A seal upon your heart, p.25
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       A Seal Upon Your Heart, p.25

           Pepper Pace

  Martier’s eyes opened partially as she watched Tim watching her. Her hand moved to his hair where she lazily stroked his salt and pepper strands. He had a five o’clock shadow and she ran the back of her hand over his rough jaw. Then she leaned forward and captured his chin between her full lips. Her tongue lightly flicked the stubbly flesh and Tim sighed as his eyes fluttered close. Martier’s lips continued over his jaw and down his neck. She couldn’t stop herself from gathering a bit of his tender flesh between her teeth and nipping him slightly.

  Tim shivered and felt his penis thicken. He should get up he thought as he gently pushed his pelvis against her thigh. He felt her body twitch, her eyes closed again and a soft sigh emanated from her lips. When she looked at him again her eyes were black. Her body began to tremble and she stared at him while her chest rose and fell rapidly.

  And suddenly it all became so clear that Tim couldn’t believe his stupidity. Martier needed to cum. For weeks she’d been showing him, telling him what she needed and he’d been so busy worrying about her virtue that he hadn’t realized that he had been cruelly pushing her to the brink and then withholding release.

  “Do you want to cum? Is that what you want?”

  It seemed that the darkness in her eyes expanded and her breath came out in a gust. Instead of answering her thighs parted beneath him until he was nuzzled between them.

  For a moment, Tim forgot how to breathe. He could not have been harder as he pressed against her soft pelvis. So sorry…he wanted to say. How could he have made her wait for so long? Suddenly he pulled himself to his feet and he swooped down and picked her up carrying her into the bedroom where he placed her on her feet next to the bed. She came up on her tiptoes, as dainty and precise as a ballerina. She placed her hands on his shoulders and kissed him.

  In that moment their roles were reversed and she was the one that took control as he shook with unspent desire. “I love you, Tim,” she murmured into his mouth.

  “Oh…” he groaned his reply. “I love you…”

  His hands roamed her body, down her side, lifting her dress so that he could cup her bottom. And then he felt it and pulled back in surprise. No panties. All this time she hadn’t been wearing panties. Tim groaned, nearly in pain.

  There was no hint of a smile on her face when she took his hand and moved it to her front. He cupped her mound in the palm of his hands as he examined her dark eyes and then another groan fell from his lips as his fingers came into contact with her slick, hairless vaginal lips.

  His cock ached, she wasn’t the only one that needed to cum. He stroked her gently and her mouth flew open, her head fell back and her knees buckled. He caught her with one arm feeling her body begin to shake uncontrollably.

  She’d wanted him for so long, to feel his hands touching her like that. She also needed more. She wanted to see him. She’d fantasized about the hard length that hinted through swim trunks that were wet, or pants that had become too tight after they’d kissed and touched. But she had never seen him. She needed to.

  She pulled out of his grasp and sat on the bed with a look of longing on her face. Wordlessly Tim kicked out of his shoes and socks. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it on a chair. He unzipped his pants and pushed them down until he was just in boxers. They were tented obscenely.

  Martier lightly nipped her lips. Tim’s lightly hairy chest and strong arms were more tanned from their time in the pool. Working out over the last few months had really caused a change in him. He wasn’t small by any stretch but his muscles were defined beneath his toned skin. Her eyes settled on the bulge in his shorts and Tim lowered them causing his cock to spring up and slap his belly.

  Martier bit back a gasp. She met his eyes before lowering them to take in all of his nudity. She came to her feet and pulled her dress over her head. She was just in a pretty black bra and she quickly unhooked it and let it fall to the floor.

  Tim couldn’t move. She was beyond anything that he had imagined. Her hips curved perfectly to her rounded bottom and narrow waist. Her breast were much fuller than her wardrobe had ever hinted to. Her nipples were tightly beaded and the color of a juicy sweet raisin atop her chocolate breast. He didn’t think he was capable of closing the space between them, but thankfully she was.

  Martier walked to him with hips swaying slightly, her eyes focused on his completely. How had he ever thought that this woman wasn’t capable of making up her own mind? He gathered her into his arms, their bodies molding together, their lips met and when they kissed it was with the knowledge that there would be no turning back.

  He palmed her lovely ass and sighed when her pelvis pressed against his straining cock. She pulled back enough to look down between them and then she reached down and ran her fingertips along his length. He cried out sharply and she looked at him quickly, halting the movement of her hand. A soft grin pulled at the corner of his lips and she smiled with him. Then she watched his expression as she allowed her fingers to circle his cockhead.

  Tim had not been prepared for her teasing touch. He was again an inexperienced kid being touched for the first time. He fought for control, wanting to allow her exploration but also wanting to bury that part of his body deeply within her, pumping madly until he spilled himself inside of her. Tim groaned and stopped her hand. He lifted her again and placed her gently on the bed.

  Martier felt him lean over her, his lips brushing hers before trailing down her neck and over her collarbone. She felt the wet tip of his tongue as it slipped over her breast to circle her nipple. Martier felt something like electrical shock waves engulf her limbs before settling into the center of her belly and spreading teasing fingers along her core. She arched slightly, spreading her legs to capture one of his thighs. Tim pulled one of her nipples into his mouth and she cried out in pleasure.

