerve ending in her come alive. Tim arched his back and pushed deeper into her. He inhaled, taking the scent of their lovemaking deep into him.

  “Martier!" His hips quickened as he growled her name. This felt like forever and too quick at the same time.

  Martier clung to him as the thrusting of his hips roughly rocked her body. She felt her muscles finally tense and before she knew it she seemed to explode!

  “Tim!” She called out suddenly, clutching him blindly. Her heart thudded in her chest and she felt it in her ears, between her swollen thighs and even in the pit of her belly. After a long while when the tension receded within her, Martier finally looked at Tim. She was happy to see that he was smiling at her. Even though she could see that he was still working to catch his breath, the look of contentment was very clear in his eyes and that joy was mirrored in her own.

  Tim felt as if he could collapse, but Martier hadn’t said one word. He watched her closely, relieved that he hadn’t hurt her or caused her to cry, so seeing her beautiful smile was the best gift in the world.

  “I love you.” He said, and though it wasn’t the first time he’d spoken those words to her, it was the first time that the words didn’t seem to be enough.

  She leaned forward and kissed him. “I love you.”


  Friday, when Martier finally woke up, she lay in bed smiling for a very long time. She rolled over and hugged her pillow and then laughed into it. Mine. She thought. Mine mine mine. She jumped out of bed and dashed into the shower. As she washed she felt a tenderness centered between her legs but even that wasn’t all-together unpleasant, especially when she relived the night before.

  After her shower she slipped into one of the plush terry cloth robes provided by the hotel and curled up on one of the sofas and then picked up a menu. She ordered a muffin basket and a pot of coffee from room service and then looked at the phone and contemplated calling Dhakiya. No. For one thing she would be at work and for another Martier wasn’t in the mood to have her bubble burst.

  After room service delivered breakfast, Martier slipped out of the robe, feeling decadent, adult and free. She rubbed fragrant oil into her hair and skin as she ate her muffin and sipped her coffee. She hummed to herself and thought about her transition into womanhood. Did making love make her into a woman? She certainly felt different. She lazed on the settee and grinned at her own private thoughts. Then the phone rang and she darted naked to it thinking it was Tim but it was Elaina asking her what time she wanted to meet up. They set a time and Martier dressed in one of the new casual outfits that she had purchased the other day.

  She was heading to the lobby when her cell phone rang.

  “Hello?” She answered excitedly.

  “Hi, Sugar.” Claudette spoke. “I thought you might want to hang out today. Several of us are going to the West Village and thought we’d do lunch there.”

  “Oh…I think I’m going to pass.” She said slightly disappointed that it wasn’t Tim that had called. “I’m actually going sight-seeing today.”

  “Oh? Who are you going with?”


  “Oh.” Claudette hesitated. “I like Elaina but…she wouldn’t have been comfortable had I invited her to join us…and neither would the other ladies.”

  “It’s okay.” She hadn’t always been very comfortable, herself. They said their goodbyes, promising to see each other at the conference and Martier met Elaina in the lobby. They greeted each other carefully, and were very polite to each other. But before long the two women got comfortable in the others company and began to have fun and to enjoy themselves.

  They saw Ellis and Liberty Islands and as they sat on the boat heading back to the dock the two women stared the Statue of Liberty and Elaina shook her head. “No matter how many times you see this it’s still spectacular.”

  “It is.” She smiled at the older woman. “Thank you for inviting me. It’s been amazing.”

  “Well it’s not over yet!”

  Martier laughed. “Good!” They went to Madame Tussaud’s and Martier used her cell phone to take pictures of the waxed figures of Barack Obama and Mi
chael Jackson while Elaina blew kisses to a waxed Bill Clinton. They had a lunch of pizza in Time Square before rushing back to the hotel to get changed for the conference.

  “I’m exhausted but it was fun!” Elaina exclaimed while hugging Martier goodbye. “See you at the conference.”

  Martier hurried up to her room and took care in dressing in a smart pants suit and heels. She piled her hair to the top of her head in a bun and put on simple silver earrings. After spritzing herself with cologne she grabbed her briefcase and hurried to the conference.

  The roomful of people were milling around, the speaker had evidently ended for the day. She looked around for Tim and moved through the throng of bodies.

  “Hello there.” Someone greeted her. It was an older man that she had never before met.


  “What firm are you with?”

  Martier gave him the information while glancing away, not wanting to be impolite but not wanting to spend time talking to someone she didn’t know.

  “Ah,” the man held out his hand. “I’m Jackson Benson with Barnacle, Benson and Price.”

  “It’s a pleasure.” She said politely.

  “Who are you with?”

  “Tim Singleton.”

  Jackson’s eyes roamed her body. “Well he’s very lucky, indeed.”

  Martier’s brow gathered and she turned away. “Pardon me, please.” She didn’t like that the man had just assumed that she was ‘with’ Tim…although she was. She saw Claudette with Aaron and headed to the two familiar individuals.

  “Hello Martier.” Aaron greeted her.

  “Hello Mr. Rangbo. Hi Claudette.”

  “Claudette said that you’ve been doing some sightseeing.” He said politely.

  She described how she’d spent the afternoon.

  “You and Tim should join us for dinner tonight,” he invited.

  “I’ll check with Tim. I’m not sure what plans he has. But I’d like that.”

  “Just call me, hon.” Claudette spoke. Martier’s cell phone rang then and she apologized and turned away while placing her hand over her ear so that she could hear. It was Tim and her body seemed to instantly come to life. She felt herself grinning.

  “Where are you honey?” He asked.

  “I’m at the conference but…” She looked around unsure of how she would find him in the throng of people.

  “Meet me at the stage.”

  “Okay.” They disconnected and she made her way to the stage. Tim was standing nearby. He wanted to watch her before she saw him. When he caught sight of her, Tim felt his mouth pull into a silly grin. Damn she was beautiful. She looked great in her new suit and very corporate sexy. He took a deep breath and then joined her.

  He resisted kissing her but couldn’t keep his hand from its possessive touch on her arm. “I’m sorry that I didn’t get a chance to call you. But I made a lot of last minute contacts that should be very lucrative and from here on out its fun fun fun.”

  “Good, because…New York is great but I’d like it better with you.” She didn’t want to sound like she was complaining. She was having the time of her life—but she could have had the time of her life back home as long as Tim was there with her.

  “I’m sorry, honey. But I’m all yours now.”

  But that wasn’t quite true. As they made their way to the exit, Tim was stopped by colleagues and new and old acquaintances until it was another half an hour before they were finally able to leave the large conference room. They saw Aaron and Claudette entering one of the elevators and the couple’s hands were clasped. It was a sight that brought a smile to Martier’s lips and she suddenly remembered the dinner invitation.

  “Oh! Claudette and Aaron invited us to dinner tonight.”



  He smiled and slipped his arm around her waist. “I was thinking that we’d eat dinner in our room tonight.”

  She felt her body flare to life. “How about we have dessert in our room tonight?”

  The last thing he wanted was to listen to Eeyore for the next two hours--or more. But he felt guilty that he hadn’t created more social outings for them as a couple. And it sounded like this was something she wanted to do. He ached for her but…

  “Okay, dinner with them but after that—”

  Martier pressed the button for the nearest elevator and then did something that surprised the both of them. She slipped her arms around him and kissed him lightly on the lips.

  “After that I want you all to myself.”


  Dinner with Claudette and Aaron took place in the hotel’s upscale Bull and Bear Steakhouse. Martier was amused at the amount of steak that Tim could consume. The conversation flowed comfortably and she was surprised at how nice and easy-going Aaron was. He insisted she call him Aaron or Eeyore and then he winked at her good naturedly as Tim’s cheeks reddened.

  Throughout the meal Aaron would slip his arm around Claudette or clasp her hand unconsciously as they chatted. Martier couldn’t help but to look at the couple and think; one day that will be Tim and I. She reached over and slipped her hand into his beneath the table. He smiled at her and raised her hand to his lips and kissed it gently. When she looked at Claudette the older woman was smiling at her as if she knew a secret. And perhaps it was very obvious that the couple had moved their relationship to the next realm. Martier smiled shyly and lowered her eyes and when the dessert came she managed to do everything with one hand as Tim had never released the other.

  “Aaron Rangbo? You old dog!” And older gentleman stopped at their table. He was accompanied by a smartly dressed woman that Martier presumed was his wife despite the fact that she was younger than him by at least 20 years. Aaron came to his feet with a wide grin and the two men shook and slapped shoulders. They made small talk before the other man touched the small of the woman’s back. “This is my wife Ruth. Ruth, Aaron and I go way back. We both started our internship together at Kramer’s…well I won’t say how long ago that was.” There was plenty of laughter at that.

  Aaron gestured to Tim. “This is one of the partners in my firm. Tim Singleton. Tim this is an old friend, Bruce Douglas.” Tim stood and shook the man’s hand.

  “Pleasure to meet you.”

  Claudette smiled at the man and Aaron placed his arms around his shoulders and turned his back. “How long will you two be in town? We should get together for drinks.”

  “That would be great. Catch up on old times.” The man replied. He reached in his wallet for a card and passed it to Aaron. Claudette’s smile faltered. She picked up her coffee and took a sip.

  “We’re here for the weekend; take in a show, do some shopping.”

  “Same here, just for the weekend,” Aaron replied while exchanging his own card with his friend. “Business conference.”

  “Oh, well have a good evening and give me a call.” He nodded at Tim and said goodnight to Martier and Claudette before leading his wife out of the restaurant. Claudette smiled at him but Martier could tell that it was forced.

  Aaron had snubbed her, and it was made worse by the fact that the stranger had not.

  The meal thankfully ended a short time later. Claudette never said another word and Aaron seemed completely clueless as he droned on and on.

  The four of them rode the elevator up to their floor and Claudette conspicuously clasped her hands together in front of her while Aaron placed his hand at the small of her back to guide her in and out of the lift. The group stopped outside of Claudette and Aaron’s room; Aaron and Tim still talking all the while. Martier watched Claudette whose expression was completely unreadable.

  “Talk to you later?” She asked.

  Claudette seemed to draw herself out of deep thought. She smiled and nodded without speaking and then turned and entered the suite of rooms, followed by Aaron, who finally finished his droning.

  Martier was quiet as she and Tim headed for their room. “Tired?” Tim asked as he placed his a
rm around her shoulder. She smiled and met the eyes of the man that she loved.

  Martier pretended to yawn behind her hand. “Very. I can’t wait to turn in, it’s been a busy day.” Tim missed a step, breaking his easy stride as he looked at her in surprise. She couldn’t hold a straight face for long and threw her hands around his neck. “I am far from tired, honey.”

  His hands went around her waist and the two shared a kiss.


  Making love was something that Martier soon began to equate to the creation of a poem. The feelings blossomed and bloomed within her, taking her on a journey where the world around them disappeared. The universe became the feel of Tim’s body covering hers, and her reciprocating kisses and touches. She was the moon and he was the sun and nothing else mattered. This is love. This is how I love you, she thought as she matched his movements as if being taught a strange foreign dance.

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