  She tasted so sweet. He couldn’t stop lapping and sucking her plump nipples, first one and then the other until she writhed beneath him. Her thighs closed over his, leaving a slick wet trail that made him crave something else. Her pelvis pumped and rolled against the hardness of his thigh, simulating an act that she’d never actually engaged in. Tim moved down lower, kissing and licking a trail down her chocolate body until he met her belly button. He lapped the small hollow and felt her responsive quiver at the barest touch. He smiled. She was so in tuned to him. They were in tuned to each other. He understood what she liked, the nips, the licks, the soft kisses. His mouth moved lower until he came to the slight patch of hair. He placed his lips there and kissed her lovingly.

  Martier’s legs were quivering uncontrollably by that time. She ached from her need, her swollen labia dripped her sex, smearing herself up and down his thigh and belly. The smell of her filled his nostrils and caused his mouth to water. It had been so very long since he had partaken in such a treat. Tim’s tongue traced the line of her slit. Oh god…he groaned. She tasted exquisite.

  Martier gripped the sheets as her hips thrust upward. She cried out almost as loud as she had when she got waxed! Tim’s tongue slipped between the folds of her flesh and teased her bud. Martier screeched and her hands moved to his head, fingers clutching his hair as her body quivered and quaked beneath him. Tim held onto her hips, stilling her while he lapped and sucked.

  Something so big was happening to her, building inside of her body, stealing her breath, making her lose focus. It was like no other climax that she’d ever experienced. Orgasm. So different than what her fingers had brought. Oh! She screamed as it hit her. Ohhh! She wailed…

  Tim could no longer hold her bucking hips as she pounded and thrust her pelvis up into his open mouth. Her warm honey gushed from her and he worked to capture it so as not to lose even one drop to the bed beneath them. His tongue stabbed inside of her vagina finding her barrier and teasing it relentlessly.

  Martier screamed and locked her legs around his head as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body. She felt like she was dying and being reborn all at the same time. Pleasure so exquisite that it border
ed on pain. She wondered how something could feel so good that it almost hurt and she wanted to scream stop! Enough! I can take no more…

  Her body collapsed in exhaustion as the last ripple of her first orgasm receded to be replaced by a mild case of paralysis. Tim moved back up to the top of the bed and pulled her limp body into his arms. She had a smile on her face even though her eyes were still glazed.

  “Good?” he kissed her forehead.

  She responded with a hoarse grunt that he took to mean yes. He chuckled until he felt a gentle hand wrapping around his still engorged shaft. In that instant his eyes changed from merriment to serious need.

  “Did you want to cum?” She asked teasingly, voice still hoarse but the deep throatiness only made him whimper. Her hand pumped his cock a few times, his precum her lubricant. “Is this what you want?”

  “God…yes.” He managed. Her mouth moved to his hairy chest and locked onto his flat tawny nipple. Tim felt flashes of light splash across his vision as she jerked him off. Jesus! How did she learn how to do this? But then he knew the answer. His cries and moans of pleasure told her that she was doing it just right. He covered her fist and showed her how to twist it lightly over his cockhead. The muscles in his face twitched as his body jumped. He couldn’t have fantasized anything better than this.

  Tim watched her dark hand covered by his paler one as it twisted and pumped his cock. It was only his experience and practice at staying his orgasm that prevented him from erupting. Still it was the toughest fight of his life. He slowed her movement and then leaned forward and captured her succulent lips. He pulled her tongue into his mouth and sucked and lapped at it.

  Martier’s head began to spin out of control. She didn’t feel like the same woman that had blushed at movies where lovers kissed, who longed for someone to want her, and who read the Songs of Solomon with longing. She was a woman that held her man’s cock in her hand and that screamed in ecstasy as he lapped between her thighs.

  She shuddered as she felt herself becoming aroused once again. She was ready to feel him inside of her. She wasn’t afraid, fear had never been a part of it. She knew there would be pain but understood how pain could be pleasure. The books always said that, but she never knew how until now.

  Martier didn’t read the signs; Tim’s whimper and then low growl as his testicles pulled up tight. “I’m going to cum!” He grunted as the first spurt of semen shot from his penis. It fired rapidly against his chest and belly while he tried to find his breath. Martier watched in amazement. She had no idea that it would be so powerful. She was further surprised when Tim lay there limply and then his body suddenly shot up from the bed in two involuntary spasms. He grinned tiredly at the look on her face.

  “Aftershock.” He explained. Before sleep could drag him down he gave Martier a quick peck and then swung his legs out of bed. His body tiredly following, feeling as if lead weights were tied to his limbs. He tried not to stumble as he walked but his legs felt like rubber. Damn, and he hadn’t even been inside of her. In the bathroom he cleaned himself up and brought a damp hand towel for Martier. She reached for it but he brushed her hand away and ran the warm cloth over her inner thighs. She stifled a giggle at the look of concentration on his face. He leaned down and kissed her still swollen vaginal lips.

  “So pretty. So perfect.”

  “Tim…” She said in embarrassment, covering the smile on her face.

  “Now you’re going to be shy?” Her face flamed. His heart raced. Martier was that rare woman that was completely uninhibited in the bedroom, while still retaining her sweet innocence outside of it. Damn, how had he gotten so lucky? How had he found such a wonderful woman when he thought he’d never love anyone again?

  He pulled her hands from her face and she stared at him with as much emotion as he was feeling. “I love you, honey.”

  “I spoke your name into the universe, and claimed you as my own.” She said softly.

  “You did?” He whispered.


  Tim rolled onto his back and closed his eyes. “Martier Nufaika Besigye. I claim you as my own.” After a moment he opened his eyes and looked at her. Her eyes twinkled with unshed tears. She reached over and clasped his hand.


  They slept for a while and then in the middle of the night raided the complimentary fruit and cheese that sat on the perfect table. They kissed and touched and whispered endearments to each other. Tim used his mouth on her again and brought her to another orgasm that rivaled the first. She wanted to make love but was just so happy to have him any way that she could. And the way that he made her feel with his lips and tongue could not have been better.

  Tim couldn’t lie. He ached to be inside of her but at least he didn’t feel as if he had crossed the line. She still had her virginity and he was relatively guilt-free. In the morning, he kissed her cheek and pulled the covers over her breasts as she slept. Then he made sure that her cell phone was by the bed and made sure that his credit card was beneath it. He knew today was the day for shopping and that the prices were going to shock her. At the last minute he picked it up and slipped it into her wallet. There, now she couldn’t ‘accidentally’ forget to take it. He gave her one last kiss and left for day 2 of the conference.

  When Martier awakened she had a smile on her face that she couldn’t wipe off. She rolled over and snuggled back under the covers until the phone rang, pulling her from a dream about Tim and his magical tongue. She bolted up and checked the time 9:15 am. Oops! She was supposed to meet the girls for breakfast at 9:00.

  “Hello?” She answered while rushing to the bathroom to turn on the shower.

  “Martier?” Claudette said.

  “Good morning. Yes, it’s me.”

  “What happened to your voice?”

  Martier clutched her throat. “Uh…” The next thing she heard was a fit of laughter. “What?” her face burned. She’d screamed until her voice had been lost, but she wasn’t going to admit that!

  “Never mind. The girls are downstairs so hurry down to breakfast.” Claudette responded while trying to hold back the laughter. The two friends didn’t speak about sex but Claudette had no reason to believe that Martier and Tim hadn’t been engaging in it since getting together. Even though Martier was just out of a convent, she was also very close to living with her boyfriend, who happened to be exceedingly sexy, wealthy, and who looked at her with open desire. Of course they were doing it.

  Martier showered and pulled on clothes that she could be comfortable in while shopping. She put on lip gloss and pulled her hair back into a ponytail and then hurried down to meet the girls. Elaina was still not among them, but after listening to two of the women talking about their ‘passionate’ night, she decided that it was probably for the best.

  Tim called her as they were in the shuttle.

  “Hi, honey.” He said.

  She turned to the window, knowing that all ears were perked. “Hi.” Despite being the center of attention she couldn’t wipe the silly grin from her face.

  “What are you doing?”

  “Well we’re on our way to shop.”

  “Ahh. Where?”

  “We’re going on a Fifth Avenue shopping tour.”

  “I see. Well how much are you planning to spend?”

  “Well…” she whispered, “I was thinking about two or three hundred.”

  “Hmmm, good luck.”

  “What? You don’t think that’s enough. I can increase it to maybe five hundred-”

  “Sweetheart, I want you to pick yourself out some nice clothes for work, and maybe some casual things for going out, okay?”

  “Okay.” She responded.

  “Good. I want you to come back with at least five outfits, and don’t bargain shop. I put my credit card in your wallet. Use it.”

  Martier grimaced. “Honey, I have my own money-”

  “Call me when you hit twenty thousand.”

  She gulped. “What--?”

have to go, I love you! Call me!”

  She hung up the phone and noted how quiet the shuttle was. One of the secretaries, a pretty red head, winked at her and Martier glanced away uneasily.

  The first stop was Fendi, one of the girls had to have a Fendi purse and matching wallet. Martier had more purses and bags than she knew what to do with, courtesy of Corrine. As she browsed the expensive items, she wished that she had dressed a little better. She looked at all of the rich people who were shopping and wondered if she would ever fit in amongst them—more importantly, did she want to? This is the world that Tim came from but she was just a simple girl, happy with a pair of jeans that reached the top of her shoes instead of her ankles.

  They hit three more stores but Martier still hadn’t bought anything. “What’s the matter, Sugar?” Claudette asked. She wasn’t sure how to tell her that she didn’t see anything that was worth her spending thousands of dollars for. “Tim gave you money, didn’t he?” Claudette asked. Martier gave her a surprised look before nodding.

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